Chapter 277 – Su Man Went to the Warehouse

Upon learning about this, the village officials became quite serious.

This matter had escalated beyond a simple incident. The hooligans were not solely from their village; they came from the town and other villages as well. The village committee couldn’t directly punish them; they had to involve the public security bureau.

However, Su Man had not yet awakened. The doctor from the health center mentioned that she had been drugged and would wake up soon.

Therefore, everyone decided to wait for her to wake up and see what plans she, as the party involved, had in mind.

Of course, when it came to the source of the drugs used by the hooligans, they pointed the finger at Li Yalan.

But Li Yalan denied it, insisting that she was assisting Cheng Yujiao.

Cheng Yujiao, of course, wouldn’t admit her involvement. She claimed that the plan was devised by Li Yalan and that she had volunteered to help. She emphasized that she had nothing to lose by going along with it, and she had merely provided the money. As far as recruiting people, it was Zhuang Hongmei who had done that; Cheng Yujiao had only contributed financially.

Thus, Cheng Yujiao asserted that the matter had nothing to do with her.

Cheng Yujiao only claimed ignorance, and Li Yalan couldn’t provide evidence, so the matter remained unresolved for the time being.

The village was abuzz with discussions about this major incident. No one had expected Su Man, who already had her share of misfortunes, to encounter more trouble.

And Educated Youth Li had displayed incredible audacity, actually daring to orchestrate such a scheme. Looking back on it now, it felt rather frightening.

At this moment, Lu Xia was also affected. She had always believed that Li Yalan’s previous actions were directed at her, but it turned out not to be the case.

Still, she was deeply frightened by the whole situation. It was just too ruthless!

In the evening, after having dinner, Lu Xia realized it was still early and decided to pick some vegetables from her garden to give to Sun Shengnan.

The garden of the house they rented was quite small, and the soil wasn’t great. The vegetables they grew weren’t abundant, and since Lu Xia’s garden yielded plenty, they often shared with her.

After delivering the vegetables, the two of them discussed Su Man’s situation, both feeling a sense of reflection.

Yet, they didn’t know what to say exactly. After all, the situation was truly terrifying. If Su Man happened to go out a little later, something would have befallen her.

After sharing their thoughts for a while, Lu Xia returned home.

But on her way, from a distance, she thought she saw Su Man’s figure. Su Man was heading towards the direction of the village committee’s office, and it was odd considering that the village officials had already finished their work for the day.

Originally, Lu Xia had no intention of getting involved in Su Man’s affairs, but her curiosity got the better of her, and she followed from a distance.

To her surprise, Su Man was walking towards the warehouse. The village had two warehouses, conveniently separating Li Yalan and the hooligans.

However, the warehouse was likely locked at this time, leaving Lu Xia curious as to how Su Man managed to enter.

Lu Xia didn’t go inside; instead, she quietly positioned herself outside a window on the opposite side of the warehouse. This angle allowed her to remain hidden from their view.

She observed Su Man enter the warehouse and immediately give Li Yalan a couple of slaps, leaving Li Yalan stunned.

After a moment, when Li Yalan regained her senses and attempted to resist, Su Man held her down and continued striking her multiple times.

When Li Yalan was finally in too much pain to move, Su Man released her.

With a cold expression, Su Man demanded, “Speak up. What is your real purpose?”

Li Yalan continued to deflect blame, saying, “I’ve already told you, it’s not me. It’s Cheng Yujiao. She resents you for competing with her over a man, so she wanted to ruin you!”

Su Man’s eyes darkened slightly, “Are you still not willing to tell the truth? Or do you want more beating?”

Trembling all over, Li Yalan looked pitifully at Su Man, saying, “Really, everything I said is true. I’m not the mastermind. Can you not send me to the police? If I’m taken in, my life will be ruined!”

Su Man remained unmoved by her words, “Stop making excuses. Tell me, why do you want my jade pendant?”

At the mention of the jade pendant, Li Yalan’s expression hesitated for a moment, and then she cautiously said, “I just felt like it resembled the jade pendant passed down in my family!”


Chapter 278 – Threat


Upon hearing this, Su Man chuckled softly, then squatted down, grabbing Li Yalan’s hair with one hand and pinching her face with the other.

With a cold gaze, she said, “Don’t give me excuses. How did you know I had a jade pendant? I’ve never shown it to anyone outside, so how did you find out, hmm?”

Li Yalan seemed to be intimidated by Su Man’s gaze, stuttering, “I… accidentally saw it.”

Su Man didn’t believe her words at all. She slapped Li Yalan’s face harshly again, causing blood to trickle from her mouth and numbing the pain.

Unable to resist, Li Yalan could only stare at Su Man with a defiant gaze, devoid of her previous vulnerability.

Observing this, Su Man’s lips curled into a smirk; indeed, the truth was now revealed.

Seeing the contemptuous look in Su Man’s eyes, Li Yalan couldn’t hold back anymore and clumsily sat up.

She wiped the corner of her mouth roughly with her sleeve and said, “Ha, what are you so proud of? Aren’t you just a time-traveling woman?”

Su Man’s expression turned cold upon hearing this, “What did you say?”

“Heh,” Li Yalan laughed as well, “What’s there to be proud of? You’re acting so high and mighty as a time-traveler. But what does it matter? Aren’t you still competing for men like everyone else?”

Su Man’s tone was icy, “How do you know all this?”

“Hahaha!” Li Yalan disregarded the pain on her face, now completely unrestrained. “I know a lot. I know you’re a time-traveler. I know you have a jade pendant space. I know that in the end, you won’t be able to beat Cheng Yujiao, and she will snatch the man from you. In the end, you’ll have nothing left! Hahaha…”

Su Man couldn’t hold back any longer, moving closer and pinching her face again. “Tell me, how do you know?”

Li Yalan chuckled, seemingly unafraid at this point.

“How do I know? Do you think I’ll tell you? Heh, if you’re smart, you’ll let me go. Otherwise, if I end up at the police station, I’ll definitely spill your secrets. Just think about it, if the authorities find out about a time-traveler like you with a space that can hold anything, do you think they’ll let you be? You might end up dissected.”

Listening from outside the window, Lu Xia felt that Li Yalan was acting recklessly, especially at this point when she dared to threaten Su Man. She wondered how Su Man would handle this situation.

Then, she saw Su Man’s eyes darken slightly, and she spoke with certainty, “You’re a time-traveler too!”

“Haha, you’re just realizing it? Yes, indeed, I’m a time-traveler too! So, I understand you better than anyone else! How about it? Are you scared?”

Su Man didn’t respond to her taunts but asked, “How do you know Cheng Yujiao will win?”

Li Yalan smirked, “Do you want to know? I won’t tell you. After all, you’re bound to lose miserably!”

Afterwards, it seemed as though Li Yalan believed she had control over the situation. Regardless of what Su Man asked, she refused to divulge any more information. Instead, she kept threatening and intimidating her, hoping that Su Man would release her.

Finally, Su Man stopped asking and simply took out something, placing it into Li Yalan’s mouth.

The action was sudden, and Li Yalan’s resistance was ineffective. Without any preparation, she ended up swallowing whatever it was.

Once she realized what had happened, she was startled, “What did you make me swallow?”

She tried to scrape it out with her fingers, but no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t retrieve it.

Then, she lunged at Su Man once again, “Tell me, what did you make me swallow? Is it poison? Are you trying to kill me? Murder is a crime, and if people find out, you’ll die too!”

After saying this, seeing that Su Man remained unmoved, she began to plead, “I was wrong, I shouldn’t have plotted against you. Can you forgive me? I’ll help you from now on, assist you in dealing with Cheng Yujiao. I know her weaknesses, and with my help, you’ll definitely win.”

Upon hearing this, Su Man chuckled, “It’s too late. You won’t see the day of my victory.”

Li Yalan, upon hearing this, lost her composure, “What do you mean? Are you saying I’ll die? Aren’t you afraid of being discovered?”

Su Man smiled coldly and replied, “That’s not something you need to worry about.”

With that, she turned around and left, locking the warehouse door behind her.

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