Chapter 263 – The Daying Village Became a Sensation

However, soon enough, Lu Xia found out that Yang Weidong had never implicated Li Yalan in the end. He took all the blame upon himself.

But in reality, the capital for his actions came from Li Yalan, and she reaped most of the profits as well.

Yet, when Yang Weidong thought about his family and remembered Li Yalan’s promise that she would take care of his family if anything went wrong and he took the blame, he remained tight-lipped.

Then, Yang Weidong’s punishment was handed down – he was sent to a remote area, and it was estimated that he wouldn’t return for a decade or more.

At the same time, this incident became a model case, and even the people in their county came to know about it. Now, the educated youth spot of Daying Village had truly become a sensation.

People even specifically came to visit the village, and some friends of the educated youths from the same village would come here to ask questions, which made everyone feel ashamed.

So much so that for a long time afterwards, they didn’t want to admit that they were educated youths from Daying Village.

This incident also had an impact on the village itself, as the words “Daying Village” were now known to many people.

And it became famous due to this kind of event.

This caused some resentment among the villagers, as they felt burdened by the situation.

But what people disliked most was Yang Weidong, as his actions had influenced the entire village.

Other educated youths were not implicated, especially since Village Chief Liu had taken office. He treated all the educated youths equally and the older educated youths like Lu Xia got along well with the villagers, especially Su Man, who had secured many benefits for the village.

So, the only ones looked down upon were the new educated youths.

After experiencing this incident, the new educated youths became much more low-key. Especially Li Yalan, who fell ill after the incident, lost weight, and after recovering, became much quieter, no longer as impulsive as before…

Of course, due to her sickness and weakness, she also used it as an opportunity to garner sympathy from Feng Zhenzhu. Finally, she obtained her forgiveness, and the two reconciled.

During her illness, it was Feng Zhenzhu who took care of her and bought her medicine, hoping that she would cherish this friendship.

With this incident behind them, for quite a while, the villagers remained relatively silent. It wasn’t until the approaching New Year that things gradually returned to their lively state.

This New Year, because Kang Kang was still young, Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo didn’t want him to be troubled, so they didn’t go home.

When the Jiang family learned about this, they understood and sent many good things and New Year’s goods beforehand.

Looking at the silent Jiang Junmo as he read the letter and examined the items, Lu Xia guessed that he was likely missing home.

So, after a moment of contemplation, she suggested, “How about you make a trip back? After all, Kang Kang is older now, and I can take care of things myself.”

Upon hearing this, Jiang Junmo immediately shook his head, “No, I can’t leave you and Kang Kang here alone.”

He knew Lu Xia was worried about him and added with a smile, “Don’t worry, I’m fine. Let’s wait until Kang Kang grows a bit older before we go back. I was just thinking, Grandfather probably really wants to see Kang Kang.”

Seeing Jiang Junmo’s mood improving, Lu Xia felt relieved. Reflecting on his words just now, she said, “Then how about we take a photo of Kang Kang and send it back after the New Year? He’s turning one year old, so it would be a good keepsake.”

Jiang Junmo immediately nodded, “Sure, we’ll take several photos then.”

Seeing his improved mood, Lu Xia smiled as well, “Great.”

Lu Xia and the others didn’t return to their hometown for the New Year. This time, Gu Xiangnan and Su Man also stayed and didn’t leave, while Cheng Yujiao went back.

Throughout the year, Cheng Yujiao didn’t give up on Gu Xiangnan. She often approached him, not paying much attention to Su Man, who was his official partner.

Moreover, she frequently hinted to others that Gu Xiangnan’s parents were quite satisfied with her.


Chapter 264 – Another New Year’s Eve


Actually, others could also see a bit of the situation.

After all, just like Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo, Sun Shengnan and Liu Jun, those who got along well or decided to be together usually got married quickly.

On the other hand, Su Man and Gu Xiangnan, who had announced that they were dating, were often seen together, but there seemed to be no intention of marriage.

So, everyone guessed that their families didn’t agree.

But in this era, relationships not aimed at marriage were considered frivolous.

Therefore, many people thought it was not a good situation, though they didn’t say it outright. After all, Su Man seemed difficult to approach, and Gu Xiangnan was in charge of the educated youth spot. As long as they didn’t cause any trouble, no one brought it up.

In contrast, Cheng Yujiao was looked down upon by everyone. Despite gaining approval from the Gu family, she still pursued Gu Xiangnan even when she knew he had a partner. Her character was evident.

So, among the people at the educated youth spot, their attitude toward these three was to watch and speculate, but not interfere.

Like Lu Xia, everyone wondered what Gu Xiangnan would ultimately decide – whether to be with his love Su Man or obey his parents and be with Cheng Yujiao.

Lu Xia knew the result, but the process was intriguing. She enjoyed it, and although others didn’t know the outcome, they all had their own speculations.

During the New Year, because Kang Kang needed to eat egg soup every day, Jiang Junmo didn’t have the heart to slaughter the egg-laying hens at home. Instead, he bought a lot of meat and even managed to buy two large roosters from the black market during the New Year period when regulations were less strict.

On New Year’s Eve, as usual, they sent a small pot of chicken stew with potatoes to Senior Brother Xu’s place. Then, Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo started their third New Year’s Eve dinner together.

Or rather, three people – this year, their family had expanded with the addition of Kang Kang.

Kang Kang was now sitting quite steadily. He could even stand up by himself while holding onto the wall. Although he looked chubby, he was developing well.

Of course, his appetite was big too, probably because his dad cooked such delicious food. Every time he ate complementary foods, he could finish a large bowl. However, he was gradually reducing his milk intake and focusing more on solid foods.

He was almost nine months old and should be starting to talk soon, so Lu Xia often playfully teased him to make him say something.

However, every time he gave her a cold stare and ignored her, making her feel like a clown.

At moments like these, Lu Xia felt quite worried, “Why did you have to inherit your father’s bad traits? You had to inherit his stoic expression. What am I going to do? You’re growing up too fast!”

Jiang Junmo, on the side, listened in silence, secretly grateful that Kang Kang inherited his traits. Otherwise, if he inherited his mother’s love for gossip, it would drive people crazy. Thankfully, one in the family was enough.

Getting back on track, currently…

As a family of three enjoyed a lavish New Year’s Eve dinner, after putting Kang Kang to bed for the night, the couple stayed up talking.

The next day, Lu Xia took Kang Kang, bundled up tightly, to go visit homes and give New Year’s greetings. She even made a special trip to Sun Shengnan’s home.

By now, Sun Shengnan’s belly had grown quite big. She had stayed home all winter, feeling restless. Occasionally, Lu Xia and a few female educated youths would visit.

Seeing Sun Shengnan’s condition after the whole winter, she wasn’t significantly bigger, but her belly was certainly noticeable. Lu Xia felt a bit concerned.

“Are you about to give birth? What are your plans?”

Upon hearing this question, Sun Shengnan smiled, “Liu Jun said we’ll go to the hospital when the time comes.”

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‘But in this era, relationships not aimed at marriage were considered frivolous.’ – kinda considered a crime, you could get reported, arrested, criticized, and then paraded. So those female educated youths that were pestered by the male villagers had to get married to avoid this.

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