Chapter 163 – I’m Achen

Even though Zhuge Yu was the person closest to Chen Li at this moment, as soon as Zhuge Yu’s hand made contact with Chen Li, Chen Li immediately pushed him away.

At this moment, Chen Li was irritable and full of fear. He was trapped in his own world because of Chen Qing. The suppressed fear, the memories filled with violence and pain, surged toward him like a tide, eroding his rationality.

Chen Li now stood as if isolated in the midst of tumultuous waves that could instantly engulf him. He was in the center, utterly helpless and terrified. His gaze was vacant, his thoughts filled with the pain he was struggling so hard to suppress.

Zhuge Yu looked at Chen Li with concern. This was the first time he had seen Chen Li like this. When he had just arrived and seen how the students in the class were protecting Chen Li, he had felt somewhat relieved. However, at this moment, looking at Chen Li in such a state, Zhuge Yu couldn’t find any comfort. This also made him doubt the authenticity of the students’ words. If that outsider from earlier hadn’t caused any substantial harm to Chen Li, how could Chen Li be in such a condition?

“Professor, is Chen Li okay? Should we call an ambulance?” Everyone present was worried and felt heartache for Chen Li’s current state. They could see that Chen Li’s emotions were tightly wound, like a rubber band stretched to its limit. The slightest bit of stimulation would cause this rubber band to burst and break.

The consequences of it breaking were beyond their imagination.

Although they were worried about Chen Li, his classmates didn’t dare to get too close to him. They feared that approaching him would trigger the force that would snap the rubber band, causing Chen Li to collapse.

Zhuge Yu’s brows furrowed. The feeling of being at a loss persisted, but like the students, he didn’t dare approach Chen Li. He knew that Chen Li couldn’t handle even the slightest bit of stimulation right now.

Zhuge Yu’s gaze grew concentrated. He turned and walked over to the police officer, speaking in a low voice, “Comrade officer, you’ve seen it too. My student has suffered significant harm from this person. I hope you can provide a convincing answer.”

The police officer also recognized the severity of the situation and nodded. “Professor Zhuge, please rest assured. We will handle this according to regulations.” After saying that, the officer turned to the students who had offered to be witnesses and said, “Could you accompany me to the police station? I need your testimonies.”

Naturally, these students readily agreed. They all wanted to go to the police station to provide statements. Chen Li had been seriously injured, and they wouldn’t feel comfortable if they didn’t do something about it.

Chen Qing was taken away by the police. As he was leaving, he continued to mutter curses. When had Chen Qing ever experienced treatment like this? He was determined to repay what he had encountered today many times over.

The police officer saw the sinister expression on Chen Qing’s face once again and thought to himself that this young man’s intentions were indeed malicious. Thus, he concluded that Chen Qing had indeed ass*ulted Chen Li.

Several students left with the police. They were all eyewitnesses who wanted to seek justice for Chen Li.

The police took Chen Qing away, and at this point, the matter had settled into dust. However, Chen Li’s current state became a dagger hanging in the hearts of those who cared about him. They were afraid that Chen Li wouldn’t be able to withstand it. Everyone could only watch Chen Li from afar, hesitant to approach or do anything, even Zhuge Yu felt powerless.

Under a tree, Chen Li stood straight, his face pale as if coated with wax, presenting a sickly pallor. His large eyes were devoid of vitality, lifeless. Yet, the deepest fear filled his eyes, as though it could engulf him in the next second. His body trembled uncontrollably, the bone-deep pain he had kept at bay in his memories had returned, corroding every nerve.

Whips, brooms, tables, chairs, and even sharp knives filled Chen Li’s memories. Just like scenes from his past, he felt these objects crashing down on him at this moment, drenched in blood, agonizingly painful.

But he couldn’t cry, not even shed a tear. Because he knew that if he shed a tear or made a sound, he would be met with a new round of violence, more brutal beatings.

It was like this, as long as he didn’t move or react, they would lose interest and leave. He endured it all, just like before, it would eventually pass.

“You fool, why don’t you go d*e?”
“Fool, why the hell are you still in my house? Get out!”
“Chen Qing, is this the fool from your family? Looks really stupid!”
“You guys can try hitting him and see. He doesn’t know pain, doesn’t know how to cry.”
“Don’t lie, how can a human not know pain?”
“Don’t believe it? Try it!”
“Oh my, even when I smashed this chair on him, he didn’t react. Look, he’s bleeding, and he didn’t even flinch. He really doesn’t know pain!”
“I must’ve been cursed for eight generations to have been sent here to deal with a fool like you!”
“Get up and listen, did you hear me? Because of you, I got punished by the madam today. I’ll make sure to beat you to d*ath!”

Countless voices infiltrated Chen Li’s mind, filled with malice and mockery, enveloping him like curses.

Chen Li was thus trapped in the chaotic world of violent memories. Everything from the past was like a whip with thorns, striking him mercilessly, one lash after another. Despite the care from Wei Chen, the wounds that had scabbed over were torn open once again, and Chen Li was left drenched in blood.

No one knew the kind of pain Chen Li was experiencing right now. The ambulance from Q University’s affiliated hospital arrived swiftly, and the doctors stepped out. Upon seeing Chen Li’s condition, their brows furrowed. Like the other students, they hesitated to approach him, yet they couldn’t let this state continue. They couldn’t predict when the taut string within Chen Li would snap.

Nervously pacing, Zhuge Yu walked back and forth. A doctor, with a furrowed brow, approached Zhuge Yu, solemnly saying, “Professor Zhuge, give him a sedative injection. Otherwise…” The doctor didn’t need to elaborate on the consequences; they couldn’t predict what actions a patient like this might take. They also knew that the effect of the sedative would only be temporary. Once it wore off, the patient would revert to whatever state he was in.

As Zhuge Yu was about to respond, he saw a figure in the distance, and his eyes immediately lit up, as though he had spotted salvation. “Wei Chen, over here!”

Indeed, Wei Chen had arrived. Upon receiving Zhuge Yu’s message, he had immediately abandoned an important meeting. He rushed through red lights, halving the usual twenty-minute journey time.

Wei Chen was in an urgent state. His meticulously groomed hair was now disheveled, sticking to his head. Despite the chilly spring weather, he was sweating profusely. His weak facial muscles maintained a stoic expression, but the urgency and worry in his eyes seemed to have solidified into a tangible form.

Seeing Chen Li, he halted in his tracks. The cacophony around him seemed to vanish. In his heart and eyes, there was only Chen Li.

“Li Li,” Wei Chen softly called Chen Li’s name, taking a cautious step, gradually approaching him.

The doctor intended to make Wei Chen back off, as the patient’s condition couldn’t endure any stimulation. But before he could speak, Zhuge Yu shook his head at him.

Zhuge Yu said, “Let him try. If even he can’t reach him, the sedative won’t work either.”

From Zhuge Yu’s words, the doctor inferred the subtle relationship between the patient and the man. He knew that if someone could awaken the patient’s most painful memories, there must be someone who could help the patient forget all the pain, become stronger. This person was a unique sedative for the patient, even more effective than medication. He might be able to pull the patient out of suffering, helping him forget the shackles that bound him.

However, the doctor couldn’t be certain if this man was that kind of presence for the patient. He was somewhat worried, but it was the safest option now.

Almost everyone’s attention was fixated on Wei Chen. Watching him approach Chen Li step by step, using the gentlest voice to call out Chen Li’s name.

Chen Li didn’t respond, but to the doctor’s delight, he didn’t resist the man’s approach. Though his consciousness was in chaos, his nerves stretched taut, subconsciously he categorized this man as safe.

It was a positive sign, the doctor thought.

All present breathed a sigh of relief as Chen Li didn’t reject Wei Chen’s approach. But their hearts still hung heavy. This was just the beginning. They hoped that this man, who picked up and dropped off Chen Li every day, rain or shine, could bring Chen Li back from that twisted state.

Many people clenched their hands nervously, beads of sweat forming, their gazes never leaving the spot under the big tree. They waited together for a miracle to unfold.

Wei Chen stopped beside Chen Li. He looked at him, his heart pained in waves. Tears flowed uncontrollably from his eyes. Li Li, his Li Li.

“Li Li, I’m here. I’m sorry, I’m late,” Wei Chen’s voice was hoarse. He choked back his sobs, his gaze filled with tenderness.

Chen Li didn’t respond. He stood there like a statue, unmoving, yet his body trembled incessantly, uncontrollably.

“Li Li, I’m Achen,” Wei Chen took another step closer to Chen Li, raised his hand, and gently placed it on Chen Li’s head.

“Li Li, I’m Achen. I’m here,” Wei Chen repeated, his voice hoarse, quivering with emotions he couldn’t hold back.

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