Chapter 197 – College Students from Worker, Peasant, and Soldier Backgrounds

Finally, they had a chance to visit the county town, so Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo took the opportunity to wander around.

Unexpectedly, they noticed several tractors carrying many young boys and girls who seemed different from the local residents, leaving the county town.

This reminded Lu Xia of their own arrival last year.

She exchanged a glance with Jiang Junmo. Could it be that new educated youths were arriving again?

After asking around, they found out that these educated youths were not heading to their town. Every year, the county allocated educated youths, but different towns took turns receiving them. Sometimes, there were so many that each town got some, while in other years, it rotated to other towns.

This year’s allocation went to other towns.

Lu Xia finally understood and breathed a sigh of relief. Their educated youth spot was already quite crowded. Although they had moved out, it was still better to have fewer people.

However, when the new educated youths didn’t arrive, Lu Xia and her group heard another piece of news after returning to their town.

Surprisingly, their town was allocated three places for college students from worker, peasant, and soldier backgrounds!

The news shocked the educated youths the most.

After all, this was a rare opportunity for them to leave the rural areas and return to the city for college education.

Who wouldn’t want it?

There had been college students from worker, peasant, and soldier backgrounds from their village before. One was a young man from the village who graduated from high school and excelled in all aspects, making it normal for him to be selected. The other was an educated youth who married the daughter of the town’s leader, which secured his spot.

Now that the village had more places, the educated youths couldn’t help but be eager.

The ones most eager were the older educated youths who had been there for many years and endured the most hardships. They saw this opportunity as a rare chance and wanted to seize it immediately.

On the other hand, the new educated youths, who had only been there for a year, weren’t as urgent.

Actually, becoming a college student from a worker, peasant, and soldier background wasn’t easy. It required several rounds of selection.

First, each village would hold its own selection process, with the interested individuals registering. The village would then use voting and other methods to select one candidate.

Next, the chosen individuals from each village would compete at the town level. Finally, the town would select the last candidates to move forward. After passing the political review and ensuring there were no issues, the final candidates would be sent to the county to secure their spots.

Because this process took quite some time, the notices would typically be issued in the autumn, the places would be finalized in winter, and then there would be political reviews and other procedures. By the time the final places were confirmed, it would already be the beginning of the new year.

Thinking about it, Lu Xia recalled that neither she nor Jiang Junmo had considered this opportunity last year. She figured that she would take the college entrance exam later, so she didn’t care much about becoming a college student from worker, peasant, and soldier backgrounds.

As for Jiang Junmo, he couldn’t possibly leave her alone here, and he didn’t think he would be selected.

As for Su Man, she was also aware of the future, so she definitely wouldn’t become a college student from worker, peasant, and soldier backgrounds.

That left Gu Xiangnan. Lu Xia didn’t know if he would stay to accompany Su Man, but based on the original book, they would return to the city only after the college entrance exam, indicating that he most likely stayed.

Lu Xia couldn’t remember if the book mentioned this plot, so she didn’t know who would ultimately be selected.

But she knew that the educated youth spot would likely be in a state of turmoil again.

As expected, after hearing about this opportunity, the educated youths began sizing each other up, secretly speculating on who was the most likely candidate.

After all, becoming a college student from a worker, peasant, and soldier background had certain educational requirements. At the very least, the selected person should have graduated from junior high school. But there were hardly any suitable candidates in their village, so it was likely they would choose from among the educated youths.

As for who would be selected in the end, it was uncertain.


Chapter 198 – Shi Chunyan Plans to Register


After the news spread, Sun Shengnan came to find Lu Xia, and after meeting, she asked her about her plans.

Lu Xia raised an eyebrow and looked at her, “Are you asking about the Worker-Peasant-Soldier College Student thing?”

Sun Shengnan nodded, “Don’t you want to go?”

Lu Xia shook her head. Of course, she wouldn’t mention the college entrance examination. She just explained, “No, I don’t want to. Even if Educated Youth Jiang and I are selected, only one of us can go. We don’t want to be separated. Besides, I’m pregnant now, so I don’t plan to register. After all, it’s not certain that I’ll be selected.”

Upon hearing this, Sun Shengnan inexplicably felt relieved. However, she agreed, “Indeed, it seems that Educated Youth Jiang cares a lot about you. You are right; our relationship with the villagers is not good now, and it’s not certain that we will be selected. It’s a dilemma.”

Lu Xia heard this and understood, “So, are you planning to register?”

Sun Shengnan nodded and then took a deep breath, “I’m going to give it a try. I have interacted quite well with the villagers these years. What if I get selected?”

Lu Xia smiled, “Then go ahead and try. Among the educated youths, I think you have the highest chance of being selected.”

“Really?” Sun Shengnan was surprised, “How is that possible? I think Educated Youth Gu seems to have a good relationship with the village cadres. He should have an advantage over me, right?”

Lu Xia smiled meaningfully, “Maybe he doesn’t want to go.”

Sun Shengnan was taken aback, “Really? Would he give up such a good opportunity?”

“Who knows…”

Although Lu Xia didn’t want to participate, she was still quite concerned about the matter. Many people at the educated youth spot had this idea.

These days, when Lu Xia went out, she could see that the educated youths were trying hard to ingratiate themselves with the villagers.

Lu Xia didn’t know what to say when she saw how hard they were trying.

The villagers were not fools. Would these last-minute efforts really work?

Jiang Junmo even saw Wang Wen and Feng Xuegong secretly going to the village chief’s house to give gifts.

In short, with the temptation of the Worker-Peasant-Soldier College Student quota, the educated youths were all doing their best to fight for it.

At this time, another piece of news spread.

Accountant Shi’s daughter, Shi Chunyan, also intended to participate in the selection for the Worker-Peasant-Soldier College Student!

There were very few who graduated from junior high school in the village, and Shi Chunyan was one of them. But everyone hadn’t forgotten what happened before. With her reputation, would she pass the review?

Even if the villagers pretended not to know, the rumors had spread to the town, and it was estimated that her chances of being selected were slim.

But Lu Xia still felt somewhat dissatisfied. She had spared Shi Chunyan before and was planning to retaliate, but she never had a chance.

Unexpectedly, she came out again so quickly.

Lu Xia gritted her teeth, thinking about a plan to get back at her.

But Jiang Junmo seemed to sense her unhappiness.

He comforted her directly, “Don’t worry; I have a way. Shi Chunyan won’t be selected as the Worker-Peasant-Soldier College Student.”

“Why?” Lu Xia asked.

Jiang Junmo remained silent for a while before saying, “She wants to participate, relying on Accountant Shi. If Accountant Shi is gone, she won’t be anything.”

“Oh? So your plan is to deal with Accountant Shi first and cut off her support?” Lu Xia guessed.

Jiang Junmo nodded.

But Lu Xia was still puzzled, “Accountant Shi has been running the village for so many years. What can you do to deal with him? Did he do false accounting?”

Jiang Junmo shook his head, “I don’t know if he did false accounting, but he definitely has some flaws.”

Hearing this, Lu Xia became more interested, “What happened exactly?” Jiang Junmo didn’t want to say initially, but seeing Lu Xia persist, he finally revealed the details.

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During the Cultural Revolution in China, a policy was implemented to promote education among workers, peasants, and soldiers, which aimed to provide opportunities for individuals from these backgrounds to pursue higher education. The selected candidates, known as “College Students from Worker, Peasant, and Soldier Backgrounds”, were granted the chance to attend universities and colleges. These students were often considered representatives of the working-class and rural populations and were expected to contribute to the country’s development upon completing their education. The policy aimed to increase educational access for individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds and create a more inclusive society.

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