Chapter 130 – Experience Skydiving

The summer sun in Australia was scorching and warm. These past few days, under Wei Chen’s guidance, Chen Li had experienced the charm of Australia and tasted the various local delicacies. Wei Chen quickly noticed that Chen Li enjoyed eating more than sightseeing, so he adjusted their plans and focused on visiting places known for their food.

Thus, Chen Li’s appetite was fully satisfied, with the most unforgettable being the seafood feast from the previous night.

When a king crab, bigger than Chen Li’s head, was brought to the table, his gaze was fixed on the crab. He couldn’t look away, unclear whether he was astonished by its size or curious about its taste.

It wasn’t the biggest king crab; it was just average-sized, but it was more than enough for Chen Li and Wei Chen to enjoy.

A skilled waiter expertly picked the crab meat for them. Wei Chen didn’t rush to eat but instead fed Chen Li a mouthful. The exquisite sweetness burst in Chen Li’s mouth, causing him to squint his eyes in delight, fixating his gaze on the crab meat.

They finished the king crab, followed by a large lobster, and then more seafood. Under Wei Chen’s careful “serving”, Chen Li enjoyed the seafood feast to the fullest.

Of course, Wei Chen’s appetite was equally good, and in the end, the two of them managed to eat the portions meant for three or four people. When the waiter looked at them, it seemed like he was watching a big stomach king contest. How could these two people who didn’t appear to have big appetites eat so much?

Under the composed gaze of the waiter, Wei Chen calmly led Chen Li to the counter to settle the bill and then left the restaurant.

Chen Li was so full that he could hardly walk, so Wei Chen held his hand and they walked slowly toward the sea. The sound of the waves accompanied by the salty sea breeze reached them, bringing a touch of coolness to this hot summer night.

The night sky was adorned with a full moon and scattered stars.

Wei Chen and Chen Li strolled hand in hand along the path. They couldn’t remember who made the first move, but when they came back to their senses, they had already taken off their shoes and were stepping barefoot on the soft sand. Tiny hermit crabs crawled across their feet and continued their journey under their curious gazes, finally retreating into seashells when they reached their destination, disappearing from sight.

Laughter could be heard not far away on the beach, where carefree joy filled the air, sweet and pure.

“Li Li,” Wei Chen softly called Chen Li’s name.

Chen Li turned his head to look at Wei Chen but was brought to a hidden spot of a rock. Wei Chen gently pressed down and tenderly kissed Chen Li’s lips.

Chen Li’s eyes widened in surprise but gradually closed as he wholeheartedly enjoyed the passion and tenderness Wei Chen brought him.

Nearby the rocks, a family or a group was preparing for camping, and their laughter could be heard clearly. Meanwhile, in the backlight of the rocks, a couple was affectionately embracing and finding it hard to part.

The night gradually deepened, and the moonlight spilled like mercury, with stars twinkling in the sky. It was a night of beauty beyond measure.

The next day, the warm sunlight streamed through the window, and Wei Chen had already woken Chen Li up, which was a rare occurrence. Usually, Wei Chen would let Chen Li sleep until he woke up naturally.

Still feeling groggy and with messy hair, Chen Li didn’t know what to do and simply followed Wei Chen’s instructions obediently.

After washing up and being baptized by water, Chen Li finally woke up fully.

Wei Chen, seeing Chen Li’s eyes regain clarity, smiled and asked, “Awake now?”

Chen Li nodded, “Yes, I’m awake.”

“Once you’re awake, let’s have breakfast, and after that, we’ll head out,” Wei Chen said with a smile, ruffling Chen Li’s hair, making it even more disheveled.

Chen Li didn’t mind his hair, obediently following Wei Chen to the dining table. He didn’t ask where Wei Chen was taking him; he simply trusted him completely. Wherever Wei Chen wanted to go, he would follow. He had full faith in him.

After breakfast, Wei Chen held Chen Li’s hand, and they walked out.

Unlike the previous two days of randomly picking a place they liked, Wei Chen had a very clear purpose this time. He took Chen Li to a high-end custom clothing store and prepared a set of suits for both of them.

It was Chen Li’s first time wearing such a formal suit. Although Wei Chen had been trying his best to “fatten him up”, Chen Li had only gained a little weight during this period. As he was naturally skinny, the suit made him look even slimmer.

Thankfully, the suit was custom-made to fit Chen Li perfectly, so it didn’t look inappropriate on him. However, he still looked like a child who sneaked into adult’s clothes, especially with his baby face. In this place full of tall people, he looked even younger.

Wei Chen was different. With his tall and long legs, he looked like a clothes hanger. Now, with this tailor-made suit, he exuded an aura of a social elite and a successful person. Even though he wasn’t smiling much at the moment, his charm was still at its maximum.

Compared to girls in China, foreign girls were more open-minded. They were naturally attracted by Wei Chen’s excellence. Their eyes were unashamedly fixed on him, and they even discussed his figure openly in front of him.

Chen Li didn’t like the way they looked at Wei Chen. He walked up to Wei Chen, who was still adjusting his tie in front of the dressing mirror, and possessively wrapped both arms around Wei Chen’s waist. With this straightforward action, he was telling those girls that Wei Chen was his!

Surprised by Chen Li’s sudden embrace, Wei Chen raised an eyebrow but quickly understood the reason. He felt the excitement in his heart and turned back to embrace Chen Li, kissing his lips right in front of those girls.

However, Chen Li wasn’t satisfied with just a brief kiss. He proactively stood on tiptoes, sealing Wei Chen’s lips with his own, exchanging a passionate and fiery kiss, and only then did he feel content.

The clerks in the store couldn’t help but gasp at the intensity of their kiss. Later, when Wei Chen went to settle the bill, the store manager even offered his well wishes, hoping they would have a lifetime of happiness and worry-free life.

Wei Chen thanked him and left with Chen Li. Once they got into the car, Wei Chen leaned over and kissed Chen Li’s lips again before asking, “Why are you not happy, Li Li?”

“I don’t like how they look at you,” Chen Li replied honestly. He would never hide or lie to Wei Chen.

“So Li Li is jealous,” Wei Chen said cheerfully.

“Jealous?” Chen Li didn’t know what jealousy meant.

“Being jealous is what you’re feeling now. You don’t like others looking at me, you don’t like others liking me, and you don’t like me having intimate contact with others. When these situations happen, you feel a sour and uncomfortable feeling in your heart,” Wei Chen explained.

Chen Li tilted his head and thought for a moment, acknowledging, “I am jealous.”

Chen Li was always true to his feelings, especially in front of Wei Chen. He would say whatever he felt without feeling embarrassed. Now that he realized he was jealous, he wouldn’t deny it; instead, he openly admitted it. In doing so, Wei Chen would know that he was jealous, and next time he wouldn’t let others look at him like that.

Wei Chen’s eyes softened, and a smile spread across his face. He couldn’t help but lower his head and kiss Chen Li’s lips again.

With a playful tone, he said, “Li Li, I’m glad.” He was happy that Chen Li finally showed signs of liking him.

Chen Li looked at Wei Chen with a puzzled expression. Why would Wei Chen be happy because he was jealous?

Wei Chen didn’t say anything more; he started the car and drove towards their destination.

Wollongong was a famous skydiving destination in Australia, located to the south of XN city, about an hour’s drive away. This was where Wei Chen had planned to take Chen Li – to experience the thrill of skydiving.

The helicopter that would take them skydiving was already waiting at the take-off point. As soon as Chen Li and Wei Chen arrived, they boarded the helicopter.

The loud noise echoed in their ears, almost piercing their eardrums. Feeling a little scared, Chen Li leaned closer to Wei Chen, who tightly held his hand, giving him strength.

Once everything was ready, the helicopter took off, and the scenery outside gradually changed. Chen Li’s gaze was immediately captivated by what he saw, and his nervousness slowly faded away.

The sensation of the world shrinking as they ascended surprised Chen Li. He saw the mountains, the sea, and the vast sky – the entire world unfolded before his eyes.

Wollongong became a skydiving paradise for a reason. The blue sky mirrored the sea, and the white sand looked like a painting. Every frame of the landscape was the most beautiful scenery, and it was simply intoxicating.

“Li Li, do you like it?” Wei Chen’s voice came through the earphones. Chen Li snapped out of his trance and looked at Wei Chen. With enthusiasm, he nodded – he loved it, very much.

Chen Li’s big eyes sparkled with delight, as if they had captured all the sunlight.

In Wei Chen’s eyes, Chen Li at this moment was even more attractive than the boundless scenery outside.

Chen Li wasn’t afraid of heights; he discovered that during the day when Wei Chen took him to an amusement park in the capital. Wei Chen also knew that Chen Li enjoyed the feeling of being high up, which was why he liked those thrilling amusement rides that made people scream.

Wei Chen would never forget the smile on Chen Li’s face when he came down from one of those high rides. That smile had deeply engraved itself in Wei Chen’s heart, and he couldn’t forget it.

Since that day, Wei Chen had wanted to give Chen Li the experience of real flight. He believed Chen Li would love it, right?

The helicopter continued to ascend, and the coastal scenery became smaller and smaller, but Chen Li’s gaze remained fixed on the window. His hands were gripping the window, as if he wanted to fly out at this moment and experience the joy of flying firsthand.

“Li Li, let’s fly out,” Wei Chen said gently.

“Fly out?” Chen Li didn’t understand; would they really fly?

“Yes, fly out,” Wei Chen confirmed.

“Okay.” Chen Li nodded. Although he didn’t understand what Wei Chen meant by “flying out,” he trusted Wei Chen. Wei Chen wouldn’t let anything happen to them.

Meeting Chen Li’s gaze full of trust, Wei Chen turned to the instructor on the side.

Seeing that they were ready, the instructor asked, “Are you sure you want to jump on your own?”

Wei Chen nodded, “I’ve learned skydiving. You’ve seen my qualifications, right?”

With Wei Chen’s confirmation, the instructor no longer tried to dissuade them. After checking their equipment, he pulled open the helicopter’s door with a loud bang.

With the cabin door open, the wind rushed in with a whoosh. Without the window blocking their view, the scenery outside seemed even more real and breathtaking.

“Li Li, are you ready? We’re about to jump!” The parachute was a two-person one, with Wei Chen in the back and Chen Li in front.

Feeling the wind brushing against his face, feeling Wei Chen’s presence, Chen Li didn’t show the slightest hesitation. “I’m ready,” he said.

“Three, two, one! Jump!”

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