Chapter 275 – Trouble Arises

Lu Xia nodded after hearing Li Yalan’s explanation, but she didn’t express whether she believed it or not. She turned to Jiang Junmo and asked, “Is dinner ready?”

Jiang Junmo nodded, “Yes, it’s ready. We’re waiting for you.”

Lu Xia responded with a simple “Hmm,” then turned back to Li Yalan, “We’re about to have dinner. Educated Youth Li, are you staying?”

At this moment, Li Yalan was still dazed. She hadn’t expected her so-called “male god” to be cooking. How could that wretched woman Lu Xia let her precious male god do something as mundane as cooking?!

With these thoughts in mind, she became furious and didn’t hear what Lu Xia was saying.

It was only after Lu Xia asked a few more times that she snapped out of her thoughts.

By this point, Lu Xia had lost her patience. Why was this person just standing there at her doorstep?

Finally, Lu Xia yelled, “Educated Youth Li!”

Li Yalan was startled, finally regaining her senses.

Lu Xia’s expression turned cold as she spoke directly, “We’re having dinner. If you have something to do, go attend to it.”

Without waiting for Li Yalan’s response, Lu Xia grabbed Jiang Junmo and left.

Left standing in place, Li Yalan’s expression darkened. She gritted her teeth. This Lu Xia was her nemesis!

Just wait, once I have my goldfinger, I’ll help Educated Youth Jiang out of his predicament sooner or later.

When the time comes…

It was unknown what she was thinking, but her expression turned somewhat shy. She glanced back at the house and then turned and left.

Meanwhile, once Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo were inside the house, before she could even ask, Jiang Junmo spoke directly, “I have no idea what’s gotten into her. She suddenly showed up and asked if I felt wronged. She told me not to go to work all the time when I have free time and to spend more time at home studying. Apparently, good days are coming soon!”

Lu Xia didn’t know what to say after hearing this!

“…What does she mean? What does she mean by ‘feel wronged’? What reason do you have to feel wronged? Is it because you go to work while I stay at home?”

“I don’t know,” Jiang Junmo shook his head. Clearly, he didn’t understand either. He always thought that Li Yalan, who constantly talked to himself, was a bit odd.

Actually, Lu Xia understood the second part. As a transmigrator herself, Li Yalan must have known about the college entrance exam schedule. But what did she mean by telling Jiang Junmo all this?

Could she have genuinely taken a liking to Jiang Junmo?

Lu Xia’s expression darkened. She hadn’t even died yet, and this woman was already trying to flirt with her man. This transmigrator had absolutely no moral boundaries.

While Lu Xia knew Jiang Junmo wouldn’t be swayed by her, it still made her extremely uncomfortable.

She decided to ask Shen Qingqing to keep an eye out and see what Li Yalan was up to.

This year, their village hadn’t received any new educated youths, so the educated youth spot was still relatively spacious. Shen Qingqing got along reasonably well with her roommates, though they didn’t have much interaction. Still, since they shared a room, she could gather some information.

Upon hearing Lu Xia’s request, she paid special attention to Li Yalan for a few days. During this time, she noticed that Li Yalan had been getting closer to Cheng Yujiao and had even spoken to Zhuang Hongmei, who was already married.

Lu Xia didn’t know what she was planning, but she remained cautious.

This transmigrator had no moral boundaries, and Lu Xia feared she might stumble into trouble unknowingly.

However, despite her vigilance, nothing had happened over the past few days.

Yet she didn’t let her guard down and remained cautious.

And so, three days passed. While nothing had gone wrong on Lu Xia’s side, trouble had befallen Su Man on the other.

By the time Lu Xia learned about it, the news had already spread.

The specifics were that while Su Man was returning from the town, she was accosted by a few hooligans along the way.

Su Man often walked alone and was always cautious. She had even prepared a stick in advance. Coupled with her basic self-defense skills, she could normally handle a few hooligans easily. So initially, she didn’t pay much attention to them.

However, during the altercation, one of the hooligans suddenly took out a package of powder and threw it at her.

Caught off guard, Su Man inhaled some of the powder. Immediately, she felt her head grow heavy, her limbs weak, and her strength draining away.

Then, she lost consciousness and collapsed.


Chapter 276 – Jade Pendant


But in the end, nothing happened to her.

The reason being that after the hooligans had subdued her, they didn’t actually do anything to her. Also because Gu Xiangnan arrived. Upon realizing that Su Man hadn’t returned home yet, he followed the bicycle tracks and found Su Man, who had been dragged into a small grove.

What he didn’t expect was to find Li Yalan there, apparently having a dispute with the hooligans over dividing their spoils unevenly.

In fact, the reason these hooligans had targeted Su Man was because they had been paid to do so, and someone had informed them that she frequented the black market. They assumed she had money to spare. Additionally, after the incident, they would also gain possession of her bicycle. In their eyes, it was a profitable venture.

Their primary motivation was money, with any other matters coming in second.

Of course, the end result was that Gu Xiangnan singlehandedly defeated all of the hooligans, rescuing Su Man.

However, Li Yalan, who inexplicably appeared there, didn’t manage to escape when she saw Gu Xiangnan. In the end, Gu Xiangnan also apprehended her and brought both of them to the village committee.

Upon hearing the details of the incident, Lu Xia still had many questions left unanswered.

“So, Li Yalan was behind this?”

Shen Qingqing nodded, “When Educated Youth Gu arrived, Educated Youth Li was quarreling with the hooligans over uneven distribution of the loot. Educated Youth Gu thought Educated Youth Li was responsible for the incident, with money being the motive. However, Educated Youth Li denied it, claiming that she was helping Educated Youth Cheng. And the hooligans were introduced to them by Educated Youth Zhuang, so she argued that she wasn’t the mastermind.”

After hearing this, Lu Xia fell silent for a moment. “If it wasn’t her, why did she get involved and argue with the hooligans?”

“According to what’s been said, she did this because she found out that Educated Youth Su had a jade pendant that resembled the one passed down in her family. Later, the jade pendant was lost and her family had searched for it for a long time without success. Then, she unexpectedly saw Educated Youth Su wearing it and thought it was hers. Educated Youth Cheng agreed to give it to her after the plan succeeded.”

“Jade pendant?” Lu Xia was once again puzzled. This whole situation sounded messy and implausible. What was up with this strange reasoning?

Then again, the entire scenario seemed fantastical.

She could understand Cheng Yujiao’s motives for dealing with Su Man and asking for help from Zhuang Hongmei. But why would Li Yalan get involved? It all seemed too complicated.

At the very least, since Li Yalan had joined the plan, what role had she played?

Lu Xia suspected that the entire plan might have been Li Yalan’s idea, using Cheng Yujiao to deal with Su Man for some ulterior motive. But what was the significance of this “jade pendant”? Was it really a treasured heirloom of her family?

And how coincidental was it that so many people managed to incapacitate Su Man, yet nothing happened to her? How did Gu Xiangnan manage to locate her so easily?

Moreover, she had never heard of Gu Xiangnan, who seemingly possessed extraordinary martial arts skills, singlehandedly defeating several hooligans and saving the day.

Something about all of this seemed too perfect… Could the protagonist halo really be at play here?

Lu Xia couldn’t make sense of it all.

At the moment, Li Yalan and the hooligans were still confined in the village committee’s warehouse.

Rumor had it that the dispute over the uneven distribution of the spoils arose because the hooligans hadn’t found a single penny on Su Man, apart from the jade pendant.

However, the jade pendant had been designated for Li Yalan in advance.

Li Yalan immediately wanted to take it, but the hooligans, who had gained nothing from the confrontation with Su Man, refused to agree. Although the pendant wouldn’t fetch much money now, it was still better than nothing. This led to a standoff between the two parties.

It was unclear why Li Yalan was so audacious. As a woman, she dared to argue with the hooligans, seemingly unfazed by the potential consequences.

Regardless, the incident had stirred quite a commotion.

Gu Xiangnan, on his way back with Su Man, had encountered Li Yi. He had asked for Li Yi’s help to apprehend the hooligans and bring them back to the village. As a result, many people had witnessed the incident, and the news had spread…

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