Chapter 255 – Probing

On that day, after finishing work, Jiang Junmo stayed home to cook and take care of the children, while Lu Xia went to the riverside to do laundry.

Then, she ran into Li Yalan, who was also doing laundry.

Initially, Lu Xia didn’t want to pay her any attention, but when Li Yalan saw her, her eyes shifted, and then she suddenly said to her, “Educated Youth Lu has been in the countryside for over two years. Have you felt that the rural air is much better than in the city? No smog!”

As if she was worried that Lu Xia didn’t hear clearly, she even emphasized the word “smog.”

Lu Xia turned her head, puzzled, and looked at her. “What’s smog? Is there fog in the city?”

After Li Yalan finished speaking, she stared at her intently and realized that she genuinely didn’t know. She breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Oh, it’s nothing. It’s just that there’s too much modern industrialization in the city now, which has led to poor air quality.”

Lu Xia looked at her with a speechless expression. “You’re thinking too much. I haven’t noticed any difference.”

Li Yalan, hearing this, strangely found affirmation, “Yes, yes, you’re right. It really isn’t much worse.” The rural and countryside settings of the 1970s didn’t differ much, but the 21st century was markedly different.

After saying that, Li Yalan ignored her, finished washing, and left humming a song.

“The weather is good and sunny today, with beautiful scenery everywhere~”

Lu Xia, left standing in place, felt a stream of profanities flash through her mind. ‘What the #$*#%…’

Good grief, she never would have thought that Li Yalan was also someone who had transmigrated!

Thankfully, she reacted quickly; otherwise, she would have been discovered!

Of course, there was smog in the 1970s, but the term hadn’t become popular yet. Most people, or rather 99% of them, didn’t know about it. She never expected that Li Yalan would use this to probe her!

Alright, Lu Xia hadn’t been exposed for now, but Li Yalan had exposed herself!

This damn world, what the heck is going on? This era has been pierced into a sieve!

Including her, there are three transmigrators and one reborn individual. Does that mean there are more in addition to them?

Is there any way to survive this?

Lu Xia was speechless. She didn’t know if Li Yalan had traveled through time like she did or if she had any special advantages.

Thankfully, Li Yalan’s earlier probe had been brushed off, but Lu Xia wasn’t sure if she believed it or not.

Nevertheless, she had to be more careful from now on.

Li Yalan didn’t seem like a trustworthy person; there was too much uncertainty. If she were to be found out, things would get even messier.

Sigh, what exactly is going on here?

She could already anticipate that her life ahead wouldn’t be peaceful.

Why is it so difficult to have a peaceful life?

Lu Xia also wondered whether Su Man was aware of this new transmigrator.

She even mischievously thought, if those two were to meet, would Li Yalan be affected by Su Man’s protagonist halo?

But what puzzled Lu Xia even more was, what had she done to attract Li Yalan’s probing? She believed she had been quite low-key. Where had she slipped up?

These questions could only be observed and understood slowly over time.

Upon returning home, Jiang Junmo had already prepared the meal.

Observing the situation, Lu Xia casually said, “I wonder if the new arrival, Educated Youth Li, is unwell. She came up to me and started talking about how there’s more fog in the city compared to the better air quality in the countryside. Does Shanghai often experience fog?”

Jiang Junmo’s brows furrowed slightly. “She mentioned that to me too, but I didn’t pay her much attention. After that, she didn’t come near me as much.”

Understanding the situation, Lu Xia nodded and said, “Well, let’s keep our distance from her in the future.”

“Got it.”

Knowing that Li Yalan was a fellow transmigrator, Lu Xia started to carefully observe her actions. Surprisingly, she did find something interesting.

This person seemed to have a close connection with another newly arrived male educated youth named Yang Weidong.


Chapter 256 – Weaning


Yang Weidong had an ordinary appearance, and Lu Xia instinctively felt that as a fellow transmigrator, Li Yalan probably wouldn’t be interested in him.

So, she wondered what the two of them were up to when they stuck together.

However, she soon noticed that they were secretly collecting vegetables and grains from the village and then selling them on the black market, engaging in some shady business.

Of course, Lu Xia only saw them collecting grains in the village; it was Jiang Junmo who saw them at the black market when he went to exchange tickets.

Lu Xia immediately realized that this was Li Yalan’s idea. Only a transmigrator like her would be so bold to think about making money shortly after arriving in the countryside.

She hoped they wouldn’t get caught.

Afterward, Lu Xia observed Su Man and realized that she hadn’t noticed anything different about Li Yalan. Moreover, Li Yalan hadn’t tried to probe her either.

This surprised Lu Xia!

According to her observation, she led a quiet and unassuming life, while Su Man was more high-profile. So why did Li Yalan test her instead of Su Man?

It was quite puzzling.

After observing for a while, Lu Xia noticed that Li Yalan had stopped suspecting her after the check and was entirely focused on making money.

After that, Li Yalan didn’t pay her any more attention; Lu Xia hoped this time-traveler would save herself some trouble.

Kang Kang was now over seven months old and learning to crawl. He kept her on her toes, making Lu Xia even more vigilant.

Autumn harvest came around quickly, and Lu Xia couldn’t escape, even with her child.

To prevent her baby from getting harmed by the crops, she applied for lighter tasks. Since they were busier lately, Village Chief Liu allowed her to be a scorekeeper for a few days.

Other people were envious of her for this, even though they knew it was because she had a child.

However, even as a scorekeeper, she still had to wake up early and work late. She also had to find time to feed and change Kang Kang’s diapers, which left her exhausted.

After a few days, she had lost quite a bit of weight, and even Kang Kang seemed less lively.

Jiang Junmo was distressed and suggested, “How about we wean Kang Kang now?”

Lu Xia hesitated upon hearing this. “Is it too early? He’s not even eight months old.”

“It’s not too early. Anyway, we have formula milk. Just start giving him formula milk more often and gradually introduce solid food. He should be able to wean off.”

Feeling a pang of sympathy, Lu Xia said, “Shouldn’t we feed him for a few more months? I’m fine.”

Jiang Junmo shook his head empathetically. “It’s alright. Formula milk is also good. Moreover, breastfeeding is more crucial when the child is newborn. Now that he’s grown a bit, it’s not as vital.”

“Is that so?” Hearing him speak so confidently, Lu Xia assumed he had consulted a doctor and thus agreed, “Alright, let’s take it slowly and see if he accepts it.”


Lu Xia thought weaning Kang Kang wouldn’t be easy; surely he would throw a fit. Surprisingly, Kang Kang calmly accepted it.

He didn’t cry at all; instead, he happily held the milk bottle.

Seeing this, Lu Xia felt a bit melancholic. The little one had no conscience.

But at least she could rest from breastfeeding.

Jiang Junmo somehow managed to find barley tea. After she drank it for a few days, her milk supply dried up completely.

With autumn harvest done and fewer tasks at hand, Jiang Junmo now had time to take care of Kang Kang. This gave Lu Xia the opportunity to start exercising.

During the year of pregnancy and childbirth, her exercise routine had come to a halt, combined with the need to ensure ample milk production by consuming high-nutrition food…

This had led to her gaining quite a bit of weight. So now, she was contemplating exercising to shed some pounds.

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Smog – Smog is air pollution that reduces visibility. The term “smog” was first used in the early 1900s to describe a mix of smoke and fog. The smoke usually came from burning coal. Smog was common in industrial areas, and remains a familiar sight in some cities today. 

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