Chapter 61 – Offending People

Actually, everyone could sense the undercurrents between Su Man and Cheng Yujiao during this period of time.

The root cause of it all was Gu Xiangnan.

Previously, when Cheng Yujiao hadn’t arrived, Su Man had been close to Gu Xiangnan, and everyone could feel it.

But after Cheng Yujiao arrived, and especially since she was engaged to Gu Xiangnan, the relationships between the three of them became complicated.

Thinking about this, Sun Shengnan didn’t want to forcefully demand anything from Su Man.

So she went to find Gu Xiangnan instead.

It’s unclear what Sun Shengnan said to Gu Xiangnan, but after work, Gu Xiangnan personally took Cheng Yujiao to learn how to cut pigweed.

The next day, when they started work, Cheng Yujiao’s cutting of the pigweed barely reached a passable level, but she couldn’t compare to the village children’s work, so it could only be counted as half a day’s worth.

But Cheng Yujiao was still very happy. After work, she clung to Gu Xiangnan, thanking him incessantly. She attributed her ability to do the work well to his help.

Gu Xiangnan was annoyed but couldn’t push her away.

Meanwhile, Su Man’s expression grew colder and colder.

The others didn’t say anything either.

At that moment, Su Man saw the provocation in Cheng Yujiao’s eyes and coldly chuckled. She no longer paid attention to them and turned back to her room to take out a wild chicken.

“I caught this today. Let’s cook it tonight. It’s been a while since we had meat, so it’s time for an improvement.”

Seeing that there was meat again, the educated youths were all very happy and expressed their thanks to Su Man.

They also had various suggestions on how to cook the meat well for dinner.

Everyone was busy, and soon enough, no one paid attention to Cheng Yujiao anymore.

She looked at the crowd surrounding Su Man, even Gu Xiangnan was getting closer, which made her itch with anger.

But no matter how angry she was, it couldn’t stop everyone’s enthusiasm for eating meat.

That night, they stewed the chicken with potatoes again, and everyone was satisfied with the meal.

However, Cheng Yujiao, for some reason, didn’t eat any of the meat.

Seeing everyone like this, she muttered, “A bunch of gluttons who haven’t eaten meat in their lifetimes.”

Although her voice was low, those who needed to hear it heard it.

Now she had offended everyone, and the faces of the educated youths turned unpleasant.

Gu Xiangnan directly put down his chopsticks with a “clatter” and reprimanded, “If you can speak, then speak. If you can’t, then don’t. Do you think this is your home? If you keep acting like this, I won’t care about you anymore.”

Cheng Yujiao, who had been suppressed for the whole evening, didn’t expect Gu Xiangnan to speak to her like that. Unable to hold back, she cried and immediately stood up, turning and running back to the house.

She hadn’t expected that even at this point, she would still throw a tantrum. Gu Xiangnan’s face turned black.

But he still had to clean up the mess for her and apologize to everyone.

“That’s just how she is. She doesn’t mean any harm. Don’t take it to heart.”

However, everyone’s expressions still weren’t good. After all, it was uncomfortable for anyone to be spoken to like that.

Gu Xiangnan had no choice but to go back to his room and bring out two cans.

“I’ll make up for her. I hope you won’t be angry with her. She’s just a child with a temper. She doesn’t have any malicious intent.”

The two cans were of yellow peaches, and they were large, hard to come by. It was clear that he had spent a lot this time.

Seeing this, the expressions of the others finally improved, and they didn’t mention their anger anymore.

However, Su Man, after seeing what he did, sarcastically smiled, stood up, and left. Gu Xiangnan wanted to call her back, but she quickly went inside, so he gave up.

As for the others, they glanced at each other, not wanting to strain their relationships too much, so the matter of eating the canned food was soon over.


Chapter 62 – Hu Jianjun


The canned yellow peaches were indeed delicious. With a considerable number of people, each person got a piece of fruit.

With a bite, Lu Xia squinted her eyes and thought to herself that the taste was good. She regretted not getting some canned food tickets earlier. She didn’t expect canned food to be so tasty.

On the other side, Jiang Junmo could tell that she liked it from her expression. He remembered that he still had two canned food tickets. He could buy them for her later, and perhaps she would be willing to cook more meat for him.

Because they had meat and canned food, everyone was in a good mood in the evening. They didn’t return to rest early and sat in the courtyard chatting.

At that moment, Lu Xia suddenly thought of something and asked Sun Shengnan, “Sister Shengnan, I noticed that the village families are allowed to raise chickens and pigs according to the regulations. Are the educated youths allowed to do the same in the educated youth spot?”

Sun Shengnan nodded, “Yes, it’s allowed. We actually discussed this before, but because it requires spending money to build pigsties and chicken coops, as well as someone to take care of feeding them, and also because of the strong smell, after discussing it, we found that it would require a lot of money and there was no consensus, so we didn’t do it.”

Lu Xia nodded, feeling a bit disappointed but also understanding. After all, there were so many people living in the educated youth spot, and each person had their own thoughts. It was indeed difficult to reach a unanimous decision.

She had originally thought that if it was allowed, it would be nice to raise a few chickens. It would provide more freedom in terms of having eggs, but now it seemed unlikely.

‘Sigh, I really want to move out and live somewhere else!’

As Lu Xia was thinking about this, she overheard the female educated youths chatting about gossip in the village.

“I heard that the son of the Hu family, the one with the best conditions in our village, is coming back.”

“You mean the one who was serving in the army?”

“Yes, that’s right. I heard Mother Hu has already found a matchmaker and has been seeing several girls. She plans to have her son come back and directly go on blind dates, and then they can get married before he leaves.”

“She must be anxious. She has three sons, and the second and third sons already have children. Only the eldest son hasn’t married yet. How could she not be in a hurry…”

Hearing this, the female educated youths became interested. Hu Jianjun, the son of the Hu family, was the best prospective husband in the village.

It was said that he would soon be promoted to platoon leader, and then he could join the army. The village’s older girls and young daughters were all keeping an eye on him. Whoever married him would be able to enjoy a good life.

Even the female educated youths in the educated youth spot were tempted upon hearing this.

After all, they didn’t know when they could return to the city. After enduring so many years in the countryside, their spirit had long been worn out, and many of those who couldn’t hold on had already married into the village, making their lives easier.

But there were also those who didn’t want to marry a rural guy. And at this moment, Hu Jianjun was a better choice.

However, the older generation in the village didn’t want to find educated youth daughters-in-law. In their eyes, educated youths were only better looking and too proud, and they didn’t know how to work. In other words, they were of no use.

Moreover, it was said that Mother Hu had high standards. She wanted to find a girl who could match her son. It was unknown whether these female educated youths met the criteria.

In contrast to the thoughts of the other female educated youths, Lu Xia had no interest. She knew that she wouldn’t stay in the countryside forever. She would leave after a few years, so she definitely wouldn’t marry into the village.

However, she wondered if their aspirations could be realized.

Just the night before, they were discussing Hu Jianjun, and the next day, when Lu Xia and the others went to work, they saw a person dressed in military green uniform with a tall and straight figure carrying a package walking into the village from afar.

The villagers quickly recognized him.

“The Hu family’s eldest son is back!”

“Hey, it’s Jianjun! He’s truly a soldier, such a strong physique!”

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