Chapter 127 – Senior Brother

Jiang Junmo knew she misunderstood, sighed, and didn’t say anything, but his worried expression remained.

Lu Xia was puzzled and observed him pacing around anxiously. Finally, her face turned cold, and she asked, “What are you worried about? Is there something you can’t tell me?”

Hesitating for a moment, Jiang Junmo decided not to hide it any longer and spoke, “I’m worried about my senior brother.”

“Your senior brother?”

It was the first time Lu Xia had heard him mention this, and she was curious, “Why are you worried about your senior brother? Where is he? Did something happen?”

Hearing her questions, Jiang Junmo felt a tightness in his heart but decided not to conceal anything.

“As it turns out, I accidentally found out that my senior brother is also in Daying Village.”

“What? Your senior brother is also in Daying Village? Where is he? Why haven’t you mentioned it before?” Lu Xia was surprised.

But after asking, she suddenly noticed Jiang Junmo’s nervous expression and stopped. Then, she realized what might be going on.

Hesitatingly, she asked, “Is your senior brother in the northern part of the village?”

Jiang Junmo nodded directly, and Lu Xia understood immediately. The northern part was relatively remote and sparsely populated. It was where the village kept the cowsheds and pigsties so that any strong smell wouldn’t affect the villagers.

In this way, it became clear what his senior brother’s identity was.

Lu Xia was astonished, “When did you find out?”

This time, Jiang Junmo didn’t hide anything either, “Not long after I arrived here, I accidentally saw him. I went to see them a few times, but my senior brother didn’t want to burden me, so he stopped letting me visit.”

Lu Xia nodded, recalling the time when she first secretly cooked for him and he discovered it. She had wondered why he went to such a remote place. Now she realized that he must have been visiting his senior brother.

“So, with the snow falling, you are worried about how they will manage there?” Lu Xia asked.

Jiang Junmo nodded, his face heavy with concern. “The environment there is very poor. My senior brother is not alone; he has his wife and child. The child is only eight years old, named Xiaotian. I don’t know if they can endure this weather.”

Sighing, Jiang Junmo continued, “The cave I showed you before was the one Xiaotian took me to. Later, my senior brother discovered that I would bring Xiaotian there secretly to eat, so he stopped letting him go out.”

Lu Xia nodded, hearing this, she thought highly of his senior brother’s character.

She hadn’t known before, but now that she did, she felt obligated to help them.

So Lu Xia thought for a moment and then got up to search through their belongings.

Seeing this, Jiang Junmo asked, “What are you looking for?”

Lu Xia replied directly, “I’m searching to see if there’s anything your senior brother can use. We can give it to them later.”

Jiang Junmo was surprised, “You want to give them things?”

Lu Xia nodded, “Aren’t you worried about them? Can’t we help?”

“But…” Aren’t you afraid of getting involved? Jiang Junmo wanted to ask, but seeing Lu Xia’s calm gaze, he couldn’t bring himself to say it. He simply said, “Thank you!”

Lu Xia smiled at his gratitude, “Come on, let’s search together and try to send it to them as soon as possible.”


They both looked through their belongings, but they found nothing suitable. They had only been in the village for less than half a year, and they didn’t have much stuff.

Lu Xia’s thick cotton coat and other items were just enough for herself, with nothing to spare.

It was the same for Jiang Junmo; everything else was sent from his family and still quite new, unsuitable for his senior brother and his family.

So they felt somewhat helpless.


Chapter 128 – Sending Food


In the end, Lu Xia took out a quilt.

When she came to the village, she brought two quilts, both prepared by her mother as dowry for Lu Chun. They were filled with good cotton.

Lu Xia had only used one of them, leaving the other untouched.

Now, she took it out and said to Jiang Junmo, “Let’s take apart the quilt and use the cotton inside. It should be enough to make several cotton jackets.”

Jiang Junmo was stunned, looking at the new quilt, he knew she was reluctant to use it, and immediately refused, “No need. You should keep it. It’s such a good quilt, it’s a waste to take it apart.”

Lu Xia rolled her eyes at him, “Who cares about a quilt? Besides, we don’t lack quilts now. We have two quilts to ourselves, and your family sent us another good quilt for our wedding. So, we don’t need it. Let’s take it apart; otherwise, we won’t get cotton anytime soon.”

Then, she thought of something and continued, “I can’t make clothes, so you’ll have to do it. Your sister sent some cloth, which we can use, but I think we should sew some patches on them to disguise it. What do you think?”

Upon hearing her arrangements, Jiang Junmo felt warm inside, and his eyes became slightly moist. Unable to hold back, he smiled and said, “Alright, I’ll follow your lead.”

Lu Xia didn’t want to see him so moved and felt a bit embarrassed. She turned her head and continued, “Okay, you start taking apart the quilt. I’ll go get some food ready. Today, you can go and see the situation over there first. We can talk about the clothes later.”


Most of the food that Lu Xia prepared was coarse grain bought from the village. She also included a small portion of fine grain. She added a few heads of cabbage stored at home and packed them into a sack. Seeing that it was getting dark outside, they planned to quietly deliver the food together.

Seeing Lu Xia take out so much food, Jiang Junmo was a bit surprised, “Is it too much?”

“No, there should be more than just your senior brother’s family over there, right? They can’t just eat by themselves, they have to share it, so they would be able to finish it all in a few meals.”

Hearing her explanation, Jiang Junmo had nothing to say.

Actually, Lu Xia learned about this from her memory of the original book. In the original book, the female protagonist, Su Man, accidentally saved an elderly man in a cowshed. Later, he returned to the capital and became a professor at Peking University, helping the female protagonist a lot. However, those events happened several years later, and they hadn’t crossed paths yet.

So at this moment, that old man should be with Jiang Junmo’s senior brother. Thinking about their difficult living conditions, although Lu Xia didn’t expect any rewards, she felt that she should still lend a hand.

So, wearing thick cotton coats and military coats on top, Lu Xia carried the sack on her back, and they planned to sneak out while it was dark.

Jiang Junmo also dressed up in a military coat, but when he saw Lu Xia easily lifting the sack, he couldn’t help twitching his mouth. He quickly went over to take it from her, “Let me carry it.”

Lu Xia directly refused, “You’re too weak. We need to hurry, or we might get caught. So, I’ll carry it.”

Jiang Junmo paused for a moment but didn’t insist. However, he secretly decided to exercise more and recover his strength as soon as possible.

The two of them quietly left the house.

Although the snow on the ground reflected some light, it was a cloudy night with no moonlight, so it was quite dark outside.

Fortunately, Lu Xia had a flashlight, but they didn’t dare to turn it on while passing through the village. It was only when they reached the northern part of the village, where there were no other houses, that they turned it on.

Carefully and cautiously, they arrived at the cowshed, which was pitch-black as well.

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  1. So they’re in a concentration camp sort of ? You could get fucked over by so many things in China in those times … well even now really, but anyways it’s really up to God to know what this senior brother did.

    Also who exactly is this senior brother ? Male lead never mentioned something like that, senior brother of what ?

    1. “Cow Demons and Snake Spirits”, were a popular way of referring to enemies of the cultural revolution at the time. This included everything from intellectuals and landlords to capitalists and traitors. Since they were referred to as cow demons, it was fitting that they were punished by being imprisoned in cowsheds. Basically, they weren’t treated as humans.

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