Chapter 279 – Li Yalan’s Fantasies

Lu Xia watched from the outside, her heart pounding with anxiety, not daring to make a sound.

When it was finally confirmed that Su Man had disappeared, she found her legs had gone numb. She could only slowly stand up, trying to regain her composure.

Once she felt somewhat better and the numbness in her legs had subsided, she was about to leave when she heard Li Yalan’s angry voice from inside.

“What shit is this time-traveling heroine? I am a transmigrator, the real heroine of this book! What is Su Man? Without Gu Xiangnan, you’re nothing. And that reborn Cheng Yujiao, what shit! She fell into a pit with just a little scheming. It serves her right that she ends up repeating her mistakes from her past life.
I am the real protagonist! Once I obtain a storage space, I can make a fortune, start a company, buy a courtyard, and become the wealthiest person in China.
Oh, and my male god, how can Lu Xia, that plain-looking woman, compare to my male god?
She even has my male god cooking for her, truly absurd.
When my male god and I both get into university, Lu Xia with her plain looks will be left behind.”

Saying this, Li Yalan blushed, “Oh my goodness, I’ve actually taken the ‘wicked stepmother to spoiled wife’ route. Then, Kang Kang is my little cub?
Indeed, he’s so adorable. He’s truly going to be my little cub in the future.
Considering Lu Xia has given birth to this cute little cub of mine, I won’t let her die. She can marry a villager and stay in the countryside forever.
At that time, my cub’s birth mother, with her plain looks, won’t stand a chance against me, the future wealthy stepmother. He’ll definitely choose me.
Hehehe… I’m just too kind!”

Listening to Li Yalan’s extravagant imagination from outside the window, Lu Xia felt as if she had swallowed a fly – disgusted.

So, this is what she’s been thinking all along!

So, her husband and son were prepared for her?

Such wishful thinking!

Why doesn’t she fly to the heavens then?!..

However, Lu Xia also noticed that Li Yalan’s mental state seemed a bit off at the moment, and she unintentionally revealed her origin.

Turns out, she’s also someone who transmigrated into a book, but not the one Lu Xia knew. She transmigrated into another one, where Cheng Yujiao was reborn.

And Su Man actually had a jade pendant space – this deviated from what Lu Xia knew.

Who knows how much the storyline has changed.

Will Su Man really lose to Cheng Yujiao in the end? Where did her space come from?

Lu Xia distinctly remembered that in the book she had read, Su Man’s special power was just the protagonist halo, without any space.

Could it be that heaven watched Cheng Yujiao’s rebirth and gave her an extra special power?

Lu Xia couldn’t comprehend it, but these matters weren’t her concern right now.

She was just grateful that Li Yalan’s version of the book didn’t include her transmigration. Otherwise, knowing Li Yalan’s style, she wouldn’t have had an easy time.

She had already learned too much tonight and needed to digest it all.

As she was leaving, she glanced at Li Yalan, who was still in a dreamlike state, feeling a bit puzzled. She didn’t know what Su Man had given her – was it really poison?

If it wasn’t, would Li Yalan spill the beans about Su Man’s origin if caught by the authorities? Lu Xia felt it was quite likely.

However, all of these matters were for Su Man to handle on her own.

Seeing that the sky had grown dark, she guessed that if she didn’t head back soon, Jiang Junmo would be worried.

So, she hurried back home.

Halfway there, she encountered Jiang Junmo, who had come out with a flashlight to look for her.

Seeing her, Jiang Junmo furrowed his brows and said, “How could it take so long to deliver some vegetables? It’s already dark!”

Lu Xia didn’t dare to tell him she had gone to watch the spectacle again and casually made up an excuse, “I chatted with Sister Shengnan for a while, lost track of time. Don’t worry, the moon is bright tonight, it’s not too dark.”

Jiang Junmo sighed in resignation, gave her a look, and didn’t press further. He knew they must have been discussing Su Man’s affairs.

“Other people’s matters have nothing to do with you. But if something happens to you this late at night, what should I do?”

Lu Xia quickly assured him that this wouldn’t become a habit.

Jiang Junmo didn’t want to say much anymore; he had almost grown accustomed to it. He could only remind himself to keep a closer eye on her in the future.


Chapter 280 – Li Yalan’s Death


Early the next morning, a significant event occurred in the village!

Li Yalan had died!

Upon hearing the news, Lu Xia’s face turned pale. Jiang Junmo assumed she was scared by the news and came over to console her.

Indeed, Lu Xia was frightened. Just yesterday, Li Yalan was perfectly fine, but today, she was gone. How could she not be afraid?

What troubled her even more were the events she had witnessed yesterday. After some contemplation, she hesitated for a moment and said to Jiang Junmo, “Last night, when I came back, I saw Su Man going to the warehouse. Do you think Li Yalan’s death might be related to Su Man?”

Jiang Junmo listened quietly, then his expression grew serious. “This is something you shouldn’t know about, and you shouldn’t tell anyone.”

Lu Xia nodded hurriedly. She would never reveal it, but she couldn’t help wondering if Li Yalan’s death was truly connected to Su Man.

Later, she learned that Li Yalan had died by crashing into a wall, likely by suicide. But this incident was significant; when someone dies in the village, it’s beyond the village’s capacity to handle, so the police were called in.

After the police investigation, the conclusion was indeed suicide. They proceeded to interrogate the individuals involved, including Cheng Yujiao and Zhuang Hongmei.

The first to be questioned was a young hooligan. According to their confession, they had always been in contact with Li Yalan. They had an agreement: after the hooligans drugg*d Su Man and took the jade pendant, Li Yalan would get the pendant, and everything else would go to the hooligans.

Cheng Yujiao denied any involvement and only stated that Li Yalan had borrowed money from her, and the borrowed amount happened to be the same as what the hooligans had received.

As for Zhuang Hongmei, she mentioned that Li Yalan had asked her about the local hooligans in town previously, as she usually avoided them when she went to town.

Zhuang Hongmei told her what she had heard from Chen Er.

None of the others were implicated.

Because no further information could be obtained and the dispute between Cheng Yujiao and Su Man wasn’t enough to implicate her, the mastermind behind this was ultimately determined to be Li Yalan.

Regarding Li Yalan’s death, the police examined the scene and concluded that she had experienced severe emotional turmoil for some unknown reason. She exhibited signs of madness and frenzy, and before her death, she had knocked things over in the warehouse, accidentally colliding with the wall and dying.

Due to the less advanced state of forensic science at the time and the absence of her family, the case was closed, and no one raised further questions.

Except for Feng Zhenzhu, she went to the police on purpose.

She couldn’t believe that Li Yalan would do such things just for a jade pendant. From what she knew of Li Yalan, she was an ordinary girl from an ordinary family. Her parents were simple workers, and her ancestors were ordinary people as well. How could she possess a family heirloom?

She suspected that there must be some hidden truth behind this. However, the police told her that even if not for the pendant, it could have been for money. The evidence was clear, and the facts couldn’t be changed.

In the end, Feng Zhenzhu had to reluctantly accept this explanation.

Li Yalan’s burial was financed by Feng Zhenzhu, and she was buried in the village. Feng Zhenzhu sent a telegram to the Li family, but they didn’t come, feeling ashamed.

The village also objected to her burial in the village cemetery, so she was buried on the back hill in a picturesque location.

People from the educated youth spot went to help, even though she had made serious mistakes in the past, now she was no longer among the living.

And the sudden and tragic death of a seemingly normal person left everyone feeling uneasy…

Lu Xia hadn’t seen Li Yalan’s body, but she heard from the villagers that it was similar to when a wild animal went mad and crashed into a tree a few years ago. They said the animal had consumed a herb that drove animals crazy.

Upon hearing this, Lu Xia felt like she had grasped something…

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  1. Really tragic. With her knowledge of the future, she could have been set for life if she had played her cards correctly, but instead she died pitifully as a disgraced criminal.

    I do understand her envy, though. Life was really difficult back then, and even if you’re armed with modern knowledge that might not be enough to survive. Thousands of educated youths couldn’t handle the conditions and died in the countryside in those days; a modern transmigrator who has nothing but knowledge of the future wouldn’t fare any better. While struggling with dealing with the harsh living conditions, how can she not be envious of an ability that can virtually guarantee that you’ll be living a life of plenty in a few years?

    On Lu Xua’s side, her ability is even greater than Su Man’s. With her magic water and stable source of amazing food, she’s playing the game on easy mode. She can sit back, relax, and focus on cultivating her family while waiting for universities to open back up because she doesn’t have to worry about getting sick or starving at all, and her work is only half as tiring as it otherwise would be. It’s lucky that Li Yalan never knew about it.

  2. Tbh, getting yourself killed after transmigration isn’t far fetched. First off, your self righteousness and pride can kill you. Looking down at the people from the old era can off you. Secondly, we live in an era where we say whatever while hiding in the internet. Our social experience might seem more profound but internet actually give a lot of data/information pollution. But for our grandpa/grandpa, they go out to talk and interact on a daily basis. Our generation can grow up not knowing who is your neighbor 3 house away but they know everyone in the same street. So yes, they know more how to navigate life in that time. That’s their era after all.

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