Chapter 253 – Artistic Talents

Lu Xia understood his temperament. When he said he knew a little bit, he was probably quite skilled. She also thought about their recent exchange and his somewhat jealous nature, so she knew he was likely feeling jealous.

She wanted to smile, but she held it back and exclaimed, “Wow! Mo Mo, you’re amazing! Not only can you paint, but you can also play the harmonica. Why didn’t you ever mention this before? What else don’t I know about you?”

Upon hearing her praise, Jiang Junmo’s lips curled up, and he said in a slightly vainglorious manner, “I didn’t specifically learn these. I just learned some simple things to pass the time when I was young. Harmonica was one of the things I learned back then. I also know the accordion and erhu. In fact, I can also play the flute a bit. But compared to the harmonica, the flute requires more breath, and because of my poor health as a child, blowing it was quite strenuous. So, I stopped learning it later.”

“Wow, Mo Mo, you’re so impressive! I never expected you to be skilled in so many instruments. You’re truly a man of culture!”

Hearing her straightforward exaggeration, Jiang Junmo felt a bit embarrassed. “Actually, these are all quite simple. Once you understand music theory, it’s easy to learn.”

Listening to how casually he put it, Lu Xia fell silent for a moment. “But I don’t know anything. Compared to you, I’m practically useless!”

Immediately, Jiang Junmo said, “I’ll teach you in the future.”

Lu Xia sighed as if resigned, “I’ll consider whether I want to learn later. You can teach Kang Kang. I’ve realized something: Kang Kang takes after you a lot. He must have inherited your artistic talents. Otherwise, he wouldn’t enjoy listening to the harmonica so much.”

Hearing her words, Jiang Junmo smiled and nodded, “Alright, once the harmonica arrives, I’ll play it for him.”


Previously, Lu Xia thought that Shen Yifan playing the harmonica was rather artistic. However, later, when Shen Qingqing visited her to see Kang Kang, she always had an indescribable expression when she mentioned Shen Yifan.

Shen Qingqing was quite fond of Kang Kang. When he was just born, he was too small for her to hold, but now that he had grown and inherited his parents’ good looks and was chubby due to adequate breast milk, he was undoubtedly the most adorable baby.

Shen Qingqing loved him dearly and visited frequently.

Lu Xia had taught her how to hold Kang Kang, and after a few attempts, she was no longer afraid. Whenever she visited, she would hold Kang Kang and not let go. This actually helped Lu Xia quite a bit, as she could use this time to do other things.

On this visit, she heard that Kang Kang seemed to enjoy listening to Shen Yifan playing the harmonica. Shen Qingqing made a face that couldn’t be easily explained.

Seeing her expression, Lu Xia was curious. “What’s wrong?”

Sighing, Shen Qingqing said, “Well, I’m like you. I liked it the first time I heard it too. After all, after a day of hard work, it’s relaxing to listen to music. But as nice as it is, I can’t stand listening to it non-stop. It’s gotten to the point that my mind buzzes with his tunes every night before I sleep. It’s too noisy!”

Lu Xia was speechless. “…He plays every day? And he keeps playing all day?”

Shen Qingqing shook her head. “It’s not every day; he plays when Feng Zhenzhu is around.”

“Uh…” Lu Xia understood. “So, he’s pursuing Educated Youth Feng?”

Shen Qingqing nodded. “Seems like it. Aside from playing the harmonica, he occasionally writes poetry. He even recites them in the courtyard from time to time. It feels awkward every time I listen.”

Lu Xia chuckled after hearing that. “It seems that Educated Youth Shen is quite talented. He can even write poetry.”

Shen Qingqing’s expression became even more complicated. “I don’t know what he’s thinking, but every time I hear his poems, I feel like I need to wash my ears right away.”

“Oh? Are they badly written?”

“Not exactly.” Shen Qingqing shook her head. Then, imitating Shen Yifan, she struck a scholarly pose, shaking her head and swaying her body, expressing strong emotions:

“Ah… white clouds, do you also feel inferior, vanishing without a trace?

Ah… gentle breeze, do you also make way for her, holding your breath?

Ah… evening glow, do you also feel ashamed before her, hiding behind your skirt?

Ah! Beautiful girl, your beauty has astonished the heavens and the earth, causing nature itself to lose its luster!”


Chapter 254 – Digging a Hole for Herself


Lu Xia: “…”

“Haha,” unable to hold back any longer, she burst into laughter after the performance, shivering as she brushed off the goosebumps on her body.

“Did Educated Youth Shen write this?”

“Yeah, he wrote it specifically for Educated Youth Feng. He recited it in front of everyone in the courtyard.”

“Hahaha,” Lu Xia was laughing so hard that tears were nearly streaming down her face. “How could he write something like this? I mean, did Educated Youth Feng enjoy it?”

“She seemed quite pleased, and before going to bed, Educated Youth Li even praised Educated Youth Shen to her. I think Educated Youth Feng might be a bit moved.”

After hearing this, Lu Xia fell silent for a moment. She couldn’t believe that Li Yalan, with her scheming nature, could genuinely think that Shen Yifan was good just because he wrote poetry and played the harmonica. What could he really offer?

Besides, Shen Yifan didn’t seem to come from a well-off family, and he wasn’t capable of much work either. On the contrary, Feng Zhenzhu seemed to have better conditions. Lu Xia guessed that Shen Yifan might have seen this and decided to pursue her.

Even an outsider like her could see it clearly. She couldn’t believe that Li Yalan couldn’t understand this.

As for Feng Zhenzhu’s character, she might not be able to understand it either.

She was unsure why Li Yalan, her supposed good friend, would do this. Were they really friends?

Thus, Li Yalan seemed quite unreliable. She even deceived her good friend. Lu Xia decided to keep her distance from her in the future.

After hearing about Shen Yifan’s pursuit of Feng Zhenzhu, Lu Xia did indeed see Shen Yifan diligently courting Feng Zhenzhu. And Feng Zhenzhu didn’t reject his advances.

However, just when Lu Xia thought that a beautiful flower was about to be placed in a pile of cow dung, she heard from Shen Qingqing that Feng Zhenzhu’s family had sent her a letter. They disapproved of her finding a partner in the countryside and said they would find a way to bring her back to the city. If she were to find a partner, it definitely wouldn’t be allowed.

So, Feng Zhenzhu rejected Shen Yifan.

Then, Li Yalan even expressed her regret in front of her, sighing that she missed out on such a great person. She suggested that Feng Zhenzhu secretly date Shen Yifan for now and get married after returning to the city.

Lu Xia wondered if Feng Zhenzhu agreed or not.

Hearing this, she couldn’t help but think that Feng Zhenzhu had poor judgment in choosing friends. Li Yalan seemed to be leading her down the wrong path.

Originally, Lu Xia thought that none of this had anything to do with her. Li Yalan had offended her before, so she didn’t dare to approach her now.

She thought that the matter would end there.

However, in the following days, Lu Xia noticed that Li Yalan was secretly observing her. Every time she passed by their house, Li Yalan would intentionally look inside and often strike up conversations with her for no apparent reason.

Lu Xia frowned, not really wanting to engage with her. However, most of the time, there were others around, so she didn’t want to be impolite and not respond. Still, she found it odd and couldn’t understand what Li Yalan’s intentions were.

After discussing this with Jiang Junmo, she found that he was also frowning. “Lately, I’ve noticed that she’s been deliberately looking at me when I’m working. Sometimes she says some inexplicable things.”

Listening to his words, Lu Xia furrowed her brows. “Could it be that she’s taken a liking to you?”

Jiang Junmo shook his head. “I don’t know. I’m already married with a child. She shouldn’t be interested in me, right?”

Lu Xia felt speechless. She thought about what Li Yalan had done to her before. Could it be because of this?

But wasn’t that the first time she had met Jiang Junmo? Could it be love at first sight, followed by a scheme to get rid of her immediately?

If that were true, Lu Xia couldn’t help but find it disgusting. A young girl like her, why couldn’t she like someone else? Instead, she chose a married man with a family. Was she sick?

However, these were all speculations. Lu Xia decided to wait and see, to figure out what Li Yalan was up to, and whether she had wronged her.

But before she could probe Li Yalan…

Li Yalan took the initiative to probe her.

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