Chapter 207 – Killing Three Birds with One Stone

Lu Xia turned her head when she heard the voice and saw that it was the village chief who had walked in.

Upon seeing them, he immediately coldly stated, “Didn’t I say not to mention that matter anymore? What’s this? Have you all forgotten about me, the village chief?”

The educated youths fell silent in response to his words, not daring to speak.

The village chief then looked at Zhao Hua and Feng Xuegong, both of whom were injured.

Furrowing his brows, he continued, “Although you are educated youths, once you are in the village, you are considered villagers. Anything that can’t be resolved should be brought to the village officials. Private fights are not allowed.”

Feng Xuegong remained silent upon hearing this, but Zhao Hua managed to force a smile while grimacing in pain, saying, “I understand, village chief. I won’t do it again.”

The village chief nodded in satisfaction and then sighed, saying to him, “You must know about the quotas for college students from worker, peasant, and soldier backgrounds. Actually, you’ve misunderstood. This isn’t your father-in-law’s fault. If his matter hadn’t been leaked, how could they have eliminated you because of it?”

“What? Then what was the reason?” Zhao Hua asked anxiously.

With another sigh, the village chief replied, “The recent big issue in our village is the report made by Educated Youth Su to the public security bureau. Regardless of how significant or trivial the matter was, it affected the village’s reputation. So, no matter what the town does, we’re pushed to the back.”

“What! Because Educated Youth Su?”

The village chief sighed again and patted his shoulder.

“Perhaps it’s because of that incident last time. Otherwise, how could you have failed to be selected? But don’t worry too much; this influence won’t last long. If there are still spots next year, the village will select you!”

With that, the village chief patted his shoulder once more and left, leaving Zhao Hua with a gloomy expression.

Lu Xia felt a sense of tension upon witnessing this, but she couldn’t help feeling a bit impressed.

The village chief was truly crafty; he had directly shifted the blame onto Su Man. It seems like her actions had indeed provoked him.

Moreover, this action achieved three things at once. It not only distanced the village from the incident but also cleared Accountant Shi’s name. Most importantly, it caused a rift among the educated youths.

Observing Zhao Hua’s expression at that moment, she guessed that regardless of whether this was Su Man’s doing or not, he would likely try to place the blame on her.

The village chief truly lived up to his reputation of being cunning and shrewd.

However, neither Su Man nor Gu Xiangnan were around at the moment. Lu Xia wondered what their reactions would be once they found out.

Seeing the thoughtful expressions on the educated youths’ faces, Lu Xia decided she didn’t want to stay here any longer. She said goodbye to Sun Shengnan and then left with Jiang Junmo.

Back home, Lu Xia continued to reflect. She estimated that the upcoming days for the educated youths were bound to be eventful.

“Do you think Zhao Hua’s failure to get selected was really because of Su Man?” she asked.

Jiang Junmo shook his head. “I don’t know.”

“I think it’s unlikely!”

While eating, Lu Xia analyzed, “Who can be certain that Zhao Hua was guaranteed to be selected? Honestly, after spending so much time with him, I haven’t noticed anything particularly outstanding about him. There are so many villages, it’s normal for him not to be selected, right? Why does he have to be chosen?”

Jiang Junmo laughed at her words. “Perhaps he has a high opinion of himself.”

Lu Xia scoffed, “Come on, he just has an inflated ego, he’s actually nothing special.”

As soon as she finished speaking, they heard a commotion outside.

Curious, Lu Xia was about to get up to see what was happening, but Jiang Junmo stopped her. “Let’s go after we finish eating!”

Lately, Jiang Junmo had been quite assertive. Lu Xia could only comply and picked up the pace, quickly finishing their meal. Jiang Junmo sighed upon seeing this and also finished quickly.

Then, without waiting to clean the dishes, they went outside.


Chapter 208 – Paralyzed


After coming outside, Lu Xia quickly spotted the people who were arguing.

To be honest, it wasn’t surprising to her at all.

One side was Zhao Hua, and the other side consisted of Su Man and Gu Xiangnan.

From their appearance, it was evident that they had just returned from outside and had started arguing with Zhao Hua when passing by the educated youth spot.

The reason was easily guessed; it was nothing more than the village chief’s successful manipulation.

However, Lu Xia estimated that Zhao Hua would soon receive his due lesson.

Indeed, as they emerged from the scene, they saw Zhao Hua with a flushed face and a bulging neck, shouting at Su Man. He accused her of stirring up trouble over nothing, reporting even minor incidents to the public security bureau, tarnishing the educated youths’ reputation in the village, and damaging the village’s image. He even blamed her for his failure to be selected for the worker, peasant, and soldier college student positions.

Su Man was in no mood to accept these accusations.

With a cold smile, she retorted, “Give it up. If you didn’t get selected, why don’t you look at your own shortcomings? Why push the blame onto me? If you’re not good enough, who can you blame but yourself!”

This response infuriated Zhao Hua to the point of almost fainting. “You… you’re talking nonsense. The village chief himself said that it’s because of you that I wasn’t selected.”

Upon hearing the village chief’s words being brought up, Su Man’s expression darkened momentarily. But quickly, she responded with another cold smile.

“My fault? You sure are good at making excuses. Haven’t you looked at the ones who were selected? Let me tell you. One of them is a local, graduated from high school, and has always been at the top of the class. The other two educated youths: one is a teacher at the town’s middle school, diligent and responsible in his work, and he even funded the education of underprivileged children from his own pocket. The other is married in the countryside, and later became a village official, contributing a lot to the village. How are any of them not better than you? Even if I were in charge, I wouldn’t have chosen you! Stop pushing the blame onto me. Take a good look at your own behavior. With your attitude, it’s a waste that the village even reserved a spot for you.”

With that, she simply walked away, taking Gu Xiangnan with her.

Left alone, Zhao Hua pointed his finger at her, stuttering in frustration. Unable to say much, he ultimately fainted and was carried away by the male educated youths.

Having witnessed this scene, Lu Xia felt a satisfying thrill.

Back at home, she was still excited as she spoke to Jiang Junmo, “Su Man was truly amazing! She gave him a taste of his own medicine! This is exactly how it should be done – ruthlessly expose his mediocrity!”

Jiang Junmo looked at her helplessly. He couldn’t understand why she was so excited about this, but he still advised, “Take a walk around the yard and then rest. Don’t think too much. It doesn’t concern us.”


Despite his advice, Lu Xia remained excited. Su Man truly lived up to her role as the original novel’s female protagonist. She faced situations head-on and was so impressive!

However, Lu Xia suspected that the village chief’s scheming would likely backfire. Such a blatant manipulation against Su Man would probably provoke her to retaliate.

She wondered about the price Su Man might demand.

If only they could just remove the village chief. Lu Xia genuinely disliked him; he was overly calculating and clearly held no regard for the educated youth, deliberately targeting them at every opportunity.

Sighing, she pondered how Su Man would strike back.

But the turn of events was beyond her expectations.

Initially, she thought Su Man would dig up some dirt on the village chief and use it against him to establish her dominance.

However, instead of encountering the village chief’s misdeeds, she heard news of his nighttime fall.

His injuries were severe; he had broken his back and was now paralyzed from the waist down!

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