Chapter 201 – Discovered

Jiang Junmo left for about half an hour before returning.

Lu Xia anxiously waited for him at home.

After Jiang Junmo entered the house, his expression became somewhat complicated, and finally, he said directly, “It’s about the incident involving Accountant Shi and Widow Ye. It’s been discovered!”

“Ah?” Lu Xia widened her eyes in surprise, “Is it about their affair?”

“Yes,” Jiang Junmo nodded, “The situation got quite serious. Villagers from the village came out, blocking the way.”

“Oh my goodness!” Lu Xia exclaimed excitedly, “Who did it?”

They hadn’t even decided whether to take action yet, and they were already discovered. Was this the principle of “what goes around comes around”?

“I don’t know,” Jiang Junmo shook his head, “I heard someone shouted that there was a thief, and villagers came out. They didn’t see the thief but spotted Accountant Shi and Widow Ye.”

Lu Xia: “…” Could things really be this coincidental? She leaned more towards the idea that someone deliberately orchestrated it.

Clearly, Jiang Junmo thought the same.

“Don’t dwell on it. This matter has nothing to do with us. Get some rest, we won’t be able to visit Senior Brother today.”

Lu Xia nodded, “Alright, I understand.”

However, before going to sleep, she was still curious, “Do you think this incident will affect Zhao Hua?”

Jiang Junmo shook his head, “It should be fine. If it happened before the village election, it might have had an impact. But now that the election is over, the incident involving Accountant Shi should stay within the village. The village chief won’t let it spread. As for Zhao Hua, he’s only engaged. It shouldn’t affect him too much personally since they haven’t married yet.”

Lu Xia understood, “Still, with this incident, I doubt Zhao Hua would want to marry Shi Chunyan.”

Considering the situation involving Accountant Shi, it’s likely that instead of being helpful, it would be a burden after marriage.

But Jiang Junmo countered, “Not necessarily. Accountant Shi isn’t easily fooled. Now that Zhao Hua got elected because of Accountant Shi, if he wants to break away, Accountant Shi won’t allow it. If he breaks away later, Zhao Hua would be labeled as ungrateful and his reputation would be tarnished, and he’d suffer. It’s better for him to continue with the engagement. He can gain a reputation for being honorable.”

Listening to his analysis, Lu Xia understood. However, this way, Zhao Hua would have to swallow his pride.

Although there wasn’t much conflict between Zhao Hua and them, it still felt uncomfortable.

Both of them were right. With this incident, many people couldn’t sleep that night. Zhao Hua was the most uncomfortable of all.

He had been having a smooth time lately. Even though he was about to marry a rural girl he didn’t like, he was happy to leave the village and attend college.

Furthermore, Accountant Shi had promised to help him. He knew people in town, and they would surely be of assistance.

But now, unexpectedly, this happened.

So he was in a dilemma—whether to cut ties with Accountant Shi or not.

He knew that even if he cut ties now, he could righteously claim he didn’t want to associate with such people.

However, he also knew his reputation wouldn’t improve that way.

After careful consideration, he decided to continue.

So, the next day, despite feeling disgusted, he acted anxiously, helping his future father-in-law tirelessly.

This improved his image in the eyes of the villagers.

However, Accountant Shi’s situation had escalated too much. In these times, such incidents were serious offenses!

Fortunately, those present last night were all villagers, and they understood the impact of such accusations on the village.

Therefore, they kept quiet, refraining from spreading the news.

The village chief even specifically threatened the educated youths, anyone who leaked the news wouldn’t be allowed to return to the city.

The educated youths hadn’t initially planned to say anything, mostly finding amusement in the situation.

Thus, the incident ultimately didn’t spread.


Chapter 202 – Sun Shengnan’s Marriage


Zhao Hua let out a sigh of relief, but it was certain that Accountant Shi’s role as an accountant could no longer continue. The village head reported to the township government that Accountant Shi was sick, using that as an excuse.

Subsequently, after investigating, the township government selected another accountant in the village.

This person was originally an educated youth named Yan Guojun. He went to the countryside in the same year as Li Aiguo and got married to a local villager. However, after getting married, he didn’t have any other work and just worked in the village, similar to the local villagers, though he certainly had a higher level of education.

So, in the end, they chose him.

Moreover, over the years, he had fully integrated into rural life. If not mentioned, Lu Xia wouldn’t have known that he was an educated youth so the villagers easily accepted him.

And so, this matter slowly passed.

However, the marriage between Zhao Hua and Shi Chunyan continued.

Originally, due to this situation, Zhao Hua didn’t plan to get married so soon.

But how could Mr. Shi not see his intentions?

Although Zhao Hua didn’t explicitly cut ties with him, Mr. Shi could immediately tell that he wanted to back out.

There was no way Mr. Shi would allow him to succeed.

He directly threatened him that if he didn’t get married, he would go all out to ruin his opportunities.

Finally, Zhao Hua had no choice but to go ahead with the original plan and get married to Shi Chunyan.

Initially, he had wanted to have a wedding ceremony without the certificate, but Mr. Shi didn’t agree. He personally accompanied them to get the marriage certificate before feeling at ease.

Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo also attended Zhao Hua’s wedding. During the wedding, Zhao Hua wore a grim expression, looking reluctant as if attending a funeral. It was clear that he wasn’t willing, and Lu Xia couldn’t tell if all the effort he put in was worth it.

But, this was someone else’s affair.

After the wedding concluded, she had a light meal and went back.

Sun Shengnan didn’t come today; she heard that she was sick again, so Lu Xia intended to visit her.

However, when she went, she found out that Sun Shengnan wasn’t at the educated youth spot, and she didn’t know where she went. Lu Xia felt a bit puzzled but didn’t ask further.

As a result, on the second day after the wedding, she heard unexpected news.

It turned out that when they attended Zhao Hua’s wedding, Sun Shengnan and Liu Jun unexpectedly went to the town and got married as well!

Upon learning this, Lu Xia was astonished. What was going on?

When did Sun Shengnan get together with Liu Jun? How did she not know about this?

Moreover, marriage wasn’t a hasty decision. Why was there no news beforehand?

Could it be that seeing Zhao Hua getting married had made her anxious?

But Lu Xia didn’t think Sun Shengnan was that kind of person. So, she planned to ask her about it. However, before she could do that, Sun Shengnan came over by herself.

Upon seeing her, Lu Xia didn’t know how to start the conversation.

After Sun Shengnan sat down, silence fell.

She had been quite ill recently, looking much thinner and more exhausted. But today, she seemed in better spirits.

Lu Xia felt a pang of sympathy, sighed, and comforted her, “You still need to take care of your health and not think too much.”

Sun Shengnan smiled upon hearing these words, then let out a sigh herself.

“You know, can a person really give up marriage and happiness for an uncertain future?”

Huh? Was she talking about Zhao Hua’s situation?

Lu Xia assumed this matter must have hit her hard, so after thinking for a moment, she responded, “It probably depends on what’s more important to that person. For him, maybe the future is more significant.”

Sun Shengnan chuckled self-mockingly, “Yes, he prioritizes his future above all else, and everything else can be abandoned at any time.”

Lu Xia was a little surprised to see her like this, sensing that something was off with Sun Shengnan’s situation.

However, before she could inquire further, she was taken aback by Sun Shengnan’s next words.

“You don’t know yet, do you? Zhao Hua and I have been together for three years!”

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