Chapter 265 – Possibly a Girl

Upon hearing this, Lu Xia finally felt relieved. In this era, most rural childbirths happened in the village rather than in hospitals. The fact that Liu Jun suggested going to the hospital showed how much he cared about Sun Shengnan.

“Educated Youth Liu really treats you well!”

Sun Shengnan smiled at the remark, a hint of happiness in her eyes. “Actually, I consulted with a midwife. My baby’s position is good, so it’s safe to give birth in the village. But Liu Jun is still worried and insists on going to the hospital.”

Lu Xia responded, “Even though the baby’s positioned well, going to the hospital still provides greater peace of mind. Educated Youth Liu cares about you.”

“Yes, but I find it a bit troublesome.”

“In comparison to life, a bit of trouble is nothing to worry about. Rest assured, I’ll accompany you when the time comes,” Lu Xia said directly.

Sun Shengnan was about to refuse without thinking, “You don’t need to trouble yourself. You have a child too, so it’s inconvenient for you.”

Frowning, Lu Xia responded, “What’s inconvenient about it? Kang Kang can be with Jiang Junmo. He’s better at taking care of him than I am.”

However, Sun Shengnan still seemed hesitant, mostly because she didn’t want to bother anyone.

Lu Xia could probably guess her thoughts, so she continued, “Although Educated Youth Liu knows a lot, he’s still a man. There might be things he doesn’t consider. My presence could help look after things. It won’t just be you; there will be the baby as well.”

When she mentioned the baby, Sun Shengnan thought of Lu Xia’s concerns about her child at the beginning and the things they went through. She finally let out a sigh.

“Alright, then I’ll rely on you when the time comes.”

“Why say ‘rely’? When I was giving birth, didn’t you help out too? This is just returning the favor.”

Hearing this, Sun Shengnan indeed stopped being so polite.

“Alright, I’ll count on you then.”

Lu Xia smiled, “Rest assured, I’ll take good care of you.”

After discussing Sun Shengnan’s matters, Lu Xia thought about Yu Fang, who was pregnant alongside her. So, she casually asked, “I wonder where Yu Fang plans to give birth?”

Hearing her question, Sun Shengnan sighed, “She’s probably giving birth at home.”

Lu Xia assumed she was worried about this, so she comforted her, “Don’t worry, the midwives in the village have been delivering babies for decades. There shouldn’t be any problems.”

Shaking her head, Sun Shengnan explained, “I’m not worried about that. I saw Yu Fang a while ago. She said her mother-in-law had someone examine her, and it seems like she’s carrying a girl this time. She’s a bit disappointed, and even though her mother-in-law didn’t outright express her displeasure, her attitude has changed quite a bit. Fortunately, things are still okay with Hu Jianjun. He treats her well and brings her food every time he visits.”

After listening, Lu Xia fell silent. She understood Mother Hu’s perspective – after all, there were only a few families in the village that didn’t prefer boys.

But what about Yu Fang… “So, Yu Fang also has a preference for boys?”

Sun Shengnan shook her head, “Although she doesn’t strongly favor boys, she definitely prefers having sons. After all, this is her first pregnancy, and having a son could establish her position in the Hu family.”

Lu Xia listened in disbelief. What did the Hu family have? Still needed to establish her position? Weren’t they all the children of the Hu family? Did being a boy or girl really make that much of a difference?

After all, they were going through the pain of childbirth and raising children. Why be so picky?

Of course, she knew these thoughts were her own. Many people in the village and this era shared Yu Fang’s way of thinking.

So, Lu Xia thought for a moment and said, “It’s not like she’s having just one child. She’s overthinking it. This is her first pregnancy; she can always have a son in the future.”

Sun Shengnan nodded in agreement, “I told her the same thing.”


Chapter 266 – Accompanying Sun Shengnan to the Hospital


“Well, don’t worry about her too much. Regardless of the situation, it’s still her child and Mother Hu’s grandchild. Her family won’t dislike it.”

Hearing this, Sun Shengnan felt much more at ease. “You’re right; I was overly concerned.”

Lu Xia smiled, “And what about you? Do you prefer a son or a daughter?”

Sun Shengnan touched her belly gently and smiled tenderly, “Either one is fine for me. My family isn’t in the picture anymore, and Liu Jun’s family can’t help much either. I don’t have any specific preferences for a boy or girl.”

“But Liu Jun is a bit worried about what if it’s a girl that looks like him. Several times when I woke up in the middle of the night, I saw him looking at my belly with a sigh. I thought he didn’t like kids, but after asking, I realized that’s what he was worried about. It’s quite amusing.”

Lu Xia chuckled at this unexpected revelation. She hadn’t thought that Liu Jun would be so interesting.

Looking at Sun Shengnan’s joyful expression, Lu Xia couldn’t help but think about Zhao Hua’s situation. She had to admit that sometimes losing something could lead to unexpected blessings. Losing Zhao Hua had brought her closer to Liu Jun, who treated her wholeheartedly. It truly was a stroke of luck!

After leaving Sun Shengnan’s home, when Lu Xia returned to her own house, she unexpectedly found Liu Jun there.

When she had visited Sun Shengnan, Liu Jun had greeted her and left, so Lu Xia assumed he had gone to wish others a happy new year. But now he was at her house, engaged in a lively conversation with Jiang Junmo. Lu Xia wondered what had brought him there.

Once Liu Jun left, Lu Xia couldn’t resist her curiosity and asked Jiang Junmo, “Since when did you start interacting with Educated Youth Liu?”

Jiang Junmo could tell what she was curious about from her expression. He smiled helplessly and didn’t hide anything, saying, “Educated Youth Liu came to consult me. He asked about taking care of the baby and looking after the mother during postpartum recovery.”

“Ah? Educated Youth Liu asked you about that?”

“Yeah, why?”

“I just didn’t realize Educated Youth Liu was like this before. He seems quite nice.”

“Is that so?”

Seeing Jiang Junmo squint his eyes, Lu Xia immediately continued, “Of course, but my Educated Youth Jiang is the best. Otherwise, why would anyone come to you to learn?”

Jiang Junmo was pleased by the flattery. He smiled and curved his lips, then shot her a sidelong glance. “Alright, stop flattering me. I’m going to cook. You watch over Kang Kang.”


Seeing her acting playful, Jiang Junmo shook his head with a smile and went to prepare the meal.

The first month of the lunar calendar passed quickly, and Sun Shengnan’s due date was getting closer.

Lu Xia thought she might give birth in February, but towards the end of the lunar month, Liu Jun came over to call her. He said that Sun Shengnan’s belly felt heavy, indicating that she might be going into labor.

So, Lu Xia quickly packed her things, entrusted Kang Kang to Jiang Junmo, and then accompanied them to the county by car.

Jiang Junmo had been informed in advance that Lu Xia was going to take care of Sun Shengnan. Although he wasn’t very keen on letting her go, considering that Sun Shengnan had helped take care of Lu Xia before, he couldn’t really refuse.

He could only watch as Lu Xia left.

After she disappeared from sight, Jiang Junmo looked down at Kang Kang in his arms and let out a sigh, saying, “Your mom left us…”


Jiang Junmo was taken aback. “What did Kang Kang just say? Say it again!”

Kang Kang: “Ma~”

“Kang Kang?”


Jiang Junmo understood, “Come on, Kang Kang, say it again: Mama…”


“Wow, Kang Kang can really speak now! You little rascal, your mom wanted you to talk when she was around, but you wouldn’t. Now that she’s gone, you start talking. Your mom will be surprised when she finds out! She’ll be so mad!”

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