Chapter 155 – Pleasant Cooperation

Wu Zailin hadn’t expected his usually stern father to utter such words. However, upon deeper reflection, it wasn’t entirely implausible. After all, his father genuinely liked these paintings, especially those by Chen Li.

When “Light” was exhibited, Wu Zhang had stayed in the capital for the entire exhibition period. He had even participated in the subsequent auction, trying to acquire another painting by Chen Li. Unfortunately, he returned disappointed.

After arriving in Shanghai, Wu Zhang had been fixated on Chen Li’s paintings for a month. The painting from the Sheng family was the best gift he could receive. Of course, this would be a perfect celebration if the fake painting from the Chen family didn’t make an appearance.

Of course, Wu Zhang was merely speaking in jest. Wei Chen had already made it clear that he wouldn’t exploit even a fraction of Chen Li’s talent. He had conveyed this message to both parties through Wu Zailin, merely to embarrass them.

Wu Zailin wasn’t aware of what Wu Zhang and Jiang Ye had discussed privately. He found himself in a dilemma now, saying, “Dad, aren’t you putting me in a difficult position? And isn’t this also putting Wei Chen in a difficult spot?”

Wu Zhang waved his hand dismissively, saying, “Just talking.”

Wu Zailin didn’t press further. He joined Wu Zhang in focusing their attention on the painting again. The more they looked, the more they liked it, and the happier their moods became.

Chen Li’s paintings possessed this kind of enchantment.

Both Wu Zhang and Wu Zailin believed that given time, Chen Li would undoubtedly become the most shining star in the international art scene!

Wu Zailin’s gaze grew slightly solemn. He believed that when Chen Li rose to prominence, the unscrupulous Chen Yunlan would be left far behind by Chen Li’s determination!


After Jiang Ye and Sheng Tianqi boarded Wei Chen’s car, they sat quietly in the back seats. Wei Chen occupied the front passenger seat. Having toasted Wu Zhang at the celebration, he couldn’t drive, so he let Wei Yan drive them to the hotel where Jiang Ye and Sheng Tianqi were staying.

The atmosphere in the car momentarily grew quiet, but it wasn’t awkward.

“Young Master Jiang,” Wei Chen’s voice broke the silence.

“Call me Jiang Ye,” Jiang Ye interrupted Wei Chen, his response doubling as a veiled introduction.

“Jiang Ye,” Wei Chen smoothly adjusted, “If you have something to say, just say it. I believe none of us are people who beat around the bush.”

“Shouldn’t we find a quiet place to stop and talk?” Jiang Ye hadn’t anticipated Wei Chen being so eager.

Wei Chen responded, “I won’t hide it from you. I have a flight booked to return to the capital tonight. I’m afraid I don’t have much time to spend in Shanghai.”

In truth, Wei Chen’s heart was already set on returning home. Just thinking that Chen Li was still waiting for him made him wish he could sprout wings and fly back to Chen Li immediately.

“Alright.” Jiang Ye didn’t inquire about the reason. He got straight to the point, “I’m interested in investing in the A Zone project.”

“Young Master Jiang, you might be looking in the wrong place,” Wei Chen stated, his face devoid of any expression. “This project isn’t currently under my control, or rather, I’m still striving to secure it. It’s a bit too early to bring it up now.”

It was just too early, not a futile effort. This statement indicated that Wei Chen believed he would undoubtedly clinch the project.

“Not too early,” Jiang Ye smirked with hidden meaning, his dimples appearing and enhancing his handsome face even further. “What if I told you that the project is already yours, the Wei family?”

Wei Yan, who had been eavesdropping on their conversation, lost control for a moment. The car veered into a significant S-shape on the road. Fortunately, the lack of traffic at that time prevented an accident.

Who was this Young Master Jiang? How could he easily secure the project that numerous forces in Shanghai had been vying for?

Unlike Wei Yan’s shock, Wei Chen remained composed, almost as if he had anticipated this outcome. No, it wasn’t an approximation. When Jiang Ye suggested dropping them at the hotel on the way, Wei Chen had already guessed Jiang Ye’s intentions.

So, when Jiang Ye voiced his purpose now, Wei Chen accepted it calmly, without a hint of surprise. In fact, Wei Chen had been waiting for Jiang Ye to say these words.

“Jiang Ye, let’s have a pleasant collaboration,” Wei Chen turned from the passenger seat, extending his hand to Jiang Ye.

Jiang Ye also reached out, shaking Wei Chen’s hand. Two equally slender hands came together. In the future, they would create a project that would shake the world of Shanghai, becoming another hallmark of the city. Other cities or countries would follow suit, yet no project from any city or country would surpass what Jiang Ye and Wei Chen accomplished together.

Of course, that was a story for later.

At this moment, although Jiang Ye and Wei Chen hadn’t signed a contract, their partnership was essentially established.

Later, Wei Chen introduced Wei Yan to Jiang Ye, bluntly stating that Wei Yan would be responsible for the project.

Due to the inconvenience of driving, Wei Yan nodded through the car’s rearview mirror and the backseat towards Jiang Ye.

Jiang Ye didn’t display any displeasure. He had witnessed Wei Chen’s capability during the previous lecture, and he had read the feature article about Wei Chen in the business magazine. Additionally, before coming, he had specifically sought out Sheng Tianqi, his cousin, to inquire about Wei Chen. Sheng Tianqi, who rarely praised anyone, had spoken highly of Wei Chen. Thus, Wei Chen’s work proficiency went without saying.

Since they were cooperating with Wei Chen, Jiang Ye also had to believe in Wei Chen’s judgment. If Wei Chen thought Wei Yan was suitable, then he was. Jiang Ye trusted that Wei Chen would oversee the overall direction from behind the scenes.

Seeing Jiang Ye readily accepting him, Wei Yan couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow. He couldn’t quite grasp what kind of person Jiang Ye was.

Was he a person who could accept everything? Did he believe that investing alone would yield returns? Or was this just Jiang Ye’s principle of employing people? To doubt others when employing them and to trust them once employed?

Wei Yan couldn’t understand, but he didn’t think too deeply. Since they trusted him, he would confidently exert himself without reservation.

After all, if problems arose, Wei Yan felt optimistic because Wei Chen and Jiang Ye were backing him. This optimism was actually a form of confidence in his own abilities.

In a short while, the car stopped in front of the hotel where Jiang Ye and Sheng Tianqi were staying. After watching the two enter the hotel, Wei Yan drove Wei Chen to the airport.

In the car, Wei Yan couldn’t help but ask, “Why would this Young Master Jiang want to collaborate with us? Many people in Shanghai want this project, and there are even more suitable candidates than us.” This was Wei Yan’s doubt.

Wei Chen replied, “We are the most suitable.” His tone was filled with affirmation and confidence.

“Why?” Wei Yan instinctively questioned.

“Because I believe in you,” Wei Chen said. This statement held no emotional undertones; it was simply stating a fact.

Wei Yan opened his mouth, momentarily at a loss for words. He knew Wei Chen was merely stating a fact without any melodramatic touch. Yet, the straightforward “I believe in you” had deeply affected him, causing his eyes to feel slightly warm.

This feeling was akin to persisting and striving for many years, only to be recognized by the opponent he had imagined and handed a highly significant project without any reservations. In this moment, Wei Yan felt that his life hadn’t been in vain. Years of covert effort had not been wasted.

The small car smoothly traveled along the road and quickly arrived at the airport. Wei Yan watched as Wei Chen walked into the airport. At this moment, Wei Yan noticed Wei Chen’s impatience.

He didn’t understand this type of sentiment, but Wei Yan couldn’t help feeling envious. No matter where he went, in a particular spot amidst the crowd, someone was always waiting for his return. With a heart that had found its home, there was no wandering anywhere.

Wei Yan smiled and started the car, leaving the airport.

When Wei Yan arrived at the Wei family’s residence, Housekeeper Zhang was already waiting in the living room. As soon as he saw Wei Yan return, he promptly approached.

“Young Master Yan, the old master has been waiting for you for a while,” Housekeeper Zhang said, leading Wei Yan towards Old Master Wei’s study.

“Grandfather, did you need me?” Wei Yan’s demeanor in front of Old Master Wei became respectful, shedding the playfulness from his face and standing dutifully at the desk.

At this moment, Old Master Wei was practicing calligraphy, his brush strokes flowing effortlessly. With a single stroke, he completed a phrase in cursive script. Other than himself, no one could easily discern what he had written.

After finishing his brushwork, Old Master Wei finally looked at Wei Yan and said, “Achen has already spoken to me.”

Though Old Master Wei didn’t specify what they talked about, Wei Yan could guess that it was related to the A Zone project.

Feeling somewhat nervous, Wei Yan wasn’t sure of Old Master Wei’s stance on this matter—approval or opposition?

“Since I’ve entrusted this matter entirely to Achen, I won’t intervene in how he handles it,” Old Master Wei said expressionlessly. “And since Achen believes in you, you must not disappoint his trust.”

“I understand.” Wei Yan answered. Now he realized Old Master Wei’s intention. It wasn’t about opposing or agreeing; it was merely a word of guidance.

“I won’t mention how important this A Zone project is. If it does fall into the hands of our Wei family, then do your best to complete it.” Old Master Wei continued, “You’re not young anymore; you need to achieve something for me to see.”

“I understand, Grandfather.” Wei Yan replied solemnly. However, he was secretly thanking Wei Chen. He knew that it was because of Wei Chen that his grandfather had given him this opportunity.

Since that was the case, he naturally had to present a satisfying answer that pleased everyone. In this moment, Wei Yan’s determination was stronger than ever before.

Having said all that needed to be said, Old Master Wei waved his hand to dismiss Wei Yan. Once the study was empty, with only him and Housekeeper Zhang remaining, Old Master Wei began speaking, “Achen is becoming more mature. He’s becoming more comprehensive in his actions. Giving him three years of freedom and letting him venture on his own might not be a bad thing.”

“Yes, Master Wei. Young Master Chen has always been exceptional,” Housekeeper Zhang echoed from the side, pride evident in his features.

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