Chapter 137 – Three-year-old IQ

After more than two hours of flight, the plane landed at the airport in Shanghai. Compared to the heavy snowfall in Beijing, Shanghai’s weather was clear and sunny, but its coldness could pierce into one’s bones, a damp and chilling cold that made people feel much more uncomfortable than the cold in the capital.

It was now the twenty-ninth day of the lunar year, with the New Year’s Eve approaching. The Spring Festival travel rush had reached its tail end. Like the capital, the cosmopolitan Shanghai had also become an almost empty city.

The Wei family knew that Wei Chen was coming back today. They had obtained his flight information in advance, and as Wei Chen and Chen Li walked out of the airport, they saw the Wei family members waiting to pick them up.

Wei Yan, who came to pick them up, spotted the two and waved to them, his eyebrows and eyes revealing a charming and suave demeanor.

“You’re finally back,” Wei Yan said, helping Wei Chen with his luggage and placing it in the car. “Grandpa’s mood hasn’t been very good during this period.”

Wei Yan was telling the truth. Indeed, the Old Master’s mood hadn’t been great, but the exact reason was unknown to Wei Yan. However, he speculated that a large part of it was because Wei Chen’s recent actions had truly displeased the Old Master. Normally, the Old Master remained impassive about his emotions, but this time, he had clearly shown his dissatisfaction.

Nevertheless, Wei Yan only offered this hint and didn’t say anything further. He drove Wei Chen and Chen Li towards the Wei family home.

At this time of the year, the traffic in Shanghai wasn’t heavy, so even during the usual rush hour, the journey from the airport to the Wei family home only took half an hour.

Wei Chen was probably the last one to return to the Wei family home. Even Wei Hua, who was in the capital, had arrived two days ago.

The Wei family members from all over the country gathered once again, making the old Wei family residence lively. It happened to be meal time, and the dining room had to set up three tables to accommodate all the family members.

They took this opportunity to showcase their presence in front of the Old Master. If it were any other time, it would take a long time for them to get a chance to see the Old Master.

The Wei family was divided into direct and collateral lines. The direct line was not large, consisting mainly of Wei Zhenxiong’s family, and Wei Hua was considered a part of it since he grew up on this side. Wei Yan was somewhat special; his father was the Old Master’s illegitimate child, even though this son was older than Wei Zhenxiong. However, due to the Old Master’s emphasis on tradition, Wei Yan’s father had never been recorded in the family genealogy. Nevertheless, as a descendant of the Wei family, Wei Yan was recorded in the genealogy from birth.

According to the genealogy’s hierarchy, Wei Yan was the eldest grandson of the Wei family, but any discerning person knew that the true heir to everything in the Wei family was Wei Chen. This was evident from the time when the Old Master personally taught and guided Wei Chen when he was very young.

Six months ago, many people firmly believed that Wei Chen would be the heir of the Wei family, destined to inherit everything from the Old Master. However, when the Old Master arranged for Wei Chen to marry Chen Li from the Chen family, many people’s attitudes began to waver.

Did the Old Master truly intend for Wei Chen to inherit everything? If so, why would he arrange for Wei Chen to marry Chen Li? Leaving aside Chen Li’s awkward position in the Chen family, the fact remained that Chen Li was male. How could he possibly provide the Wei family with a legitimate heir?

With no legitimate heir under Wei Chen’s name, how could the Old Master entrust the entire family legacy to him, especially with the Old Master’s traditional mindset?

To this day, the reason why the Old Master arranged for Wei Chen and Chen Li to marry remains a mystery within the Wei family.

No one knew what the Old Master was thinking, but many people believed that he had grown tired of Wei Chen.

This idea wasn’t baseless. After all, from the past half-year, it was evident that Wei Chen had been “exiled” to the capital, not even gaining access to the central power of the Wei family in Shanghai, let alone the Wei family’s influence in the capital. Moreover, Wei Zhenxiong was currently in his prime, and his son, Wei Wei, was only in his early teens. If Wei Zhenxiong were to inherit the Wei family, by the time he stepped down, Wei Wei would be at an appropriate age.

In that case, Wei Chen seemed to be an unnecessary existence.

However, the people currently residing in the Wei family were curious about what Wei Chen had done wrong to incur the Old Master’s disdain. It remained a mystery within the Wei family.

Driving the car, Wei Yan smoothly returned to the Wei family home. Wei Chen and Chen Li had very little luggage, as they didn’t plan to stay for long—just a small suitcase.

Once they entered the hall of the Wei family, the housekeeper came forward to greet them and took the suitcase from Wei Chen’s hands. He said, “Young Master Chen, welcome home.”

This little detail attracted the attention of the people in the hall, and they exchanged glances.

In the direct line of the Wei family now, including Wei Hua, there were only four young masters. Yet, only when Wei Chen returned, did the housekeeper come out personally to welcome him. It’s worth noting that when Wei Zhenxiong returned from the capital, the housekeeper didn’t come out to meet him.

Housekeeper Zhang had been with the Wei family for many years and had served the Old Master for decades, both abroad and domestically. In a sense, Housekeeper Zhang’s attitude reflected the Old Master’s attitude.

If Wei Chen was indeed despised by the Old Master, then why did Housekeeper Zhang come out to welcome him now? Was he trying to create an image for Wei Chen? But for a person who was despised, how could he possibly need such an image boost? Everyone was finding it increasingly difficult to understand.

“Uncle Zhang, it’s been a long time,” Wei Chen nodded at the housekeeper and followed him inside.

Ever since getting off the plane, Chen Li had been holding onto Wei Chen’s hand tightly. Now, upon entering the Wei family home, he clung to Wei Chen’s side, looking timidly at his own toes. He felt that the gazes directed at him were full of malice and mockery, making him extremely uncomfortable.

Chen Li’s condition had improved somewhat, but once he found himself in this hostile environment again and had to resist it, his illness would revert to its initial state, trapping him in his own world.

However, this time, Wei Chen was there, and having Wei Chen by his side was Chen Li’s greatest support. He didn’t feel as lost as he did when he first arrived at the Wei family.

Housekeeper Zhang led Wei Chen and Chen Li directly back to Wei Chen’s room. The room was arranged exactly as it was when Wei Chen left, with no changes, except for occasional cleaning by the servants.

“Young masters, you’ve just arrived after a long journey. Rest up here for now. I have instructed the kitchen to prepare dinner for both of you. Once you’re ready, you can join the family for dinner,” Housekeeper Zhang understood their exhaustion from the journey and Chen Li’s condition, so he didn’t rush them to join the family for dinner immediately, giving them time to rest.

“Thank you, Uncle Zhang,” Wei Chen expressed his gratitude.

Housekeeper Zhang bowed slightly to Wei Chen and then left the room.

When only Wei Chen and Chen Li were left in the room, Chen Li finally relaxed. His tense emotions eased, and he felt a bit tired. He threw himself into Wei Chen’s arms, burying his head against Wei Chen’s chest, not saying anything.

Wei Chen gently embraced Chen Li and kissed the top of his head, saying, “You’ve had a hard time.”

Chen Li shook his head, feeling anything but hardship when he had Achen by his side.

Wei Chen felt a bit heartbroken. He could have left Chen Li in the capital and let Zhuge Yu accompany him. He would go back as soon as the Chinese New Year was over, but he couldn’t bear the thought. He couldn’t bear even three days of separation from Chen Li.

In fact, even if Wei Chen had returned to Shanghai alone and left Chen Li with Zhuge Yu, Chen Li wouldn’t have agreed. Wei Chen couldn’t bear to part with Chen Li, and Chen Li was equally unwilling to part with Wei Chen. Their connection had become ingrained in their bones, and even a moment of separation felt like eternity.

This was their first New Year together, and they insisted on spending it with each other, no matter the difficulties they might face. The significance of being together was incomparable.

When there were difficulties, they would face them together, and it would always be much easier.

In the quiet room, the two tightly embraced each other, savoring the last peaceful moments before the New Year.

Later, Wei Hua came to their room. He somehow heard about Wei Chen meeting Cookie’s father, so when he knocked and entered, his gaze held scrutiny and a tinge of resentment.

“Achen, you’re so heartless,” as soon as he entered Wei Chen’s room, Wei Hua began complaining.

Wei Chen raised an eyebrow at Wei Hua.

“You went to see my father-in-law, but why didn’t you take me with you?” Of course, this was just Wei Hua’s grumbling. He knew it was impossible for Wei Chen to take him to meet Sheng Jiaqi. After all, back then, Wei Chen didn’t know about the relationship between Sheng Jiaqi and Cookie. Moreover, it was neither appropriate nor reasonable for Wei Chen to take him to the Sheng family.

Wei Chen looked at Wei Hua as if he was looking at a fool.

How could you call him your father-in-law when your relationship with Cookie isn’t even confirmed yet? If Chairman Sheng hears this, it’s absolutely unacceptable!

Wei Hua also felt that he was being a bit ridiculous just now, but he had gotten used to his recent nonsensical behavior, especially when it involved Cookie. His intelligence seemed to revert to that of a three-year-old, doing foolish things, but he enjoyed it.

“Achen, I heard that Cookie’s father is your boss. Can you tell me what kind of person your boss is and if we can get along? Would he be satisfied with me as his son-in-law?” Wei Hua sat next to Wei Chen, bombarding him with a series of questions, regardless of whether Wei Chen could answer them or not.

“Cookie has a son,” Wei Chen poured cold water on Wei Hua’s enthusiasm when he saw how excited Wei Hua was about the topic.

“I know,” Wei Hua nodded, not showing any sign of minding, “Little Biscuit is adorable. I’ve seen him a few times, and I really like that kid.”

When talking about Little Biscuit, Wei Hua’s eyes lit up, clearly showing that he genuinely liked the child. For some reason, whenever he saw Little Biscuit, he had an urge to get close to the child.

Perhaps it was because Little Biscuit was Cookie’s child, and Wei Hua had grown fond of everything related to Cookie. That’s how Wei Hua explained it.

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