Chapter 247 – Sun Shengnan’s Pregnancy

It wasn’t until high school that Lu Xia finally admitted to herself that she wasn’t particularly intelligent and her aptitude for science was average at best. Her learning relied on rote memorization.

But she was diligent. She put in serious effort for the college entrance exams and managed to score well.

However, when the time came to apply for universities, Lu Xia suddenly had some regrets.

Looking at the science majors, they were all about mechanics, automation, engineering, and she realized she didn’t actually like these fields. After years of rote memorization, she didn’t want a life like that in the future.

But apart from these options, there weren’t many choices for science majors. So, in the end, she applied for an English major at a science university. It might have been an unpopular choice, but she got in smoothly into a top-tier university in Beijing.

Yes, Lu Xia’s previous field of study was English. During her university years, she had studied hard so that she could secure a job for herself in the future. At the very least, she had bid farewell to her high school level of English proficiency. She had even passed exams like the CET-4 and CET-6, and even the TEM-8. So, she shouldn’t have much trouble with simple translations.

So, she had considered trying to find work in that field to earn some money.

However, she eventually gave up on the idea. After all, the 21st-century Lu Xia’s knowledge wasn’t representative of the Lu Xia of the 1970s.

In this era, high schools taught Russian, not English. English was practically unknown, and even if she gave a reason for learning it from someone else, who would that someone else be?

In this era, anyone with even a slight foreign connection attracted too much attention, and if she openly claimed to know English, people might investigate her. It could end in disaster.

So, she ultimately gave up. Luckily, she had prepared quite a bit of money before coming to the rural area. It was enough to support a comfortable life for the next few years. After this period passed, she could think of other solutions once she returned to the city.

Just like Lu Xia and the others when they first arrived, the new educated youths rested for half a day and then began working the next day.

Due to the incident that happened earlier, Lu Xia was no longer interested in asking about their situation.

However, Shen Qingqing had mentioned it later. She said that these educated youths weren’t in good health, and their work performance was particularly poor. Even the guys were barely able to accomplish a mere three inches of progress per day. The village chief frowned upon this and instructed Gu Xiangnan to teach them properly; things wouldn’t work out if they continued like this.

Lu Xia felt sorry for Gu Xiangnan when she heard this. He, the person in charge, really had to take care of everything.

But, she did enjoy watching the commotion.

Their behavior had already angered the older educated youths, so the new ones were relatively well-behaved during this period.

Soon, Kang Kang was five months old, and he could roll over with ease. Around this time, some good news came from Sun Shengnan’s side—she was pregnant as well.

Lu Xia was genuinely happy for her and went over to visit her with a dozen eggs in hand.

Upon arriving, she noticed that Sun Shengnan seemed a bit different. She appeared to walk a bit awkwardly.

Curious, Lu Xia refrained from asking and simply inquired, “How have you been recently? Any symptoms?”

Shaking her head, Sun Shengnan replied, “No, it’s only been two months. I didn’t realize it at first. Liu Jun noticed that I’ve been getting tired easily lately, so he took me to the health clinic just in case. Who would’ve thought I was pregnant?”

Hearing this, Lu Xia smiled. “Seems like your husband really cares about you.”

Sun Shengnan blushed slightly and chuckled. Then she continued somewhat helplessly, “Actually, I wanted to ask you about this. I was completely unprepared for the pregnancy. It’s like suddenly being told you’re about to have a child. I have no idea what to do.”

Lu Xia laughed softly at her dilemma. “You’ve been married for a while now. Why didn’t you think about this?”

Sun Shengnan shook her head and then admitted somewhat sheepishly, “Actually, we’ve been using contraception…”


Chapter 248 – Getting Pregnant Together


“What? Why? You’re not that young anymore, isn’t having a child a good thing?” Lu Xia couldn’t help but feel surprised. She knew Sun Shengnan must also like children.

Sun Shengnan let out a sigh. “Well, that’s true, but we’re still renting a place, and we don’t have much savings. If we have a child, I probably won’t earn as much work points as before. With another mouth to feed, everything will become less convenient. So, we were thinking of waiting for a couple of years.”

Lu Xia could see Sun Shengnan’s hesitation even though she was saying this. She knew that Sun Shengnan also loved children.

“Don’t think too much about it. Since the child is coming, it’s fate. If you keep thinking about your conditions not being good enough, you might end up waiting until you have a house, then after the house, you might want something else. You’ll never be satisfied if you keep waiting for the perfect conditions.”

“Well, that makes sense,” Sun Shengnan chuckled. “People are never satisfied. It’s good that the child is coming now.”

She cautiously placed her hand on her belly. “Ever since I got pregnant, I can’t even walk properly. I used to walk briskly, but now I think twice before taking a step. I’ve become so cautious that I’m almost afraid to go outside.”

Hearing this, Lu Xia finally understood why Sun Shengnan seemed a bit awkward earlier. She laughed, “You don’t have to be that careful. Babies don’t just fall out. Live your normal life, just don’t tire yourself out. Are you planning to keep working after giving birth?”

Sun Shengnan nodded. “I have to. Neither of our families can help us much. We have to rely on ourselves. Although Liu Jun has suggested that I rest at home and focus on pregnancy, I didn’t agree. Many people in the village are still working, so I can too. I’ll just do some lighter tasks. Even if I earn fewer work points, I can still bring in some food.”

Lu Xia nodded. She didn’t try to convince her otherwise. Every family had their own way of doing things.

“Alright, then talk to the village chief ahead of time. Village Chief Liu should be reasonable about this.”

“Don’t worry, I understand.”

After finishing their conversation, Lu Xia returned home. Within a couple of days, she heard that Yu Fang was also pregnant.

After marrying Hu Jianjun, Yu Fang didn’t move to the county with him. Although the factory provided employee dorms for Hu Jianjun, they were shared accommodations, not suitable for a married couple. So, she continued living at the Hu family home.

Mother Hu’s attitude toward her had improved quite a bit compared to before. However, she didn’t let Yu Fang stay at home either. Just like the other village wives, Yu Fang needed to work as well.

Yu Fang didn’t seem reluctant at all. It was clear she had already anticipated this.

Fortunately, Yu Fang was skilled and had a good personality. So, Mother Hu liked her a lot and praised her wherever she went.

As for Hu Jianjun, he returned home every week, so they weren’t separated for long periods.

Therefore, Yu Fang’s pregnancy was normal.

After getting pregnant, she continued to work, doing lighter tasks just like Sun Shengnan. It was good that they had each other for company.

After all, there weren’t many pregnant women like Lu Xia who stopped working.

Lu Xia couldn’t help but feel that all the pregnancies seemed to have happened at once.

Calculating the timing, the birthdays of the two children seemed to be close to Kang Kang’s. They would be about a year younger, which would make them good playmates in the future.

However, thinking about Yu Fang led Lu Xia’s thoughts to Zhou Lai’er. She seemed to have been keeping a low profile recently.

Originally, Lu Xia thought that the new educated youth, Wang Wenpei, would have a lot of friction living with them, but it had been surprisingly quiet, even Zhou Lai’er and Cheng Yujiao were not causing any trouble.

Lu Xia wondered what was going on, but she didn’t probe further.

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