Chapter 143 – The Experiences of Lu Chun

Lu Xia sneered, and then read the letter Lu Qiu wrote to her next.

In the letter, Lu Qiu described the events that had occurred in the Lu family over the past six months.

It could be said that since Lu Chun got married, there had been no peace in the Lu family.

Lu Chun’s partner came from a poor family and they didn’t even have a separate room to live in. After much struggle, Mother Lu had to pay for them to rent a room in a big mixed courtyard to live on their own.

However, Lu Chun didn’t have a job, and her partner didn’t earn much either. So, they frequently went back to her parents’ home to seek financial support.

Every time Lu Chun returned, she would complain about how tough her life was. Mother Lu would get angry, but she couldn’t bear to see her daughter suffer, so she always prepared some good food for her.

However, Lu Chun’s husband was quite shrewd and somehow managed to control Lu Chun tightly.

Not long after the marriage, Lu Chun became pregnant, which worried Mother Lu even more. She often cooked meat dishes for Lu Chun to nourish her.

Then, Lu Chun’s husband used the excuse that he was worried about leaving her alone at home during the day while he went to work and brought his 13-year-old sister to take care of her.

But his sister was the oldest besides him and usually had her own responsibilities to take care of as well.

So, every morning, his sister would take her younger siblings and head to the small rented house where Lu Chun and her husband lived to take care of Lu Chun. She helped with household chores and cooking, and they all had meals together during lunch and dinner.

This arrangement made Lu Chun much more relaxed. Her only task was to take care of her pregnancy, and she became more content with her life. Sometimes, when Lu Chun went back to her parents’ home, she would bring her younger brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law with her.

Mother Lu initially found it hard to refuse them, but after they had visited a few times and gotten used to it, they started coming over regularly without invitation.

All the money Mother Lu had saved to buy meat went into the mouths of Lu Chun’s husband’s siblings.

As this happened repeatedly, Mother Lu became reluctant to continue this arrangement. Taking care of her own children was one thing, but who would be willing to raise someone else’s children, especially four of them?

Rumors began circulating in the residential area that Lu Chun had married, and the Lu family had to help support her husband’s family as well. This led to the Lu family becoming a subject of ridicule for quite some time.

Finally, even “honest” Father Lu couldn’t bear it any longer and strictly forbade Mother Lu from letting Lu Chun frequently return to her parents’ home.

It’s unclear how Mother Lu discussed this with Lu Chun, but after that incident, Lu Chun had a hysterical outburst at home, almost causing a miscarriage. In the end, she slammed the door and left, declaring that she no longer wanted this home.

After that, Mother Lu fell sick due to the stress and, when she recovered, she stayed cold-hearted and refused to visit her daughter.

They thought the matter had passed and didn’t expect Lu Chun to stay away for so long.

Unexpectedly, one day after work, Mother Lu noticed someone secretly following her. When she turned around, she saw a skinny and pregnant Lu Chun.

Mother Lu was startled, and Lu Chun burst into tears upon seeing her.

That’s when she found out that without the help of her family, Lu Chun had a very difficult month. There wasn’t enough food at home, and her partner’s salary went entirely to his own family.

Once they knew about her dispute with her family, his family’s attitude towards her changed drastically. They cursed her for being incapable, which made it impossible for them to take advantage.

Lu Chun’s husband was also very disappointed in her, he was not as gentle and considerate to her as before.

At this point, Lu Chun’s situation became much more challenging. She had to work while carrying a pregnancy. Not only did she need to do the laundry for the whole family, but she also had to cook three meals a day. Only at night could she rest in the rented room.

Under these conditions, Lu Chun’s life took a turn for the worse in just one month.


Chapter 144 – Embrace


Upon hearing the news, Mother Lu immediately felt heartbroken.

Fueled by anger, she went straight to her eldest daughter’s home in the mixed courtyard and scolded them.

Only after Lu Chun’s husband returned from work and apologized to Mother Lu, promising to treat Lu Chun better in the future, did she leave satisfied.

However, after this incident, the Lu family started providing allowances for Lu Chun again.

But this time, Mother Lu became smarter. She didn’t allow Lu Chun to visit anymore. Instead, she bought meat and sent it to Lu Chun’s place, asking her to cook it herself.

However, Lu Qiu mentioned that she had once visited her eldest sister’s home to deliver some items and noticed that the meat Mother Lu sent was always shared by the entire family, and Lu Chun couldn’t enjoy much of it.

Nevertheless, Lu Chun was treated much better by her husband’s family. They praised her and encouraged her to visit her parents’ home more often.

Seeing this, Lu Xia laughed. Her sister’s new family was also clever; they knew they had to treat her well since she was a money-making tree. Moreover, the way they treated Lu Chun before must have been intentional; otherwise, it wouldn’t have been so easy for them to achieve their goal.

At the end of the letter, Lu Qiu mentioned that this time, it was Lu Chun who suggested asking her for items. They knew she had money, in addition to the subsidies she received as an educated youth, she also earned money from selling her work. So, they wanted her to buy more things and contribute to the family.

The letter concluded at this point.

Lu Xia finished reading and let out a sarcastic laugh.

‘These two, they really think I’m a fool. They’re so sure I’ll comply?’

But Lu Qiu, this young girl, was quite interesting. Lu Xia hadn’t seen her so assertive before. At such a young age, she saw through her family’s true intentions. If she hadn’t transmigrated here, Lu Qiu might have been the most successful one in the Lu family in the future.

Thinking of this, Lu Xia laughed again. ‘The most beloved eldest daughter was like this. I wonder if Mother Lu was happy with the result.’

Seeing that Lu Xia finished reading the letter and was actually laughing, Jiang Junmo was a little surprised. “Is this a letter from your family?”

Lu Xia nodded and handed the letter to him. “Take a look!”

Jiang Junmo hesitated but couldn’t resist his curiosity, so he accepted the letter and started reading.

As Jiang Junmo read the letter, Lu Xia got up and organized the things sent by the Jiang family this time. She hung the preserved meat in the kitchen and unexpectedly got hugged as soon as she turned around.

Looking at Jiang Junmo, who suddenly hugged her, Lu Xia was slightly surprised. “What’s wrong?”

Jiang Junmo buried his head in her shoulder and said firmly, “Don’t be sad; you still have me!”

Hearing the concern in his tone, Lu Xia smiled. “Don’t worry, I’m not sad. I already expected this. In my heart, they are no longer my family.”

But Jiang Junmo couldn’t help but feel distressed. He reached out and gently touched her head, holding her tightly in his arms.

“You still have family: grandfather, uncle, aunt, sisters… We are all your family.”

Lu Xia smiled. “Yes, I still have many family members.”

The two of them embraced for a while until Lu Xia’s stomach suddenly grumbled.

The warm atmosphere was instantly broken.

Jiang Junmo also released her. After the impulse passed, he felt a bit shy now and couldn’t look at her. He turned his head and walked away, saying, “I’ll go cook.”

Seeing his reddened ears, Lu Xia also laughed.

This guy even knows how to be shy.

After having dinner together, they both started writing letters.

Yes, Jiang Junmo was writing back to his family, and so was Lu Xia.

Originally, she intended to ignore the letters as she did last time. However, she thought that if she ignored them, her family would keep remembering her and might continue to pester her. So, she decided to reply to the letters this time and make it clear that her family should give up on her completely.

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