Chapter 149 – New Year’s Eve

After returning from the county, there were only two days left until the New Year.

Before, Lu Xia was an orphan, and even after transmigrating, she encountered a family situation that made her indifferent to the New Year. However, Jiang Junmo was different; he attached great importance to the New Year. Over the past two days, he had been busy preparing for the festivities, and his excitement infected her, making her look forward to the New Year as well.

Moreover, strictly speaking, this was her first home, and she suddenly wanted to celebrate it properly.

On New Year’s Eve, the people from the educated youth spot invited them to celebrate together, but they declined, using the excuse that it was their first New Year in the new house.

The two of them preferred to enjoy some private time, especially since Jiang Junmo had prepared a lot of delicious food over these days. They planned to have a secret feast.

In the morning of New Year’s Eve, they cleaned up the house and put up couplets, finally creating a festive atmosphere.

For lunch, Jiang Junmo prepared three dishes and a soup, including vegetables and meat. It was much more abundant than their usual meals.

After lunch, they took a nap and then spent some time at the educated youth spot before returning home to prepare dinner.

Although they had already enjoyed a hearty lunch, they clearly cherished the New Year’s Eve dinner more.

Jiang Junmo spent over an hour stewing the two chickens he had bought earlier. He didn’t just stew the chicken alone; he also added plenty of potatoes, filling up a large pot.

Lu Xia took out a small portion and placed it on a plate, leaving the rest covered in the pot.

Then she said to Jiang Junmo, “Take these to your senior brother later. It’s the New Year, and we should share some good food with them.”

Jiang Junmo had guessed it when she told him to add more potatoes earlier.

“Okay, I’ll go later,” he replied.

Lu Xia looked outside and said, “It’s getting dark soon. Be careful when you go, don’t let anyone see you.”

“Got it.”

Afterward, Jiang Junmo carried the pot of chicken and left, while Lu Xia stayed at home to continue preparing the New Year’s Eve dinner.

In truth, the two of them couldn’t eat that much food. For lunch, Jiang Junmo had cooked braised pork, which tasted delicious, and for dinner, in addition to the chicken, Lu Xia made braised pork ribs, sautéed preserved meat with cabbage, and a mushroom soup.

As soon as the dishes were ready and placed on the table, Jiang Junmo returned.

Lu Xia saw that he came back empty-handed and knew that he had given the meat away.

“How is your senior brother? Are they doing well?” she asked.

Jiang Junmo nodded with a smile on his face, clearly in a good mood. “They have also prepared a lot of things. The people in the cowshed are celebrating the New Year together. When I went there, they were having dinner, so I gave them the chicken. Everyone was happy, and the big pot of chicken was enough for them to share.”

Lu Xia nodded in satisfaction. “That’s good.”

Then the two of them began their New Year’s Eve dinner.

Without electricity and a television, they had to rely on candlelight to eat, which made the meal a bit challenging in the darkness. However, they didn’t mind since they still had to stay up late for the New Year.

To pass the time, Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo began chatting. After spending this period together, they had a deeper understanding of each other, especially Lu Xia, whose impression of Jiang Junmo had undergone a complete transformation.

Initially, she thought he was a somewhat reserved person, disinterested in life, as he seemed indifferent to everything. But now, after getting to know him better, she realized it was the opposite. He not only didn’t disdain life but actually loved it. His ability to learn various life skills demonstrated his desire to live well and meaningfully; it was only his health that had previously prevented him from doing so.

Thus, Lu Xia felt fortunate and happy to be a part of his recovery. After all, Jiang Junmo was such a wonderful person, and it would be a great loss if he were no longer part of this world.


Chapter 150 – Change of Impressions


And just like that, Jiang Junmo’s impression of Lu Xia also changed significantly.

Due to his health condition, he had been a relatively silent person since childhood, making him accustomed to observing others. However, being sensitive and delicate by nature, he could easily discern someone’s true character.

When they first met, he thought Lu Xia was a cold and indifferent person who simply pretended to be friendly. Although she appeared quiet and easy-going, he sensed that she kept others at a distance and found it difficult to open up to people.

But as they spent time together, he came to realize that she was actually a very simple person. Perhaps, her family background had forced her to put on a facade, and her apparent indifference might be a defense mechanism to avoid getting hurt.

But despite that, it only made him feel more sympathetic towards her.

He knew that in Lu Xia’s heart, marrying him initially might have been a means to escape her current situation.

But in his heart, marriage meant a lifetime commitment!

He agreed because, at the time, he didn’t dislike Lu Xia, and as they spent more time together, he found himself gradually falling for her.

Thus, he vowed to treat her well in the future.

If before, he might not have been able to do it, his growing confidence as his health improved made him believe that he would provide Lu Xia with a better life.

That night, they talked a lot, and Jiang Junmo unusually spoke a lot.

He talked about his childhood, his past insecurities and sadness, and his regrets for being unable to pursue his passions due to his health.

Fortunately, he found solace in painting later on, but after a few years of learning, he lost contact with his teacher for various reasons…

He also mentioned how he had worried and felt apprehensive about volunteering in the rural area, fearing he wouldn’t adapt to the life there and thought he might die.

Until he met Lu Xia, ate her cooking, and gradually felt at ease. She gave him confidence in living in the countryside.

Lastly, he talked about their marriage, how comfortable he felt being with Lu Xia all this time, and the pleasant surprise of his health gradually improving after their marriage.

They talked about significant and trivial matters, sharing a lot.

In the dim candlelight, Lu Xia noticed that his eyes were unexpectedly moist…

After listening to Jiang Junmo’s heartfelt words, she felt surprised and moved.

So, she decided to open the bottle of fruit wine she had bought earlier and poured a glass for each of them, raising a toast.

Thinking the fruit wine would be sweet and low in alcohol content, she ended up having a few more glasses, wanting to celebrate with Jiang Junmo since he seemed so happy.

Unexpectedly, as she continued drinking, she began to feel a bit tipsy.

She also started sharing her own experiences but was careful not to reveal too much. She talked about how difficult her childhood was, how she didn’t receive much attention, and how she had to work hard every day to try to change her situation. She struggled for a long time, and just when life was finally getting better, she had to move to a different place.

Originally, she was sharing her experiences of growing up in an orphanage and her time-traveling journey. However, it seemed like Jiang Junmo interpreted it as her parents treating her poorly during her childhood and the sudden move to the countryside.

Interestingly enough, the two stories sounded quite similar, and at least Jiang Junmo didn’t notice anything amiss.

But as Lu Xia continued speaking, she became sadder and sadder, and under the influence of alcohol, she suddenly burst into tears.

As she cried, she couldn’t help but think about how unlucky she was. Just when her work was finally going well, everything changed suddenly. She found herself in an unfamiliar era where she had to be cautious in everything she did.

She was both worried and apprehensive, but she had to keep going because she knew she couldn’t go back.

So, the more she cried, the more miserable she felt…

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