Chapter 203 – The Entanglement Between Sun Shengnan and Zhao Hua

“Ah? What?” Lu Xia hadn’t comprehended it yet.

“Back when I first went to the countryside, I couldn’t adapt to rural life. He took the initiative to help me. Gradually, among the educated youths who came to the countryside together, some got married due to the hardships here, and some left.”

“Only three of us remained. Liu Jun’s family conditions weren’t great. He was always thinking of how to earn money to support his family. He didn’t spend much time with us. Eventually, it was just the two of us left. Naturally, we found solace in each other’s company, and slowly, we became a couple.”

“But because we both wanted to return to the city, we never brought up the topic of marriage. I thought we both understood this in our hearts. When we finally returned to the city, that would be the time for our wedding.”

“However, I was mistaken. I assumed too much. He did want to return to the city, and he didn’t care about me as much as I thought. I realized I was someone who could be abandoned at any time, and he didn’t feel a shred of guilt. He didn’t even bother explaining anything to me.”

Hearing this, Lu Xia was amazed. What was going on? Zhao Hua had actually been involved with Sun Shengnan?

And now, for the sake of a spot at the Workers, Peasants, and Soldiers College, he had voluntarily let go of Sun Shengnan and chose Shi Chunyan.

Lu Xia was unsure whether to credit their secrecy or condemn Zhao Hua’s callousness.

Then, she suddenly thought of Sun Shengnan’s marriage.

“What about you and Liu Jun?”

Sun Shengnan smiled and didn’t hide anything. “Not many people know about me and Zhao Hua. But Liu Jun is one of them. He knew why I was so upset and unwell after Zhao Hua got married. He stayed with me during that period, constantly comforting me. I realized he was a good person, and I was tired and wanted someone to lean on. So, I asked if he would be willing to be with me, and he agreed. So we got married.”

Still, Lu Xia remained somewhat puzzled. Wasn’t it because of Zhao Hua that Sun Shengnan had given up on herself and ended up with Liu Jun?

Seemingly perceiving Lu Xia’s confusion, Sun Shengnan explained with a smile, “The reason why Zhao Hua and I kept our relationship a secret was his idea. He thought that as leaders of the educated youths, we shouldn’t be in a romantic relationship. It would make the village think we were irresponsible at work, so we kept it hidden.”

“To be honest, being with him didn’t feel particularly special. It was like we were together in words only, but there wasn’t much difference in how we interacted compared to others.”

“It wasn’t until recently that I realized these were just his excuses. He didn’t care about me as much as he claimed. But Liu Jun is different. He might not be as outstanding as Zhao Hua, but when I’m with him, I know he cares about me. He’s attentive to my feelings all the time, and I can sense his affection for me. I feel valued, so I decided to be with him.”

Hearing this, Lu Xia understood. Even though their marriage might have been hasty, it’s not uncommon for couples to marry without knowing each other well beforehand. Sun Shengnan had spent a long time with Liu Jun, so she should have known what kind of person he was.

So, Lu Xia didn’t advise her further; she just instructed, “Well, then, live happily together. Sometimes, what suits you is the best choice.”

“Indeed,” Sun Shengnan nodded. “I believe I’ll have a good life.”

Seeing her reaction, Lu Xia felt relieved and didn’t bring up Zhao Hua’s matter again. “If you need anything in the future, feel free to reach out to me.”


Before leaving, Sun Shengnan hugged Lu Xia and said, “Thank you. I’ll be sure to have a happy married life.”


Chapter 204 – Getting Childish


After Sun Shengnan left, Lu Xia looked at her retreating figure and chuckled.

It seemed she had truly moved on and was filled with the joy of marriage. Having escaped from that scumbag, she should be happy now.

Jiang Junmo went to the town to buy meat, and when he returned, he found Lu Xia lost in thought in the house.

Concerned, he asked, “What’s wrong?”

Lu Xia shook her head, not mentioning Sun Shengnan and Zhao Hua. She just acted coy and said, “I feel like eating watermelon~”

The watermelons in the village had ripened a while back. Lu Xia, under the guise of visiting Old Li’s house, secretly took out quite a few she had grown in her own space.

Jiang Junmo’s face darkened upon seeing this. He immediately regulated her intake, worried about her consuming too much. Watermelon has a cooling effect, and it’s not good for pregnant women to eat too much. But Lu Xia was craving it, and every time, she fought with him to get some watermelon.

When Lu Xia finished speaking, Jiang Junmo showed a helpless expression again.

“Didn’t you have some yesterday?”

“Yesterday was yesterday, and I only had a small piece then. I didn’t get my fill, and you ate the rest!”

At this point, she feigned a whimper, “Jiang Junmo, you’re so cruel. You don’t love me anymore!”

Hearing her repeat this familiar spiel, veins began to throb on Jiang Junmo’s forehead.

Thankfully, such occurrences had become frequent lately, and he had grown used to the increasingly childish behavior of pregnant Lu Xia. He had even read his brothers-in-law’s letter multiple times to remember all the precautions, so he knew how to handle situations like this.

So, he quickly apologized, “Okay, okay, I was wrong. I didn’t intend to stop you from eating. I’m just worried about you feeling uncomfortable.”

However, Lu Xia remained unappeased, “I won’t feel uncomfortable. You’re worried that your child will feel uncomfortable. I’ve figured it out. You love the child more than me now!”

Seeing Lu Xia get worked up again, Jiang Junmo hurriedly came over and hugged her.

“Alright, alright, it’s my fault. I’m worried about the child, and even more worried about you. Because it’s our child, that’s why I care. Isn’t Xia Xia also fond of the child? Just endure it a little. Next year, you can eat as much as you want.”

Lu Xia listened and pouted, tears welling up in her eyes. Her fake crying turned real.

Finally, she looked at him with puppy-dog eyes, “Really?”

Seeing her pitiful appearance, even though he knew she was intentionally teasing, Jiang Junmo couldn’t help but feel sorry for her.

“Of course, it’s true. If I don’t let you eat it, you can scold me.”

Only then did Lu Xia seem satisfied, “Alright then, I’ll listen to you and won’t eat.”

Jiang Junmo breathed a sigh of relief and quickly praised her with a smile, “Xia Xia is really good, Xia Xia is so well-behaved.”

This childish conversation was something Lu Xia found hard to accept even by evening when she had calmed down.

When had she become so dramatic? How could she make such a fuss over a piece of watermelon!

It was fortunate that Jiang Junmo had a good temperament, otherwise, he would have been driven crazy by her antics.

As they fell asleep that night, Lu Xia slowly snuggled up to the person beside her. “Mo Mo, I’m sorry. I guess you’ve been tired lately. I don’t know why I suddenly became like this. I’ll try to control it in the future!”

Hearing this, Jiang Junmo hugged her back tenderly, “Don’t worry, these are all normal changes. Your personality can shift during pregnancy, and I don’t even feel tired. This is fine, you don’t need to change.”

“Really? It’s because of pregnancy that I’ve become so childish?”

Jiang Junmo nodded, “You haven’t become childish, just cuter. Don’t worry, it’s all normal. Even my elder sister went through significant changes during her pregnancy.”

“Ah, couldn’t she endure a single night?”

“Yes, apparently she cried the whole night. My elder brother-in-law was so frightened. He didn’t expect that she’d feel better after eating at a restaurant the next morning.”

Lu Xia thought about it and realized that she hadn’t been that bad, so when compared, wasn’t she handling things quite well?

Feeling a bit more relieved, she still cautioned, “If I have any unreasonable requests in the future, don’t indulge me. It’s better to ignore me.”

Jiang Junmo ruffled her hair and promised, “Alright.”

In his heart, however, he thought, how could he bear to ignore her!

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