Chapter 269 – Kang Kang Turns One

Jiang Junmo felt unjustly accused, “…I didn’t lie to you! I’ve been teaching him these past couple of days. He really hadn’t said it before, this is the first time.”

Lu Xia was skeptical. Wasn’t he saying these things just to make her feel better?

Jiang Junmo hastily reassured her, “Really, I’m not lying. He’s only been saying ‘ma’ these past two days. Probably because he couldn’t see you, he pointed to the door every day, wondering if you had come back.”

Lu Xia, feeling more at ease, softened and looked at Kang Kang. “Oh, Kang Kang, you miss Mom? Mom misses you too!”


“Hey, is Kang Kang speaking because he misses Mom? What a good baby of Mom’s.”


“Alright, Mom’s here. Mom’s back. I’m sorry, baby, Mom won’t leave for so long anymore.”


Watching Lu Xia’s attention focus on the child, Jiang Junmo finally breathed a sigh of relief. The little rascal almost got him into trouble.

After Sun Shengnan returned, Liu Jun brought them a lot of red eggs. Lu Xia initially didn’t want to accept them. Their lives were different from hers; though they were no longer struggling financially, they weren’t particularly well-off either.

However, Liu Jun left right after setting the eggs down, and it wasn’t easy to refuse them. Lu Xia figured it was their way of expressing gratitude for her help at the hospital.

Thinking for a moment, she decided to accept the gift and then sent over two pieces of clothing that Kang Kang had worn right after birth.

The fabric for Kang Kang’s tiny clothes had been sent by the Jiang family. It was very soft and suitable for the baby to wear.

Of course, Sun Shengnan loved them, but she also knew the fabric was precious and hesitated, considering declining.

Lu Xia interrupted, “Sister Shengnan, just accept them. Don’t be polite with me. These clothes are too small for Kang Kang to wear now.”

Still, Sun Shengnan hesitated a bit. “Then you can keep them for your future children.”

Lu Xia shook her head, “It’s too early for that. We have Kang Kang now, and that’s enough for the time being. We don’t plan to have another child anytime soon.”

Upon hearing her words, Sun Shengnan accepted the clothes, and their relationship became even closer.

After learning that Sun Shengnan had given birth, those who had a good relationship with her went to visit. Lu Xia then heard that Yu Fang had also given birth on the same day they returned.

No surprises, she also had a daughter.

It was said that Mother Hu wasn’t very happy about it, but Hu Jianjun was quite pleased. He even took special leave to come back.

Lu Xia visited her too and found that Yu Fang was doing well. She had probably known the gender of the child beforehand, so her disappointment had faded. Coupled with Hu Jianjun treating her well, things were looking up.

Although Mother Hu was somewhat disappointed, she smiled when she saw them. Overall, it wasn’t too bad.

However, hearing that Yu Fang had a girl seemed to have riled up Zhou Lai’er again.

According to Shen Qingqing, she mocked Yu Fang at the educated youth spot, saying that she couldn’t even give birth to a son.

But everyone ignored her.

The day after Lu Xia returned from the county, it was Kang Kang’s birthday. They had planned to take him for a photoshoot, but the weather was still too cold, and they were afraid he might catch a cold. They had to postpone it until it warmed up.

Nevertheless, Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo prepared some simple but delicious food at home to celebrate. However, Kang Kang could only eat baby food for now, so the treats were enjoyed more by the parents.

After dinner, Lu Xia enthusiastically organized a “grasping the week” ceremony for Kang Kang. However, this little one was sitting so steadily that no matter how Lu Xia encouraged him, he remained unmoved, eventually falling asleep.

Lu Xia could only helplessly announce the failure of the ceremony.

Chapter 270 – Taking Photos of Kang Kang


It wasn’t until Sun Shengnan finished her postpartum confinement that the weather gradually warmed up, and Lu Xia, along with Jiang Junmo, finally took Kang Kang to the county.

This was Kang Kang’s first trip since his birth, and he didn’t cause any trouble along the way. He looked curiously outside the car window and behaved well.

Upon arriving in the county, they headed straight to a photography studio and took many pictures of Kang Kang. There were solo shots, as well as family portraits with his parents.

Of course, due to Jiang Junmo’s insistent request, Lu Xia and he also took a solo photo together.

A few days later, the developed photos were ready. Jiang Junmo specially had an extra set developed and sent it back home directly.

The other set, they kept. After Lu Xia looked at the pictures, she couldn’t help but adore them.

Kang Kang was incredibly photogenic. He kept smiling throughout the shoot, and the results were fantastic—he looked like a child from traditional New Year’s paintings.

Her pictures with Jiang Junmo also turned out beautifully. He was actually smiling, genuinely happy, not just forcing a smile. It was evident that his happiness came from the heart.

But the most significant change was in his physique. Their first picture together had been taken right after they got married, and he had looked somewhat frail. This time, he appeared much stronger and had gained some muscle.

It was obvious he had developed a healthy body, even more so than an average person.

Lu Xia guessed that the Jiang family would be delighted to receive his photos.

And that’s exactly what happened.

Seeing the pictures, the Jiang family was charmed by Kang Kang’s adorable appearance, and they were even more excited about Jiang Junmo’s transformation.

Even Grandpa Jiang couldn’t hold back tears. If it weren’t for the family persuading him otherwise, he might have come in person to see for himself.

Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo learned about these reactions only when they received the next batch of letters from home.

Reading the letters, they felt touched and wished to return to their family as soon as possible for a reunion.

Spring had come again, and spring plowing had begun.

Lu Xia still wasn’t working. Mainly because she didn’t want Kang Kang to be exposed to the strong sun.

Sun Shengnan felt the same way. She intended to return to work eventually, but not right now. They needed to wait until their child was a bit older. At the moment, it wasn’t convenient to take the baby to work.

So, with neither of them working, they spent their time chatting while holding the baby.

This time, their gossip was about the educated youth spot. It was said that Su Man and Gu Xiangnan were having another argument. It was likely that their relationship was on the verge of breaking down, and it had something to do with Cheng Yujiao.

Cheng Yujiao had apparently received a promotion in her family. Gu Xiangnan’s parents had considered the matter and still wanted her to become their daughter-in-law. In fact, they had written to Gu Xiangnan before the Lunar New Year, urging him to return and get engaged to Cheng Yujiao. However, he hadn’t gone back.

But after Cheng Yujiao returned home for the New Year, she brought a letter from the Gu family. They had informally agreed to an engagement, and they planned to hold the wedding next year during the Lunar New Year.

Gu Xiangnan was naturally angry that his parents didn’t consider his opinion. However, since he was in the countryside and couldn’t do much, he decided to keep it a secret from Su Man for now. He wanted to figure out how to change his parents’ minds first.

But as expected, Su Man found out about it quite quickly.

It didn’t take much guessing to understand the reason—it was all Cheng Yujiao’s deliberate flaunting.

Upon learning about it, Su Man was infuriated. She was a woman from modern times, wealthy and attractive. She certainly wouldn’t resort to becoming a mistress.

Although she liked Gu Xiangnan, after spending so much time with him, she had realized that he was overly indecisive. A woman like Cheng Yujiao had been causing trouble for so long without resolution.

Saying that it was the neighbor’s sister, she respected that he didn’t go out to deal with it, and in return, this is what she got. Su Man felt like her heart had turned cold.

So, she directly broke up with Gu Xiangnan.

Of course, Gu Xiangnan didn’t agree, but Su Man was determined this time.

So, the two of them were in a standoff now. Plus, Cheng Yujiao was there to fan the flames on the side. Overall, the situation looked quite tense.

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Grasping the Week Ceremony – (zhuā zhōu) custom of placing a variety of articles (writing brush, books, swords, abacus, etc.) before an infant on its first birthday to see which one he or she picks up (The article chosen is supposed to be an indication of the child’s inclinations, future career, etc.)

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