Chapter 267 – A Daughter Is Born

Lu Xia didn’t know that Kang Kang had just learned to speak when she left.

At this moment, she was carefully supporting Sun Shengnan as they walked towards the hospital.

Sun Shengnan had come to the hospital only after experiencing labor pains. On the way, the pain grew increasingly intense, but fortunately, it was her first pregnancy, so she shouldn’t give birth too quickly.

However, the pain was still unbearable for her.

Liu Jun stood by with bags in his hands, nervously following along. Finally arriving at the hospital, he became flustered again, unsure of what to do.

Fortunately, Lu Xia was there to help. She helped them register and found a doctor.

When the doctor arrived and checked, Sun Shengnan was already dilated three centimeters, about to give birth.

Seeing how rushed they had been and fearing that Sun Shengnan might not have the strength to give birth, Lu Xia took out the pastries Jiang Junmo had brought her from her pocket.

“Sister Shengnan, have some of these pastries first. Otherwise, you might not have the energy to give birth later.”

Only then did Liu Jun realize he hadn’t even thought of that.

Sun Shengnan had indeed been exhausted from the journey, and now she was less polite with Lu Xia. She directly took the pastries and started eating.

Lu Xia looked at Liu Jun, who seemed a bit regretful, and said to him, “Educated Youth Liu, why don’t you go get some hot water for Sister Shengnan? Otherwise, eating like this might make her feel dry.”

Liu Jun immediately responded, “I’ll go right away!”

Watching Liu Jun efficiently leave with a kettle, Lu Xia and Sun Shengnan exchanged a glance and both smiled.

Sun Shengnan, now relieved from the pain, had a slightly improved complexion. She smiled at Lu Xia and said, “I’m glad you’re here. Otherwise, with Old Liu being so nervous, I was starting to worry that I’d have to handle everything myself.”

Lu Xia also smiled upon hearing that. “Excessive care can cause chaos. I think Educated Youth Liu is just overly concerned about you.”

Sun Shengnan chuckled and shook her head. “I never knew he had such a chaotic side before.”

Lu Xia smiled back and didn’t say anything further.

After eating the pastries and drinking some water, Sun Shengnan regained some strength, and her contractions grew more intense.

When the doctor finally arrived and determined that it was about time, they entered the delivery room.

Lu Xia and Liu Jun waited outside the delivery room.

This time, Lu Xia could finally imagine what Jiang Junmo looked like when she gave birth to Kang Kang. Liu Jun had been so restless since Sun Shengnan went in, pacing around outside the delivery room. He became anxious at even the slightest sound from inside.

Luckily, Sun Shengnan’s delivery went relatively smoothly. Not long after, a nurse came out carrying the baby.

“It’s a girl, weighing five pounds three ounces. Mother and daughter are both healthy.”

Upon hearing this, Lu Xia breathed a sigh of relief. Thankfully, everything went well.

Looking at Liu Jun, she noticed that he seemed a bit weak in the legs, barely able to stand while leaning against the wall. It seemed he had been overwhelmed by nervousness.

Lu Xia didn’t make fun of him; instead, she looked at the baby.

The baby wasn’t as big as Kang Kang had been at birth, but she still looked fine—red and wrinkled. Perhaps it was because Lu Xia was now a mother herself, but she didn’t find the baby ugly. She looked at her with a tender feeling.

By now, Liu Jun had recovered as well.

He walked over, cautiously looking at the baby, hesitant to touch her. Then he asked the nurse, “When can my wife come out?”

“Very soon, the doctor is finishing up.”

Just as the nurse finished speaking, the delivery room door opened, and Sun Shengnan was wheeled out.

She still had her eyes open, though she was covered in sweat and appeared exhausted, she hadn’t fallen asleep.

Liu Jun rushed over, concerned. “How are you? Are you okay?”

Sun Shengnan nodded and then looked at Lu Xia and the baby.

Lu Xia reassured her, “Don’t worry, I’ll be with the baby.”

Finally, a smile appeared on Sun Shengnan’s face.


Chapter 268 – Kang Kang Can Speak


Lu Xia followed the child for a check-up, watching as the little girl was poked and prodded by the doctor, crying incessantly. Fortunately, the final results of the examination were positive.

By the time she took the child back, Sun Shengnan had already fallen asleep.

Liu Jun was busy organizing the things he had brought.

Seeing Lu Xia return with the child, he was somewhat flustered, attempting to take the child from her.

However, since the child had just cried so much, Lu Xia had finally managed to calm her down. She was worried that Liu Jun might not know how to hold her properly and cause the baby to cry again.

But considering he was the father, she handed the baby to him.

Surprisingly, though Liu Jun had initially been flustered, he held the baby quite adeptly, and the baby didn’t wake up.

Seeing this, Lu Xia felt relieved; it seemed he had practiced in advance.

After that, Lu Xia and Liu Jun took care of Sun Shengnan and the baby together.

Having probably taken advice from Jiang Junmo before, Liu Jun had learned how to cook. He handed the responsibilities of caring for the child and Sun Shengnan over to Lu Xia and went to the cafeteria to cook.

Lu Xia noticed he had brought half a chicken with him, already prepared. He must have planned ahead.

So when Sun Shengnan woke up, she was greeted with a steaming bowl of chicken soup.

Lu Xia realized she hadn’t known enough about Liu Jun before. She used to think he was a quiet person, but now she understood that he was also good at taking care of people.

Taking care of Sun Shengnan, cooking, feeding the baby, changing diapers – though he was a bit unfamiliar at first, he quickly improved. He did everything without complaint, making the other pregnant women in the ward quite envious.

After all, nowadays, besides Jiang Junmo, there were very few men who could do these things.

Although they had a daughter, Lu Xia noticed that Liu Jun was fond of her as well. On several occasions, she caught him looking at the baby with gentle eyes.

This made Lu Xia even more satisfied with him and reassured about Sun Shengnan.

With the birth of the baby, Sun Shengnan’s mood also improved significantly. It seemed she also loved the girl. She specifically told Lu Xia, “Let’s name her Liu Zhen, she’s our treasure.”

Lu Xia smiled in response. “Liu Zhen sounds lovely. I’m sure this little one will grow up well.”


Sun Shengnan stayed in the hospital for a night and took a bus back the next afternoon. She didn’t plan to stay longer.

The night went peacefully, without encountering the odd occurrences from last time.

Back in the town, Liu Jun had arranged for a tractor to take them back home.

Upon returning to the village, Lu Xia parted ways with them.

She thought she hadn’t been away for more than two days, but it felt like much longer. This was the first time she had been separated from Jiang Junmo for such a long time since they got married, and she wasn’t used to it. She hadn’t slept well the previous night.

So, after arriving home, she planned to rest for a bit, only to be surprised.

As she entered, she saw Kang Kang, who Jiang Junmo was holding, standing at the doorway. Upon seeing her, Kang Kang reached out his hand and said, “Ma~”

Lu Xia hadn’t fully registered it when she heard it again, “Ma~”

Finally, she realized, astonished, “Kang Kang can speak?”

Jiang Junmo chuckled and nodded. “Yes, he started when you left.”

Lu Xia felt a bit disappointed upon hearing that, and she took Kang Kang from Jiang Junmo. “You little troublemaker, you’re doing this on purpose, aren’t you? You didn’t say it when I was home, but as soon as I left, you started speaking.”

Thinking this, she felt regretful. She hadn’t heard Kang Kang’s first “Ma~”

Jiang Junmo understood her feelings and offered some comforting words. “Right now, he only says ‘mama’. I’ve been trying to teach him ‘papa’ for a while, but he doesn’t say it.”

Just as he finished speaking, Kang Kang said, “Pa~”

Jiang Junmo: “…”

Lu Xia stared at him expressionlessly.

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