Chapter 251 – Miscarriage

Ever since Sun Shengnan became pregnant, she frequently visited Lu Xia to discuss pregnancy-related matters and play with Kang Kang.

“Your Kang Kang is such a well-behaved baby. I’ve never seen such a quiet child before. He’s so easy to handle!”

“Yeah, I think he takes after his dad. I definitely wasn’t this quiet when I was a kid.”

Sun Shengnan nodded in agreement. “Yes, he does seem quite similar to Educated Youth Jiang in terms of personality.”

Saying this, she lowered her head and gently touched her slightly bulging belly. “I hope my baby will be a bit more like Liu Jun, to save us some trouble.”

Lu Xia teased her, “Sure, he can have Liu Jun’s personality, but let’s hope he gets your looks.”

Hearing this, Sun Shengnan also laughed. Liu Jun had an ordinary appearance, and perhaps due to working hard, he looked a bit haggard. If their child looked like him, he’d probably resemble a little old man.

“Yes, let’s hope he gets my looks. Haha, for a girl, she should look like me. And if it’s a boy, he can take after his dad a bit.”

The two of them discussed their future children with laughter. Then, they heard someone shouting outside.

They exchanged glances and curiously went outside to see what was happening. It sounded like there was a fight in the village, and it seemed quite serious.

Both of them decided to follow and see what was going on.

However, with one carrying a child and the other pregnant, they couldn’t move quickly. By the time they arrived, the commotion had already ended.

It was only then that they learned the fight had been between Zhao Hua and Shi Chunyan.

These two had been scheming against each other since they got married. Of course, there was no real affection between them. Before they got married, Shi Chunyan saw that Zhao Hua was a learned person and fair-skinned compared to the villagers. Although he couldn’t match Jiang Junmo’s looks, he wasn’t bad either. She thought they could have a good life together.

However, before they got married, Zhao Hua would fawn over her, but after the wedding, he ignored her. Later, when the spots for college ran out, he even refused to speak to her.

Shi Chunyan, who had been pampered by her family since childhood, couldn’t tolerate this injustice. So, they would quarrel every few days.

Of course, Lu Xia had heard about this issue in the village, but she didn’t expect the fight to be so intense this time.

When they arrived, they saw blood on Shi Chunyan’s pants. She was being carried to the health center.

And Zhao Hua was lying on the ground, beaten by Shi’s relatives, with a swollen face and bruises all over. According to what people were saying, Shi Chunyan might have had a miscarriage.

Seeing all of this, Lu Xia couldn’t help but feel a bit saddened.

Looking at Zhao Hua’s current state, he had none of the spirit he had during their time at the educated youth spot. One could only say that he was reaping what he had sowed.

Then, she turned to Sun Shengnan, who had a complex expression in her eyes. But Lu Xia didn’t linger; she looked at her and said, “Let’s go, let’s head back.”

During the journey back, neither Lu Xia nor Sun Shengnan spoke. After a while, Sun Shengnan said, “Actually, I’ve come to terms with everything. My life is good now, and I’ll soon have my own child. I’ve long let go of him. It’s just that when I think about his ambitious words back then and see how he is now, I feel a little embarrassed.”

This reassured Lu Xia, “Yes, he’s brought his situation upon himself. His current state is a consequence of his own choices. There’s no need to pity him. Moreover, you should consider yourself lucky. After leaving him, you encountered someone much better.”

Hearing this, Sun Shengnan also thought of Liu Jun, who cared for her in every possible way despite his few words. She smiled, “Yes, I should thank him for giving up on me, which allowed me to meet someone better.”

“That’s right, live your life well and let certain people regret their choices.”

“Haha, sure, I’ll live my life to the fullest.”


Chapter 252 – Unable to Divorce


After they separated, when Lu Xia returned home, she found that Jiang Junmo had already come back from town. He had gone to buy meat.

“You’re back? Did you get the meat?”

Jiang Junmo nodded, “Yes, I got it. There’s quite a bit of fatty meat this time. We’re running low on oil at home, so I’ll process some oil.”

“Alright, you handle it.”

Seeing that Lu Xia had returned from outside, Jiang Junmo reached out and took Kang Kang from her arms. Then he asked, “Where did you go? Wasn’t it tiring to carry Kang Kang?”

Lu Xia shook her head and then told him about what had just happened.

“I went to see the commotion. Zhao Hua and Shi Chunyan got into a fight. It seems that Shi Chunyan had a miscarriage after the fight, and Zhao Hua ended up looking like a pig’s head due to being beaten by the Shi family.”

Upon hearing this, Jiang Junmo’s heart tightened. “Are you okay? You went to watch a fight. Aren’t you afraid of getting involved?”

Seeing his worried expression, Lu Xia smiled, “I’m fine. When we arrived, everything was already over. We didn’t see much of the commotion.”

Jiang Junmo looked at her speechlessly and said, “So you’re a bit regretful, aren’t you?”

Lu Xia chuckled awkwardly, “How could that be? I’m relieved. Don’t worry, many people from the village went to watch. We didn’t plan to get involved, so nothing will happen.”

Only then did Jiang Junmo nod. “As long as you’re safe.”

Seeing that he didn’t seem very interested in the matter, Lu Xia didn’t mention it any further. Instead, she started talking about Kang Kang’s day, which effectively diverted his attention. She breathed a sigh of relief, feeling like she had gained an extra dad after getting married, someone who always wanted to look out for her.

But the involuntary smile at the corner of her mouth let her know that she was more than content with the situation.

The incident with Zhao Hua stirred up a lot of attention. The next day, Lu Xia went around the village and heard about what happened next.

Indeed, Shi Chunyan had a miscarriage. She had been pregnant for a short time, just a little over a month. She hadn’t even realized it herself. The fight between them happened because Zhao Hua wanted a divorce, but how could Shi Chunyan agree to that? So, she cursed him with all sorts of foul language.

In the end, no matter how much she cursed, Zhao Hua remained stubborn. Unable to bear it any longer, she made a move first. However, Zhao Hua couldn’t tolerate any longer and pushed her down, and it happened that she hit the corner of the table by such a coincidence. The impact was strong enough that she lost the baby.

Moreover, Shi Chunyan’s body was injured too. It was uncertain whether she could conceive in the future.

There was no need to say anymore; a divorce was impossible for Zhao Hua now. Shi Chunyan was bound to hold onto him, and the Shi family wouldn’t let him off either.

Furthermore, after this incident, the Shi family probably had an even worse opinion of him. So, his days ahead were bound to be tough.

It could only be said that his efforts had been in vain, and he had even dug himself a hole.

After that, every time Lu Xia saw Zhao Hua, she felt that he had aged considerably. He seemed weighed down by life, and she wondered if his past actions had been worth it.

However, that had nothing to do with her.

On this day, as Lu Xia passed by the educated youth spot, she unexpectedly heard the sound of a harmonica coming from the courtyard. Taking a look, it was one of the new educated youths, Shen Yifan, playing it. Truth be told, it sounded quite pleasant.

Lu Xia stood by the entrance with Kang Kang in her arms, listening for a while. She noticed that even Kang Kang was curious, tilting his head to listen attentively. This sight made her chuckle.

When she got back home, she told Jiang Junmo about it. “Do you think Kang Kang might have a musical talent? He seemed so curious when listening just now. And that Educated Youth Shen is quite skilled. He can even play the harmonica. He’s a cultured young man!”

Hearing Lu Xia praise Shen Yifan, Jiang Junmo’s heart felt a pang of jealousy. He pretended nonchalantly, “Is that so? Do you like listening to the harmonica? Then, next time I write a letter, I’ll ask my family to send over my harmonica. I’ll play it for you. That way, Kang Kang won’t have to listen to others play.”

“Huh, are you saying you can play too?” Lu Xia was surprised.

Jiang Junmo replied calmly, “A little bit.”

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