Chapter 129 – He Was Still Young

Not long after People’s Daily posted this Weibo, observant netizens discovered that the Weibo account of the suspect arrested this time was the same account that was mentioned in Changfeng Group’s lawyer letter a while back.

The entire comment section exploded.

People often say that rumors spread like wildfire, but debunking them can be quite challenging. However, in Wei Chen’s case, one official Weibo account after another came forward to help debunk the rumors!

Did those who started the rumors ever imagine that there would be such a grand scene of debunking in the end?

[Hahaha, I guess the people who tried to discredit Wei Chen didn’t expect his connections to be so extensive. They used all sorts of marketing tactics and hired water army to attack him, but now all these big official accounts are coming out to debunk the rumors. I wonder if the rumor-starters’ faces have been swollen with embarrassment?]

[Well done! These rumor-mongering dogs are so annoying. Hahaha, they got a taste of their own medicine this time. I hope in the future, whenever someone is targeted by rumors, they can swiftly catch and bring these rumor-mongering dogs to justice. We need to clean up the online atmosphere!]

[I can’t stand these rumor-mongers. Hahaha, they kicked the iron plate this time, didn’t they? I hope that whenever anyone gets falsely accused in the future, they can handle it as efficiently as this, catching the rumor-mongering dogs and bringing them to justice.]

With these debunking posts and the Dream Cup press conference today, the online public opinion has turned overwhelmingly in favor of “Light,” this awe-inspiring masterpiece finally managed to clear its name and appear before the world in its true form.

On the day of the press conference, the exhibition area for the Dream Cup finals was closed, and many people stood outside, waiting for the exhibition to reopen.

They firmly believed that “Light” was not plagiarized. The impact it had on them when they saw it briefly yesterday was too profound for them to believe it could be a mere copy. Could such a deeply moving piece really be created through plagiarism alone?

Impossible! The person who created “Light” must have gone through a process from despair to hope. Otherwise, how could they express such emotions so perfectly and with such heart-wrenching power?

Faced with the slander and defamation against “Light,” there wasn’t much they could do, but they could show their support for the artwork through such simple actions.

When the press conference ended, a Dream Cup staff member informed Zhao Liyou about the scene outside the exhibition hall. Zhao Liyou halted his steps toward the upstairs and instead asked the driver to take him to the Dream Cup exhibition hall.

Zhuge Yu also heard about it, and he looked a little stunned as he watched Zhao Liyou leave. This result was beyond his expectations. He knew that once “Light” was exhibited, it would undoubtedly create a huge response, but he didn’t expect that in just one day, “Light” would gather so many supporters and admirers.

Zhuge Yu followed behind Zhao Liyou and rushed to the exhibition hall. Seeing the people standing outside, although they weren’t densely packed, they were standing resolutely against the chilly winter wind, waiting for the exhibition hall to reopen and “Light” to be displayed before them once again.

Zhao Liyou entered through the staff entrance, and as the doors to the exhibition hall opened, all eyes outside fell on him.

He took a deep breath, looking solemn. The people outside the hall held their breath, guessing that the press conference had already ended, and the results of all the controversies were out.

Zhao Liyou gazed at these hopeful faces and bowed deeply to them. When he stood up, he said, “The Dream Cup didn’t disappoint you, and neither will ‘Light.'”

As Zhao Liyou’s words fell, the crowd erupted in cheers. Their support had not been in vain; their wait had not been futile. Both “Light” and the Dream Cup turned out to be exactly what they had hoped for. And that was all they needed.

“In gratitude for your support, we have decided to postpone the exhibition of the Dream Cup finals by three days. In the future, we ask you to continue supporting the Dream Cup. We will not change our original intentions, and we will continue to be a place for all aspiring artists to pursue their dreams,” Zhao Liyou said sincerely. His expression appeared serious, but underneath that seriousness, he was deeply moved. Tears welled up in his eyes, and he struggled to keep them from falling.

A burst of cheers erupted once again. Before Zhao Liyou arrived, the atmosphere had been somewhat solemn, but after his arrival, the entire scene became joyous.

The Dream Cup had been able to stand in China for so many years for a reason. Despite the emergence of many art competitions in recent years, the Dream Cup had always been regarded as a sacred place for artists.

Zhuge Yu didn’t go up to the stage. He waited until the crowd gradually dispersed before leaving in his car.

As Zhuge Yu drove away, Sylvester’s gaze remained fixed on the Dream Cup exhibition hall. Only when the hall was out of sight did Sylvester withdraw his gaze and say to Zhuge Yu, “I like it here.”

Zhuge Yu knew what “here” meant and smiled, “You’re welcome to come again next time.” Yes, Sylvester was leaving China. According to his plan, he was supposed to return to his own country after the exhibition in the capital. However, because of his anticipation for “Light,” he stayed. Now that he had seen “Light,” it was time for him to go back.

Although Sylvester didn’t want to leave just yet, he wanted to wait for Chen Li to return and use his actions to impress him, make Chen Li regard him as a teacher and elder like Zhuge Yu. However, things on the other side had reached a point where further delay was impossible; he had to leave.

“Ah, what a pity,” Sylvester sighed.

“If you feel regretful, come again next time,” Zhuge Yu said as he drove onto the freeway towards the airport. “The next time you come, Xiao Li will be even better.”

Currently, Chen Li was continuously improving, not only in his artistic skills but also in his health.

“He will indeed get better,” Sylvester agreed. Chen Li was a young man who evoked sympathy but also admiration.

After that, the two chatted aimlessly in the car, but every sentence revolved around Chen Li—what he needed for his development, in which direction he should progress, and so on. While they had differing opinions on some points, they both agreed that they wouldn’t let Chen Li step into the public eye for the time being.

They believed in the future. With these two industry giants supporting Chen Li on his professional path, he was bound to have smooth sailing.

When Zhuge Yu saw Sylvester off at the airport, the sky had turned completely dark, and snowflakes were falling from the sky, swirling around.

It was snowing again.

Zhuge Yu quickly got into his car and brushed the snowflakes off himself. At this moment, his phone received a notification sound, indicating that he had received a WeChat message. Zhuge Yu picked up his phone, opened WeChat, and saw that the message was from Wei Chen. It contained several pictures—a blue sky, a sandy beach, and the beauty of a summer setting.

However, what caught Zhuge Yu’s attention was one specific picture—a group photo of Chen Li and Wei Chen. Under the bright sunlight, the two of them were dressed in formal suits, smiling at the camera.

The reason Zhuge Yu was drawn to it was because he saw Chen Li’s lips curving up ever so slightly.

Yes, in this picture, Chen Li was smiling. Though it was subtle, the expression in his eyes showed a smile. Zhuge Yu couldn’t fathom what Chen Li and Wei Chen had experienced in Australia to make Chen Li so happy. But regardless, Chen Li was smiling—a genuine smile from the Chen Li who always had a blank expression.

“Very beautiful,” Zhuge Yu replied with two words, then started the car and drove away. Beautiful not only in scenery but also in people.

Zhuge Yu was in a good mood, and he even hummed a song while driving. Of course, at this moment, if there were no phone call to disturb his good mood, it would truly be a perfect day.

Zhuge Yu glanced at the phone screen. It was a call from Lu Xiuran’s father, probably heard about his son’s arrest while he was abroad, and quickly got an understanding of the situation before calling.

The first time the phone rang, Zhuge Yu didn’t answer. He let the phone ring until it automatically disconnected.

Shortly after, the phone rang again. Zhuge Yu glanced at it again but didn’t answer, focusing on driving.

The call disconnected once more, but the caller was persistent and dialed again. This time, Zhuge Yu had just exited the freeway and found a suitable spot to park before finally answering the insistent call.

“Zhuge Yu, I’ve heard about the situation,” Lu Xiuran’s father didn’t waste time with pleasantries and went straight to the point. His voice carried a hint of pleading, “I admit my son was wrong in this matter, but he is still young and made a mistake in a moment of impulsiveness. I hope you can forgive him and let him go.”

“He’s not young anymore; he’s of legal age now, and the protection for minors no longer applies,” Zhuge Yu said, “The evidence has been submitted, and we will proceed according to the law.”

Lu Xiuran’s father sensed that Zhuge Yu wouldn’t give up easily and became somewhat desperate. “He’s only nineteen years old. This will ruin his life! His career hasn’t even started yet, Zhuge Yu, my son calls you ‘Uncle.’ Why are you so heartless? Are you trying to ruin Xiuran’s life?”

“I’ll ruin his life?” Zhuge Yu sneered, “What about when he tried every means to ruin my student?”

“But nothing happened to your student, right?” a defiant response came from the other end of the line, “Your student is fine, so my son didn’t do anything wrong.”

“Hahaha…” Zhuge Yu couldn’t help bursting into laughter, as if he had heard the funniest joke ever. Indeed, it was a big joke. Zhuge Yu thought this joke could be considered the funniest of the year.

Zhuge Yu laughed so hard that tears came to his eyes. Upon hearing Zhuge Yu’s unrestrained laughter, Lu Xiuran’s father’s expression darkened. He said, “Zhuge Yu, remember this day! Since you value your student, Chen Li, so much, then I will also give you the opportunity to experience what I am experiencing now. As long as I am here, your student won’t have a good future.”

“Lu Lie, I know what you’re thinking,” Zhuge Yu finally stopped laughing. His expression turned serious, “If you want to harm my student, go ahead and try. I want to see whether your influence is greater than mine, Zhuge Yu. I suggest you stop now because I don’t want to see you follow in your son’s footsteps.”

Lu Xiuran’s father, Lu Lie, just had his plan in mind, but Zhuge Yu saw through it immediately. Now faced with Zhuge Yu’s tough response, Lu Lie was momentarily at a loss for words because he knew that everything Zhuge Yu said was true!

Frustrated, Lu Lie angrily threw his phone, realizing that he couldn’t do anything as long as Zhuge Yu protected Chen Li.

Hearing the beeping sound coming from the phone, Zhuge Yu’s lips curled up. He thought, Lu Lie was still too inexperience if he wanted to challenge him.

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