Chapter 141 – Su Man’s Plan

After Sun Shengnan agreed, she felt delighted, clearly listening to Lu Xia’s words, and the smile on her face increased.

They chatted for a while, but she couldn’t stay any longer. She planned to return quickly to prepare and then go to the county to buy the train ticket.

However, before leaving, she told Lu Xia the reason why Su Man had given the wild boars to the village.

It turned out that after giving the wild boars to the village, Su Man made a request: she also wanted to build a house of her own.

The village chief and others thought about it and agreed.

In the past, they didn’t agree because they couldn’t stand seeing the educated youths living so comfortably. But now, since there were benefits involved, they allowed them to build houses. After all, the educated youths paid for it themselves, and after they left, the houses would become the property of the village.

Upon hearing that Su Man was planning to build her own house, the other educated youths at the educated youth spot were envious. They also heard that if others wanted to build in the future, it would be possible.

At that moment, Gu Xiangnan asked about the specific details, and it seemed like he was also considering building a house.

Others were also somewhat tempted, but because they didn’t have money, it remained just a thought.

Lu Xia understood it all after hearing about it. As expected, the protagonist would not be doing useless work.

The wild boars in the mountains originally belonged to the collective, and now Su Man exchanged them for a chance to build her own house. Once it was completed, she could live there alone and wouldn’t have to face Cheng Yujiao anymore. For her, it was indeed a good situation.

However, these matters had nothing to do with Lu Xia.

On the day when the educated youths planning to return to their hometowns went to the county to buy tickets, Lu Xia hesitated about whether to go as well.

Although she and Jiang Junmo didn’t lack anything now, she wanted to visit the black market. She thought that during the New Year period, the rules might not be too strict, and she could try to sell some of the grain from her space.

However, she ultimately gave up on the idea.

As soon as she had that thought, Jiang Junmo had already wanted to go with her. Despite her refusals, it was futile. So, in the end, she decided not to go. With him around, she wouldn’t be able to do anything.

A few more days passed, and they spent a day going to town.

It was a few days before the New Year, and the educated youths who wanted to return to their hometowns had already left. Unexpectedly, the Jiang family sent another package.

They went to collect the package, but to their surprise, they found a letter addressed to Lu Xia.

Lu Xia took the letter and saw that it was written by Lu Qiu. She was somewhat surprised and didn’t know what it meant.

However, she didn’t read it immediately.

Instead, she and Jiang Junmo returned home first.

However, when they left the town and saw the small grove, they unexpectedly noticed many footprints.

Lu Xia was somewhat intrigued and thought about going over to see if she could buy some meat again.

However, they were pushing their bicycles and carrying the package, making them too conspicuous.

So, after some thought, she gave up.

But sometimes, luck can’t be stopped. Just as she was about to leave, she saw an old man carefully walking towards the small grove, carrying a sack.

What caught her attention was that there was something alive inside the sack.

Lu Xia became interested right away.

She asked Jiang Junmo to wait for her in place and walked directly towards the old man.

“Uncle, please wait!”

The old man was originally cautious, and when he suddenly heard someone speaking behind him, he got startled.

Instinctively, he wanted to run.

Lu Xia saw this and hurriedly said, “Uncle, wait! Are you selling what you’re carrying? I want to buy it.”

The old man hesitated for a moment but eventually stopped.


Chapter 142 – Roosters


When the old man turned to look at the person who called out to him, he found a young girl. Although she wore a military coat and a hat, her face was wrapped in a scarf, and her appearance couldn’t be seen clearly. However, she looked quite young, and the important thing was that she didn’t appear to be short of money.

The old man quickly smiled and said, “Little girl, do you want to buy roosters? The roosters in my house are big and strong!”

Lu Xia, hearing that it was roosters, nodded with satisfaction. “Yes, I want to buy roosters. Uncle, are these the ones you have? Can I take a look?”

The old man didn’t expect to find a buyer so quickly. He had originally planned to try his luck at the black market. Excitedly, he said, “Sure, sure, take a look! Look as much as you want!”

He then opened the sack.

Lu Xia leaned over to take a look. Inside were two roosters. Although they weren’t fat, they were quite large for this era, indicating they were raised well.

Satisfied, she nodded, “Alright, I’ll take both of them. What’s the price?”

“What, you’re buying both of them?!” The old man was thrilled.

He didn’t expect to sell them so quickly.

In the end, the two made a happy transaction with one wanting to buy and the other wanting to sell.

Jiang Junmo, who was waiting in the distance, breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Lu Xia hand the money to the old man and return with the sack.

“I’ll do these things in the future,” he said.

Lu Xia raised an eyebrow at his words. “Alright, next time, you can do it.”

Saying that, she raised the sack in her hand, “These two are quite big roosters. We’ll have a good feast.”

Originally, she had planned to ask around in the village during the New Year, but unexpectedly, she managed to buy them already. It saved her some trouble.

Seeing her so happy, Jiang Junmo smiled as well, “If you like it, we can buy more in the future.”

Lu Xia nodded, “After the New Year, we can raise a few of them. By then, we can also get some hens that can lay eggs for us to eat.”

“Alright, I’ll listen to you.”

After returning home, they first processed the roosters. Since they planned to eat them, they were slaughtered immediately and left outside to freeze; otherwise, it would be too much trouble to keep them alive.

Jiang Junmo handled the killing of the roosters, including plucking and cleaning, skillfully going through the process. Lu Xia admired him.

After everything was done, the two of them began to read the letter and open the package.

As usual, the Jiang family sent them a lot of things to use for the New Year, especially a piece of cured meat. They didn’t know how the family managed to get it.

In addition to these, there was also money and tickets, even more than before.

In the letter, the family also mentioned how happy they were to receive the mountain goods they had sent. However, they also asked them not to spend too much in the future, as they had everything they needed at home, and they should take good care of themselves.

Presumably, they sent money to prevent them from spending it all on mountain goods and not having enough for themselves.

Apart from that, there was a separate message to Lu Xia. The Jiang family said that this was her first year as a part of the Jiang family and they regretted not being able to celebrate the New Year together. They hoped that next year, they could all return together, and they really wanted to meet her.

After reading the contents of the letter, Lu Xia knew that Jiang Junmo’s family was quite understanding.

It seemed like they were relatively satisfied with her, which put her at ease.

Later, when Jiang Junmo was packing up, Lu Xia opened the letter sent by her own family.

It was still written by Lu Qiu.

Lu Xia originally thought it was written on her own initiative, after all, Mother Lu had said she no longer had a daughter. Unexpectedly, after reading the letter, she found out that she was wrong.

Lu Qiu had been asked to write the letter by Mother Lu.

However, throughout the letter, there was no concern about Lu Xia’s life. It only mentioned that there were educated youths from the Northeast in the family’s compound who had sent back many mountain goods. The family was very happy, and they showed them off every day. Seeing that, Mother Lu wanted her to find a way to send back some as well. It was almost New Year, and they wanted to improve their life at home.

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