Chapter 205 – Painting

Recently, there were mountain goods again in the village, as it was the season for picking mushrooms.

This time of the year was an opportunity to earn money. So, everyone in the village, including the people at the educated youth spot, couldn’t wait to go up the mountain.

However, this year, Lu Xia was pregnant, so Jiang Junmo definitely wouldn’t allow her to go up the mountain at such a time.

He not only stopped her from going, but he himself didn’t go either. He stayed home to keep her company.

Even though they didn’t go up the mountain, they were still interested in mushrooms. They bought a good amount in the village, kept some for themselves, and dried the rest to send to the Jiang family.

After the mushroom picking was done, it was time for the autumn harvest.

This period was the busiest time of the year. They had to harvest the crops quickly while trying to avoid rain, so everyone who could walk had to work. Even taking a day off wasn’t allowed.

So, during this time, Lu Xia also had to work.

Jiang Junmo was a bit worried, but there was no other way.

Thankfully, Lu Xia was only a little over four months pregnant, and her belly wasn’t very big. Moreover, the village would take care of people like her and wouldn’t assign overly tiring tasks.

That’s why Jiang Junmo could only reluctantly feel at ease.

On the first day of the autumn harvest, Lu Xia was indeed given relatively light work—breaking corn cobs. It wasn’t physically demanding and didn’t involve lifting or constant bending, although the corn leaves scratching against her was a bit uncomfortable. Nonetheless, compared to other tasks, it was relatively easy.

However, even with this, Lu Xia was exhausted by the end of the day, especially her arms and hands, which were trembling a bit after work.

But the autumn harvest required time, and they couldn’t rest the next day either. They had to keep working. Fortunately, Lu Xia had a secret weapon—spiritual spring water. She didn’t end up fainting like some others who were exhausted.

However, after the entire autumn harvest was over, Lu Xia was so tired that she lay on the kang and didn’t want to move, making Jiang Junmo feel somewhat weary as well.

They rested for several days before recovering.

After the autumn harvest, there wasn’t much work in the fields.

During their days off, Jiang Junmo took out his beloved paints and easel, planning to paint.

Lu Xia had seen him paint a few times before.

It’s hard to explain, but she used to think Jiang Junmo was mature beyond his years and very composed. However, when she saw his paintings, she found that his art was quite the opposite of his personality.

His paintings exuded vitality and a positive energy, evoking a sense of yearning in people who looked at them.

Lu Xia thought about his previous health issues. Perhaps he was using his paintings to express his love for life and his desire to live.

This time, he painted a scene of the busy autumn harvest, capturing the hardworking sweat of the farmers and the joy of the harvest.

Looking at it made Lu Xia feel as if she were immersed in the scene, deeply affected by it.

“It’s really wonderful!”

Jiang Junmo had just finished painting when he heard Lu Xia say this, making him a bit embarrassed.

“My painting still lacks a lot of skill; it needs more refinement.”

Lu Xia shook her head, “Painting does require skill, but it also needs emotion. Each of your paintings is infused with emotion, making it easy for people to feel the mood. You’re already quite talented.”

Hearing her praise him like that, Jiang Junmo felt a mix of embarrassment and happiness. Even though he knew Lu Xia was quite amateur and didn’t understand much about painting, he still felt pleased.

“If you like it, I’ll paint more in the future. After you give birth, I can teach you as well.”

Before, Jiang Junmo was hesitant because he wasn’t sure if the paints would affect her as a pregnant woman.

Lu Xia smiled and said, “I was just talking. It’s better if you paint. You can create more and save them. Later, when there’s a chance, you can hold an art exhibition so that everyone can see your paintings.”

Jiang Junmo listened to her words, shaking his head helplessly. Who was he? An insignificant nobody wanting to hold an art exhibition like a famous foreign artist.

Seeing that he wasn’t taking her seriously, Lu Xia stubbornly said, “I’m serious. Your paintings are really good. You’ll definitely become a great artist. When that time comes, many people will love your paintings. Not just an exhibition, maybe even one painting could sell for a fortune!”

Seeing her becoming less and less realistic, Jiang Junmo could only nod and agree half-heartedly, “Alright, I understand. I’ll do my best and try to fulfill your expectations before I pass away.”

Hearing this, Lu Xia rolled her eyes at him. Humph, yeah right.


Chapter 206 – Fight Breaks Out


The weather was gradually getting colder, but work had to continue. The crops hadn’t dried yet, and the corn hadn’t been husked.

All of this needed to be finished before winter, and they also had to contribute the public grain to the country.

So, Jiang Junmo had been going to work every day lately, and Lu Xia wasn’t idle either. The recent tasks weren’t too exhausting, like shelling corn while sitting, so it wasn’t that demanding. She was also earning work points.

Originally, Jiang Junmo didn’t want her to go, but seeing her bored at home, he agreed after some consideration.

On that day, when they were returning from work, Lu Xia was walking slowly due to her pregnancy. As they passed by the area where the educated youths lived, they heard a commotion from inside.

Curious, Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo took a look and saw that it seemed like people were fighting.

Lu Xia was startled. What was going on? Why were people fighting at the educated youth spot?

They quickly went inside to take a look.

It turned out that Zhao Hua and Feng Xuegong were fighting.

The two were trading blows, punching each other fiercely as if they were using all their strength.

She couldn’t figure out the situation. Why were they fighting? And why were the others just standing by, not trying to break it up?

However, her confusion was soon resolved.

When they saw Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo approaching, Sun Shengnan came over to her. Her expression was complicated as she told her, “Zhao Hua’s Worker-Peasant-Soldier College selection didn’t make it.”

Lu Xia raised an eyebrow upon hearing this. “The spots have been announced?”

Sun Shengnan nodded. “In the end, the town decided on spots from other villages, with two educated youths and one local.”

Lu Xia understood. But she still had a question, “So, what does this have to do with them fighting?”

Sun Shengnan sighed, “We only found out now that the ‘thief-catching’ incident was instigated by Feng Xuegong. There wasn’t a thief that night at all.”

Lu Xia got it. “So, Zhao Hua thinks that because Feng Xuegong revealed the affair involving Accountant Shi, he lost the selection?”

Sun Shengnan nodded. “That’s what he believes.”

Lu Xia fell silent. She didn’t know what to say. Was Accountant Shi really that influential?

But it wasn’t the time to discuss this now. Seeing the two fighting more intensely, eyes red, it seemed like they were about to cause real trouble!

Others also noticed this and several male educated youths stepped forward, using all their strength to just barely pull them apart.

But before anyone could really calm them down, the two started a shouting match.

“Feng Xuegong, I never thought you were this kind of person. Have you forgotten when you first came to the village, you didn’t even have a thick cotton coat? You were shivering in the cold, who helped you back then? Is this how you treat me? Do you still have a conscience?”

Feng Xuegong looked at him disdainfully. “Tch, don’t make it sound so noble. Yes, you helped me, but you also took money. All these years, the stuff my family sent over, I gave it all to you. Don’t act like you’re my savior.”

Hearing this, Zhao Hua’s heart ached even more. “We’re all educated youths. If I’m not doing well, what can you possibly be? If we could get a spot for a Worker-Peasant-Soldier College student from our education youth spot, it would be beneficial for everyone.”

“Huh, beneficial? What’s so beneficial? You’ve benefited from it all. You knew I spent so much money, giving bribes and begging left and right. You, on the other hand, just married a rural girl and got a spot. Huh, if you want to blame someone, blame your good father-in-law. Who let him be so unscrupulous?”

Zhao Hua’s head was throbbing from his words. Just as he was about to retort, a scolding voice came from the doorway. “What are you all doing!”


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