Chapter 271 – Two Girls Fought Over Educated Youth Shen

Upon hearing this, Lu Xia understood. She knew that Cheng Yujiao was still up to her tricks. However, she hadn’t expected her combat skills to be this strong.

She wondered how Su Man would handle this situation.

To be honest, Lu Xia was somewhat disappointed in the male lead, Gu Xiangnan, in this novel. The author portrayed him as handsome, well-off, and most importantly, having good character – honest, upright, and open-hearted.

Yet, after spending so much time together, she had noticed indecisiveness in Gu Xiangnan’s personality.

Cheng Yujiao had caused so much trouble for so long, and she was still causing a ruckus now. If Lu Xia were Su Man, she would have kicked him out long ago!

Su Man couldn’t find someone suitable under her conditions. Why was she insisting on hanging onto a tree that wouldn’t bear fruit?

Originally, Lu Xia wanted to see how things would turn out between Su Man and Gu Xiangnan this time. But before she could find out, another incident occurred at the educated youth spot!

Of course, this time it wasn’t the old educated youths involved, but the newly arrived Educated Youth Shen, Shen Yifan.

One day, two village girls got into a fight because of Shen Yifan.

At first, nobody knew why they were fighting, and it escalated from verbal insults to physical blows. When they were finally separated, they were still cursing at each other.

Both claimed to be Shen Yifan’s romantic interest.

One said she had given Shen Yifan sweet potatoes, the other claimed to have given him steamed buns. One said he had written poetry for her, the other said he had played music for her.

In short, every word they said left the villagers bewildered!

So… was Shen Yifan stepping on two boats?

Upon hearing the news, Village Chief Liu’s expression turned grim. He immediately sent someone to bring Shen Yifan to the village.

Other educated youths who heard about the incident also gathered around.

Lu Xia and Sun Shengnan joined the crowd out of curiosity.

By the time they arrived, Shen Yifan had already figured out what had happened. He spoke righteously, “I haven’t been in a romantic relationship with them. The bond between us is one of pure revolutionary friendship! Is there some misunderstanding?”

Seeing his expression as if he had been misunderstood, the Village Chief fell silent and asked, “If there’s no romantic relationship, why did they give you food?”

Shen Yifan confidently replied, “They admire me and want to learn from me, so they try to please me.”

His words were followed by a silence in the room.

People had thought he was coming up with excuses, but seeing his earnest expression, they believed he genuinely thought this way.

For a moment, nobody knew what to say.

Lu Xia almost burst out laughing. Truly bizarre. Where did he get such confidence?

He didn’t even consider how precious food was nowadays. If they weren’t romantically involved, why would anyone give him food? Yet Shen Yifan acted as if it were his due.

At this point, one of the girls said, “Comrade Shen, how could you think like this? When did I say I wanted to learn from you? Wasn’t it you who said I was different from the other girls and actively pursued me?”

Shen Yifan frowned upon hearing this. “Comrade Wu, you’ve misunderstood. When I said you were different, I meant you had a passion for learning, so I offered to teach you. Think about it, every time we met, did I not help you study?”

The girl named Wu shook her head. “I never studied with you. I respected your interests. Moreover, you told me about the poems you wrote, specifically for me. I thought we were in a relationship, so I shared my food with you, and you never refused.”

Disappointed, Shen Yifan glanced at her. “I didn’t expect you to be like this, Comrade Wu. You’re tarnishing the pure friendship between us!”


Chapter 272 – Punishment Result


Upon hearing this, the girl with the surname Wu immediately wanted to explain, but another girl spoke up, “The poem he wrote for you, wasn’t it the one about the wind, clouds, and sunset? If it’s that one, he showed it to me too, claiming he wrote it specifically for me. When I found out, I was moved and gave him the white flour steamed buns we saved for the New Year.”

The girl with the surname Wu fell silent after hearing this. Her eyes turned red instantly, and now everyone understood what had happened.

Yet Shen Yifan was still there, adamantly insisting that their relationship was pure and innocent.

Pure and innocent friendship, for god’s sake! The villagers wanted to curse upon hearing this!

Clearly, he was stepping on two boats, using deception to get free meals and drinks!

Those girls had thought they were in a romantic relationship with him, so they shared their hard-earned food. Yet he turned around and denied it. This was infuriating!

The families of the two girls were ready to confront him, even roll up their sleeves for a fight.

Fortunately, the Village Chief managed to calm them down. He didn’t let the argument continue and announced the punishment.

“This matter is Educated Youth Shen’s fault. Our village is different from your city; we don’t allow mixed-gender studying alone together, nor do we accept gifts and then turn our backs. However, since it’s out in the open now, we’ll let it pass. But this incident has cast a negative light on us. If Educated Youth Shen doesn’t receive some punishment, the villagers won’t agree. So, let’s have Educated Youth Shen take responsibility for cleaning the fields.”

He didn’t wait for Shen Yifan’s opinion and directly turned to Gu Xiangnan, the person in charge of the educated youth spot. “Comrade Gu, what do you think of this decision?”

Gu Xiangnan nodded, “It’s a good plan. Thank you, Village Chief.”

Meanwhile, Shen Yifan, who realized the decision was final, wasn’t satisfied.

“Why should I be punished? What did I do wrong? Why am I being penalized?!”

However, nobody paid him any attention.

The Village Chief turned to the families of the two girls.

Seeing that they were not entirely satisfied with the punishment, he advised, “You should also consider the girls’ reputation. Let’s just let this matter pass as a misunderstanding. If it escalates, it won’t be good for their reputation. How will they find husbands in the future?”

Although the two families didn’t seem pleased, they ultimately didn’t press the issue further. For the sake of their daughters’ reputations, they had to accept the outcome.

Afterward, the Village Chief instructed everyone present to keep this confidential and then dismissed the gathering.

The matter concerning the girls’ reputation wouldn’t spread, but, as for Shen Yifan, both the villagers and the educated youths had gained a deeper understanding…

Lu Xia walked back with the educated youths.

On the way back, Shen Yifan continued to protest, claiming the Village Chief’s punishment was unfair.

Finally, Gu Xiangnan, unable to tolerate it any longer, said, “Fine, if you think it’s unfair, you can wait until the Village Chief reports to the police. They might arrest you for engaging in hooliganism.”

Shen Yifan felt a sense of fear upon hearing this, but he still gritted his teeth and raised his chin defiantly. “I haven’t engaged in hooliganism. You’re falsely accusing me!”

Gu Xiangnan stared at him expressionlessly, “Falsely accusing? Do you think the villagers are all fools? They haven’t pointed it out simply because they don’t want to tarnish the girls’ reputations. It’s not that they’re afraid of you. I advise you not to make a fuss anymore. If you push them too far, you won’t come out well either.”

Upon hearing this, Shen Yifan couldn’t help but shiver involuntarily. He didn’t dare to continue.

However, on the way back, everyone’s expressions were far from good.

Nobody expected another issue to arise from the educated youth spot. First, it was Yang Weidong, and now Shen Yifan. It was unclear what was happening with the new educated youths; they just couldn’t seem to stay out of trouble.

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Hooliganism – to behave like a hooligan; to act in a dirty or indecent manner
All love relationships lacking the intention of progressing to marriage are acts of hooliganism. (common saying)

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