Chapter 125 – The Indignation of Accountant Shi

The group arrived at the village committee, and as soon as the village chief saw the educated youths coming over, he felt uneasy.

When they asked about the village elementary school teacher, he became nervous and glanced at Accountant Shi.

Accountant Shi’s face turned dark at that moment. He had originally planned to handle the matter quietly and inform everyone after his daughter Chunyan started working. By then, it would have been difficult to change anything.

He didn’t know how the news had leaked out, allowing the educated youths to find out ahead of time.

He was both angry and resentful, especially when he saw Jiang Junmo following behind.

Originally, his daughter Chunyan had the opportunity for a good job as a town elementary school teacher, a much better job than the village elementary school.

But now, all of that was gone, wasting the favor he had used to secure that position.

That was not the end of it; now they even spared no effort to target a village elementary school teacher position. These educated youths were truly unruly!

Accountant Shi felt very unhappy about it.

At this moment, Gu Xiangnan had already asked the village chief about the situation with the elementary school teacher position.

The village chief was trying to find excuses while laughing it off.

He meant to convey that this wasn’t a big deal originally, but he hadn’t expected the educated youths to be so concerned. He explained that Teacher Fang took a leave due to pregnancy and wasn’t resigning; they had arranged a substitute teacher. Once Teacher Fang gave birth, she would return to her job.

However, the educated youths weren’t easily fooled. Apart from the fact that Teacher Fang had just become pregnant and would need seven or eight months before giving birth, it would take even longer for her to return to work. So, that position could be held for at least a year.

Furthermore, if they performed well during that year, there was a chance they could stay permanently, or at the very least, they would be prioritized in future teacher selections.

All of these possibilities were uncertain, and that’s precisely why Accountant Shi was so eager to have his daughter, Shi Chunyan, take that position. They couldn’t give up on this matter.

Finally, Gu Xiangnan spoke up, “I understand that the village chief might think this is a small matter and not worth telling us about. But the village chief promised us before that the educated youths would be treated equally with the villagers. Now, since the village elementary school needs a substitute teacher, with so many high school graduates among the educated youths, can’t you find someone suitable?”

The village chief couldn’t admit that openly and said hastily, “How could that be? The village thought that a substitute teacher wouldn’t matter to you, but if you all want it, then let’s discuss it. I’ll ask the principal and see how to select someone.”

Since the village chief had made a concession, the educated youths didn’t push harder. After all, he was the village chief, and it wouldn’t be good to escalate the situation.

So, after getting their answer, the educated youths left satisfied, pretending not to notice the accountant who was struggling to contain his anger.

Once everyone had left, Accountant Shi couldn’t hold back any longer and confronted the village chief, “Didn’t you agree to let Chunyan take the position? Why did you change your stance when talking to them?”

The village chief gave him a displeased glance and replied, “What else could I do? Let them continue making a fuss?”

Accountant Shi was at a loss, “But it can’t be just whatever they say, right? What do they think our village committee is?”

“Alright, we indeed mishandled this matter. We thought we could decide it quietly, but now that it’s known, we can only give up. Don’t be stubborn about this, and let’s see if Chunyan can find another job,” the village chief tried to reason.

Accountant Shi was reluctant to let them have their way so easily, but he couldn’t change the situation. He could only accept it.

As the village chief said, since the issue had been brought up and couldn’t be concealed any longer, he couldn’t help but harbor even stronger dislike for the educated youths in his heart.


Chapter 126 – Zhuang Hongmei’s Wedding


But the educated youths didn’t know this. Everyone was very happy on the way back, especially Zhuang Hongmei. In her opinion, she was going to marry into the village soon, so this job must belong to her.

Consequently, a sense of pride showed on her face, as if the job was already within her grasp.

Other people exchanged glances, feeling somewhat speechless, but they didn’t say anything.

However, Zhuang Hongmei’s disappointment came swiftly.

The next day, the candidate for the elementary school teacher position was decided – it was Chen Xue.

The decision was made by the school principal, Teacher Fang who had taken a leave, and the village committee.

As it was just a substitute position, the selection process wasn’t that formal, with no thorough examination of knowledge or qualifications.

To put it bluntly, for a temporary substitute position, there was no need for an intense selection process.

Thus, the candidate was directly chosen.

As for why Chen Xue was ultimately selected, the school principal only required a high school education and patience. Teacher Fang preferred a female educated youth for the role as there would be some handover work involved, which might not be convenient with a male educated youth.

In the end, the village’s Women’s Director, Aunt Xu, who had previously acted as a matchmaker for Chen Xue and Hu Jianjun, made the final decision. She felt somewhat indebted to Chen Xue due to that matter, so she chose her as the candidate when it came to selecting from the female educated youths.

The village had no objections, and the decision was settled.

When Chen Xue learned of her selection, she was taken aback, worried that others might be upset. However, after carefully observing the reactions of her peers, she realized that everyone seemed fine with it.

In fact, once they understood the reasons for her selection, everyone was understanding. Furthermore, as the village had said, it was just a substitute teacher position, and while it was a decent opportunity, it wasn’t permanent, so nobody cared that much.

This didn’t include Zhuang Hongmei, who had believed the job was already hers. Even though she was disappointed, she couldn’t get angry since everyone else seemed okay with it. Instead, she could only express her dissatisfaction by throwing a tantrum at the educated youth spot, but they all ignored her, considering her upcoming marriage.

In the following days, Chen Xue quickly completed the handover with Teacher Fang and began her work at the elementary school.

In fact, the village elementary school was about to have a break, so there wasn’t much for her to teach at the moment. She mainly helped with grading assignments, which allowed her to ease into the role. As a result, she adapted swiftly.

As for Zhuang Hongmei, she got married three days later.

On her wedding day, Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo also went with the educated youths.

However, they didn’t attend the feast at Chen’s house mainly because Zhuang Hongmei’s wedding was scheduled during winter, and it was extremely cold!

Furthermore, the house wasn’t spacious enough to accommodate everyone, so the banquet was set up outside. The hot dishes quickly turned cold, making the meal quite unpleasant.

As a result, Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo left after the ceremony.

Upon returning home, they prepared a simple meal, and outside, it started snowing heavily.

Actually, since the beginning of winter, there had been several snowfalls already, but this one appeared particularly intense. By evening, the snow showed no signs of stopping, and it had already reached knee-high depth.

Jiang Junmo stood at the door, looking outside with a somewhat worried expression.

Lu Xia wasn’t sure what he was concerned about and thought he might be worried about the house collapsing. Thus, she reassured him, “Don’t worry, our house is newly built, so there’s no danger!”

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