Chapter 151 – Drank Too Much

Jiang Junmo was taken aback when he saw her suddenly burst into tears, so he quickly rushed over to console her.

However, to his surprise, the more he comforted Lu Xia, the louder she cried. She kept sobbing and complaining as if there was no one in the world as miserable as her.

In the end, Jiang Junmo couldn’t handle her crying anymore. No matter how he tried to persuade her, it was of no use. He had to find a way to shut her up.

And somehow, he couldn’t think straight, probably due to the effects of drinking too much. The only solution he could come up with was to kiss her directly on the lips…

With her mouth sealed, Lu Xia finally stopped crying but was left completely stunned…

On the other hand, Jiang Junmo released her as soon as he noticed she had stopped crying.

Only at that moment did he suddenly realize what he had just done.

His face flushed with embarrassment when he realized the implications of his actions. He couldn’t believe he took advantage of her vulnerability.

Yet, the memory of the tender moment they had shared just a moment ago made his face even hotter. Combined with the alcohol he had consumed and the warm temperature in the room from the stove and the fire wall, he felt uncomfortably warm. So he decided to take off his outer coat.

To his surprise, Lu Xia seemed to become bolder, possibly influenced by the alcohol and the dim candlelight, she expressed a desire to see his abs.

Jiang Junmo was astonished but shyly declined. However, she persisted, and after a while, she directly lifted his close-fitting clothes and began to touch him intimately…

And it didn’t stop there, the events that followed were a blur of chaos and unexpected occurrences. In the end, everything that was meant to happen, happened…

The next morning, Lu Xia woke up feeling sore, but what surprised her even more was the warm body lying beside her.

Her brain quickly recalled the memories of the previous night.

Then she covered her face in regret; she had lost all her dignity!

How could she have been so careless under the influence of alcohol?

She blamed the irresistibility of his beauty, unable to resist herself.

“What’s wrong?” the beautiful figure behind her spoke, as an arm naturally wrapped around her.

Lu Xia’s face instantly turned red, “Nothing, it’s nothing.”

Seeing her reaction, Jiang Junmo’s lips curved into a smile, understanding that she was feeling shy, he didn’t tease her any further. When he thought about last night’s events, he too blushed a little.

Looking at her turning away and not daring to meet his gaze, he decided to get up first and put on his clothes.

“I’ll go cook first, you lie down for a while, no rush, get more sleep.”


Listening to his voice, it seemed that he wasn’t angry, and Lu Xia finally breathed a sigh of relief.

However, she didn’t lie down for long. Not long after Jiang Junmo got up, she got up too.

After getting up, she saw that Jiang Junmo had already prepared the meal and even heated water for her to wash up.

Lu Xia quickly washed her face and had breakfast together with him.

They had dumplings for breakfast, which they had made a few days ago and stored outside to freeze. When they wanted to eat, they just took them back and cooked them directly in a pot. It was very convenient, so they made quite a few of them with different fillings, some with sauerkraut and some with cabbage.

But today, they had cabbage-filled dumplings because they had heard from the villagers that during the New Year period, they shouldn’t eat sauerkraut. The homophone for sauerkraut is “sour wealth,” which has negative connotations and is considered inauspicious. Therefore, everyone would avoid eating it.

In addition to this, there are many other customs in the rural areas of the northeast during the New Year. For example, on New Year’s Eve, they should keep the house well-lit, and on the first and second days of the lunar New Year, they should not sweep the floor or cut their hair during the first lunar month, and so on.


Chapter 152 – The First Day of the Lunar New Year


Lu Xia found it all fascinating when she heard about these customs from the people at the educated youth spot.

In her past life, she also grew up in the northeast, but back then, there weren’t so many customs to follow.

The orphanage only cared about basic necessities like food and clothing, neglecting the other aspects. Now she realized that celebrating the New Year could be quite enjoyable.

In the past, there used to be even more customs during the New Year in the countryside. However, in recent years, the country prohibited feudal superstitions, so things like burning paper money and such were no longer practiced, leaving only these few customs.

Even so, Lu Xia felt that it was already quite a lot, and both she and Jiang Junmo decided to follow the local customs.

Therefore, they would wait to eat the dumplings with sauerkraut later.

As they had breakfast, Lu Xia didn’t dare to look at Jiang Junmo. He was a bit shy as well, and the meal passed without much conversation between the two.

After finishing their meal, Jiang Junmo finally asked her, “What are your plans for today?”

Lu Xia thought for a moment and said, “Let’s go to the educated youth spot and visit them for the New Year.”

Jiang Junmo hesitated for a moment, then replied, “Okay, but let’s come back soon. You were exhausted last night, and today, you should rest well.”

Lu Xia widened her eyes in disbelief upon hearing these words. She couldn’t believe he said something like that.

Her face turned red instantly, and she glared at him in irritation, saying, “What are you saying!”

Although Jiang Junmo felt a bit embarrassed, he still smiled, “Alright, I won’t say it anymore. But your body does need some rest.”

Feeling shy, Lu Xia turned her head away and replied softly, “I know.”

After that, the two of them tidied up and went to the educated youth spot. Many young people were there, and they exchanged New Year’s greetings and auspicious words with each other.

Then, they chatted for a while before strolling through the village. They didn’t specifically visit anyone’s home, just greeting anyone they met and wishing them a happy New Year.

Most of the villagers were also out visiting others, so they encountered quite a few people on the way. Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo greeted both familiar and unfamiliar faces with smiles before finally returning.

After walking for a while, Lu Xia felt a bit tired, so when they returned, she declined the invitation from the educated youths and decided to rest with Jiang Junmo.

When they got back, she lay on the kang and quickly fell asleep, feeling genuinely tired.

She was awakened by Jiang Junmo calling her.

To her surprise, it was already in the afternoon.

Lu Xia was a bit puzzled, “Did I sleep that long?”

Jiang Junmo chuckled, “Yes, quite a while. Let’s get up and have some food. Are you hungry?”

Lu Xia touched her belly and realized that she hadn’t eaten lunch, so she was indeed hungry.

Seeing her reaction, Jiang Junmo understood, “Alright, let’s eat first. I’ve already prepared the food.”

“Okay,” Lu Xia replied and quickly got up.

After they finished their meal, they found themselves with nothing to do. Lu Xia felt a bit awkward in front of Jiang Junmo, not knowing what to do. Then, the educated youths came over and invited them to play cards.

‘Play cards? Is there already a playing card to play at this time?’

Curious, Lu Xia didn’t want to stay at home and just exchange glances with Jiang Junmo, so she decided to go and take a look.

Once they arrived, she realized that the cards were brought by Gu Xiangnan.

They were quite different from the playing cards she had imagined. These were long and had patterns and figures on them, resembling works of art, and they looked quite beautiful.

“Here you are! We’re short of one person. Which one of you two will join?” Su Man greeted them with a smile when she saw them.

Lu Xia took a look. They were in the male educated youth’s room right now, and there were already four people playing there.

In this group, there were Gu Xiangnan, Li Yi, and Su Man, with Shen Qingqing sitting beside Su Man, seemingly only there to watch the fun, not intending to play.

So, they were missing one person.

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