Chapter 19 – Shopping

After buying all these items, she had nearly exhausted her industrial tickets.

She actually wanted to buy a stove and a pot. She thought about whether she could cook for herself after going to the countryside. However, since she didn’t have any more industrial tickets, she could only think about it later. It wasn’t urgent; she could prepare for it after going to the countryside.

As for larger items that required tickets, she didn’t buy any. She did want to buy a wristwatch because it was inconvenient not knowing the time, but she would ask Jin Ming about it tomorrow.

The remaining pastry coupons and sugar coupons were also used up. She exchanged them for mung bean cakes and White Rabbit milk candies. After all, she didn’t have to worry about them getting spoiled in the space.

Afterward, she bought some daily necessities like soap, toothpaste, and towels.

When she had almost used up all her tickets, Luo Xia decided to leave with her full basket on her back.

Although there were still many things she wanted to buy, she didn’t have any more tickets, so she could only wait and see in the future.

However, as she was going downstairs, she passed by the cosmetics counter and bought several bottles of Snow Cream. She didn’t buy the high-end ones because even Snow Cream was considered a luxury cosmetic in this era. Ordinary people couldn’t afford to buy even the cheapest face oil.

She planned to use the Snow Cream to moisturize her skin during the winter. Although she knew that drinking the spiritual spring water could also moisturize her skin, the northeastern winters were harsh and cold. If she wasn’t careful, her skin could easily crack. She wanted to take preventive measures.

Lastly, she saw some unique cosmetics of this era at the makeup counter. There were eyebrow pencils, snow-white creams, blush, eyeshadows, mascaras, and lipsticks. She didn’t need any of them, but she still bought a set as a memento.

Finally, she couldn’t carry any more items, so Luo Xia temporarily stopped shopping and left the department store.

After coming out, she found a secluded place and stored the items in her space.

There were no surveillance cameras in this era, which made things much more convenient compared to the 21st century. It saved her a lot of trouble.

When Luo Xia returned home, it was still the same time as yesterday.

This time, her family didn’t ask too many questions about her being out for a whole day. They knew that no matter what she did, it couldn’t be changed, so they just let her be.

However, during dinner, Mother Luo estimated that she probably wasn’t as angry these past two days, so she spoke up:

“Xiaoxia, you’ll be going to the countryside in a few days, so you need to start preparing. I know you’ve been wronged this time. I’ll give you two of the four dowry quilts I prepared for you. I heard that it’s cold in the northeast during winter, so you can use both quilts together to keep warm. This time, it’s all for you. When your younger sister grows up, I’ll prepare for her.”

Hearing these words, Luo Xia sneered inwardly. She knew about those four dowry quilts. Mother Luo had been preparing them for many years, intending to give them all to Luo Chun as her dowry. They had discussed it more than once at home.

She didn’t expect that this time, her mother would willingly give her two quilts. It seemed like there was a hidden motive behind it, and seeing that Luo Chun didn’t say much, she knew that her sister was already aware of it.

This way, Luo Xia also understood what it was about. It must be related to work. Otherwise, if she used Luo Chun’s things, she would probably go crazy.

Sure enough, after Mother Luo finished speaking and saw Luo Xia lowering her head without responding, she thought that she was too embarrassed to express her happiness and continued, “You should stay home and not wander around these next two days. Take this opportunity to go to the light bulb factory and handle the handover for your sister’s job so that there won’t be any delays later.”

Upon hearing this, Luo Xia lowered her head and couldn’t help but sneer. Indeed, her mother couldn’t wait. However, she had long thought of a way to deal with it.

She looked up at Mother Luo and whispered in a voice similar to the original host’s, “Wouldn’t it be inappropriate if I change someone at the factory without even reporting for duty?”


Chapter 20 – Luo Xia’s Plan


“How could it be inappropriate? It’s normal to replace a job, and you’re not selling the job. Besides, it’s for your own sister,” Mother Luo said.

At this point, Mother Luo’s face darkened, and she angrily said, “You don’t want to give it to your sister, do you?”

“No,” Luo Xia shook her head. “It’s just that I heard the light bulb factory has a new deputy director, and they have strict requirements for new employees. All staff must be admitted based on exam scores, and that’s how I was able to pass.”

Upon hearing this, the members of the Luo family finally understood.

They had wondered why such a good job hadn’t been reserved for a leader’s child in another factory. How could it end up being Luo Xia from their family? So, it was for this reason.

“But even so, shouldn’t the leader be able to manage the top job? It’s allowed for relatives to replace jobs in the country!” Mother Luo said directly.

Luo Xia nodded when she heard that. “Yes, it’s allowed. But I haven’t officially reported for duty yet, and I’m afraid that if they see that I haven’t started working yet, they might give the job to someone else. What if they don’t want me anymore? After all, they want someone with good grades. They might even let someone behind me take over.”

The Luo family members were taken aback when they heard her explanation. It was true, there was a possibility like that.

Not reporting for duty yet meant that the job hadn’t been completely finalized. Changing personnel at this stage indeed carried risks.

This time, the Luo family members were anxious, especially Luo Chun. After all, she had finally been exempted from going to the countryside, and she had such a good job. How could she give it up?

“What should we do then? Can we let the second sister go and report early? Otherwise, by the time she reports, she’ll already be in the countryside!” Luo Chun was truly worried. She was afraid that something unexpected might happen. If she lost the job, she would still have to go to the countryside.

Mother Luo shook her head and reassured her, “Don’t worry. Let’s think of another solution. You can rest assured that this job is yours, and no one can take it away!”

When Luo Chun heard her mother say this, her anxious heart finally calmed down.

As for Luo Xia, she found it somewhat ironic. It was already at this point, and her mother was still pressuring her. Not to mention that she had no intention of staying in the first place, even if she could stay, she would have to find a way to leave on her own.

In this era, filial piety was emphasized. She was a child of the Luo family, and if she didn’t go to the countryside, she probably wouldn’t be able to escape their control. It was better to go to the countryside and have some peace and quiet.

So, she no longer kept them in suspense and said directly, “This is what I think: let my eldest sister go and report in my name. After all, we’re about the same age, and they probably won’t be able to tell the difference. Once you’ve settled into the job, you can change the name back.”

When the others thought about it, they realized that this method could work. After all, Luo Xia would be in the countryside by then, and even if she was discovered, she could say that she was in a hurry and wanted to arrange the job for her older sister before she had a chance to go through the formalities.

Thinking this way, Mother Luo finally breathed a sigh of relief. “I think it will work. Let’s do it this way. Dachun and Xiaoxia look alike, so they probably won’t be discovered.”

Luo Xia’s mouth twitched when she heard her say that.

Mother Luo was really speaking nonsense with her eyes wide open. Although she and Luo Chun were sisters, they didn’t really look alike.

Luo Chun had a larger frame and didn’t inherit the advantages of their parents. To be honest, she looked average. But she usually dressed up and had a lot of new clothes, making her look much prettier.

On the other hand, Luo Xia was quite the opposite. She inherited her parents’ advantages. Although she was thin and weak, it was easy to see that she was not bad-looking. This was also the reason why Luo Chun didn’t like her—she looked down on her in every aspect and was jealous of her.

As for Luo Qiu, although she was younger, she wasn’t ugly either. It was estimated that she would grow up to be a beautiful girl.

Therefore, among the three sisters in the Luo family, Luo Chun was the least attractive. Even Luo Dong, who was a boy, had a delicate and handsome appearance.

As expected, when Mother Luo said this, Luo Chun’s face instinctively turned cold, but she didn’t say anything in the end.

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