Chapter 199 – Zhao Hua’s Decision

Recently, due to Lu Xia’s pregnancy, Jiang Junmo was not at ease and had been going to the cowshed at night by himself.

Then, there were a couple of times when he unexpectedly encountered the local “wild mandarin ducks.”

From their conversation, he learned that the man was the village accountant, and the woman was a widow from the village.

Upon discovering this, Jiang Junmo saw an opportunity. After careful observation and confirmation, he realized he hadn’t mistaken them. So, he decided to come up with a plan to bring down the accountant. Obviously, he hadn’t let go of the past incident.

Lu Xia was astonished when she heard about this, “What? Isn’t the accountant almost fifty?”

It was impressive for someone that old to still be having an affair.

Jiang Junmo understood her meaning and fell silent, not saying anything.

Then, with enthusiasm, Lu Xia said, “So, what’s our plan? Should we confront them directly and expose their affair to the villagers?”

Jiang Junmo shook his head, “We need to think carefully about this. We can’t let people know that we’re behind it.”

Lu Xia nodded, “Alright, you handle this. You’re smart.”

Hearing her words, Jiang Junmo felt a warmth in his heart. He reached out and gently patted her head, feeling that Lu Xia had become even more adorable since her pregnancy.

However, despite their intentions, the next day brought a shocking piece of news before they could execute their plan.

Zhao Hua, the head of the male educated youths at the educated youth spot, and the accountant’s daughter, Shi Chunyan, were together.

And their relationship had progressed rapidly. Just one day after the news broke, they were already engaged.

Lu Xia found it hard to believe at first. She even went to the commune to ask Sun Shengnan for confirmation. To her surprise, Sun Shengnan looked quite upset and was actually sick, lying on the kang unable to get up.

Startled, Lu Xia gave her some brown sugar water with a drop of spiritual spring water, then quietly left when she saw Sun Shengnan wasn’t in the mood to talk.

Meanwhile, Jiang Junmo had already inquired about the situation from the male educated youths. He also deduced the reasons behind Zhao Hua’s actions.

It wasn’t too hard to guess. It was all about securing the coveted spot for the workers, peasants, and soldiers college students.

Currently, among the educated youths, Zhao Hua, Sun Shengnan, and Liu Jun had spent the most time in the village and were most eager to return to the city. It made sense for Zhao Hua to seize this opportunity.

But no one anticipated his approach.

Even Lu Xia was at a loss for words when she learned about Zhao Hua’s intentions. Although she didn’t interact with him much, she knew he was a responsible person. Even though many incidents had been resolved by Gu Xiangnan after he went to the countryside, people still respected Zhao Hua.

Furthermore, the crucial thing was that Zhao Hua and Sun Shengnan were the most likely candidates for the college spots among the educated youths. Lu Xia had already assumed one of them would be selected. But she hadn’t expected Zhao Hua to resort to this measure.

Making himself half a villager and using the accountant’s influence to secure the spot.

It could only be said that she hadn’t expected him to go to such lengths for this matter.

She doubted Sun Shengnan had anticipated it either. She even wondered if Sun Shengnan’s illness had something to do with this situation.

Lu Xia wasn’t sure, but thinking about their plan from last night, she asked Jiang Junmo, “Should we continue with our plan?”

Dealing with the accountant alone wouldn’t have given them pause, but now that Zhao Hua was involved, they had to reconsider.

After all, there was no enmity between them and Zhao Hua. Moreover, when Jiang Junmo had just arrived in the village, Zhao Hua had taken care of him when he was unwell, often making medicine for him.

Therefore, Jiang Junmo thought for a moment before saying, “Let’s wait and see.”


Chapter 200 – Quotas Settled


Lu Xia nodded, but she still had some doubts.

“Aren’t Shi Chunyan and Zhao Hua engaged now? Who does Accountant Shi support?”

“It should be Zhao Hua.” Jiang Junmo thought for a moment and said, “I guess he realized that Shi Chunyan doesn’t stand a chance. Even if she gets selected, she won’t pass the political review. But Zhao Hua is different. There’s a high probability he’ll be selected. That’s why he let his daughter marry him. Their hasty engagement is probably to secure their relationship quickly. If Zhao Hua gets selected, Accountant Shi will probably make them marry before he leaves.”

Listening to this, Lu Xia finally understood Accountant Shi’s plan. He was indeed a cunning and shrewd person; he easily manipulated Zhao Hua.

Zhao Hua probably understood the situation as well, but for the sake of leaving, he went along with it.

It can be said that both sides are willing participants.

The next day, when Zhao Hua and Shi Chunyan got engaged, none of the educated youths from the educated youth spot attended.

The engagement was rushed, and apart from Shi’s relatives, they didn’t invite anyone else.

After the engagement, Zhao Hua became complacent. With Accountant Shi’s support, most of the villagers were likely to vote for him.

Lu Xia sometimes caught sight of him. She also saw him walking with Shi Chunyan. It was clear that he didn’t like Shi Chunyan very much, and their interactions seemed forced. Still, he tried to flatter her.

She wondered if he would regret using his marriage for this advantage.

But obviously, she was overthinking. At least Zhao Hua didn’t regret it now.

Since Zhao Hua’s engagement, the educated youth spot had quieted down quite a bit. Everyone probably realized that their chances were slim, so they stopped making trouble.

However, the atmosphere remained tense.

Sun Shengnan’s health was gradually improving, but she had lost weight. The vitality she used to carry seemed to have disappeared.

Lu Xia tried to persuade her several times, but it didn’t work. Maybe this incident had hit her hard; after all, it was a chance to leave that was right in front of her.

Soon, the village organized a vote to elect the Worker-Peasant-Soldier College Student quota.

Without a doubt, Zhao Hua was elected with the highest number of votes.

The quota would then be sent to the town for further selection.

Seeing that things were already halfway successful, Zhao Hua seemed very happy lately. He had a rosy complexion and an air of confidence.

Although the educated youths didn’t approve of what he had done to get elected, they didn’t confront him. After all, he was now someone who could see his future at a glance, while they were still struggling in the countryside.

However, it was heard that Accountant Shi had already started preparing for the wedding, intending for Zhao Hua and Shi Chunyan to marry as soon as possible.

It seemed that he couldn’t wait for the final quota confirmation anymore.

But just at this moment, something big happened in the village!

That night, Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo hadn’t gone to sleep yet. They planned to wait until it was dark before taking some food and vegetables to the cowshed.

But before they could leave, they heard a commotion outside.

Usually, everyone was asleep at this time. Lu Xia didn’t know what was going on tonight; why were there still people awake so late?

Jiang Junmo’s expression turned serious upon hearing the noise, and he intended to go out and take a look.

Curious, Lu Xia also wanted to follow, but she could tell from Jiang Junmo’s gaze that there was no chance.

So she could only say, “Go and take a look quickly, and come back to tell me.”

Only then did Jiang Junmo feel at ease. “Stay home and don’t go out, you know? It’s too dark outside, and there are many rocks and it’s not safe.”

Lu Xia nodded in agreement, “Got it, don’t forget to bring a flashlight when you go out.”


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