Chapter 162 – Chen Qing’s Arrival

As Huang Zhenzhen burst into tears of joy on one side, the classmates on the other side had already taken pictures of the paper with the words “Thank You” written on it and shared it in the class group.

The class group instantly buzzed with excitement over these two perfectly written thank you words that seemed like they were printed.

[Finally! Finally! Finally! Has Chen Li finally replied to us, classmates?]
[Ahhh! Chen Li’s handwriting is still as beautiful as ever, and why do I feel an urge to cry?]
[I’ve already cried, okay! Has Chen Li finally felt our friendliness?]
[I’m already on the playground. Who wants to run a few laps with me to relieve the excitement?]
[Chen Li will gradually get better! I believe it!!!”
[I believe in that too!!]

[I can already envision how Chen Li will look standing among us when we take our graduation photo. Just thinking about it feels incredibly wonderful!] After a series of excited words, the classmates gradually regained their composure.

[We can’t be too happy too soon. This is just a beginning. We should continue as before and keep our distance from Chen Li. It’s good that Chen Li is responding to us, but we shouldn’t get too carried away.] The class monitor, who was also the class representative, immediately posted this message.

It was true that Chen Li had replied to them, which indicated that he felt their goodwill and was attempting to respond, but in reality, Chen Li’s heart hadn’t fully opened.

At this point, if they approached Chen Li recklessly, he would surely retract again, rendering their current efforts futile. The class monitor’s words resonated deeply with the classmates, and they all expressed their agreement, vowing not to overstep their bounds.

[What’s the point of making such promises here? Chen Li has been approached by someone from another school, and it seems like Chen Li is scared of this person. Coordinates: XXX. If anyone is free, come quickly!] After leaving this message, the student didn’t provide any further updates, and there weren’t many responses below. Most of them were rushing to the location specified by the student.

Inside the classroom, just as Huang Zhenzhen’s emotions were calming down, the student who had posted the picture in the group saw this message. Immediately, they exclaimed, “Chen Li is in trouble. Let’s go help quickly!”

“What happened? What happened?” Huang Zhenzhen quickly asked, already heading towards the school gate.

So, what exactly had happened?

After leaving the classroom, Chen Li headed in the direction of Zhuge Yu’s studio. When Wei Chen wasn’t around, Chen Li always walked with his head down, looking at his own feet. This way, he wouldn’t make eye contact with others on the road, and this time was no exception.

However, while walking this time, someone stood in Chen Li’s path. As soon as that person spoke, Chen Li’s face turned pale.

“Hey, foo… Chen Li.” Chen Qing had initially wanted to call him a fool, but remembering his grandfather’s advice to get along well with Chen Li, he swallowed the word “fool.” Even though he called Chen Li’s name, there was an unmistakable disdain in his tone.

Chen Li didn’t respond. Instead, he stepped back in fear, increasing the distance between himself and Chen Qing. His face was pale, and he couldn’t stop trembling.

“What’s this? Forget about your older brother after just a few days?” Chen Qing knew that Chen Li wanted to keep his distance, but he intentionally approached Chen Li, as if trying to corner him.

Chen Li kept his head down, biting his lower lip tightly. As he had no more room to retreat, he trembled like a sieve.

“Are you still afraid of me?” Seeing Chen Li’s fearful expression, a twisted sense of satisfaction welled up in Chen Qing’s heart.

‘Your name is Chen Li, so what? You’re a student of Zhuge Yu, so what? You’re a junior brother of Wu Zailin, so what? Wei Chen has been protecting you, so what? In front of me, you’re still a fool, a fool who can’t even lift his head to look at me!’

At this point, this twisted sense of satisfaction had already taken over Chen Qing’s rationality. How could he remember his grandfather’s advice to get along well with Chen Li? Now, he only wanted to torment Chen Li out of habit, make him unable to bear it, and let him descend into boundless darkness.

Chen Qing’s voice was like a devil’s melody, entwining in Chen Li’s ears, hitting the weakest point in his heart. The past rushed in like a flood, casting a black, thorny haze in Chen Li’s heart, much like a devil.

Chen Li didn’t know what to do. He wanted to run, but every time he tried to escape, Chen Qing would catch him and the beating would become more intense.

Just as Chen Qing was about to continue taunting Chen Li, he felt burning gazes coming from all directions, substantial and filled with caution and scrutiny.

These gazes made Chen Qing uncomfortable. He turned to find the source of these gazes and saw that over a dozen people were walking towards him. Before Chen Qing could react, he was surrounded by these people.

Chen Qing noticed that a few people were standing in front of Chen Li, in a protective stance, looking at him with eyes that made him feel like an unpardonable criminal.

However, before Chen Qing could respond, he realized more and more people were coming this way, and their expressions were unfriendly. Chen Qing keenly sensed that this hostility was directed at him!

What was happening? Chen Qing looked at the dozens of people surrounding him, his face full of confusion.

“Who are you?” the class monitor spoke up, questioning him.

Chen Qing replied, “I’m Chen Li’s older brother. I came to the school to check on him.” This was the truth, and Chen Qing felt justified.

“Then you didn’t notice Chen Li’s resistance to you?” the class monitor asked, sounding even less friendly. With so many people around, how could an outsider be allowed?

“How could that be? You must have misunderstood. I’m his brother. Why would he resist me?” Chen Qing quickly said with a smile. He had realized that these people were here to protect Chen Li. If he showed even a hint of disgust towards Chen Li now, he probably wouldn’t leave unscathed today.

Naturally, no one believed his words. The class monitor continued, “I don’t care whether there’s a misunderstanding or not. Please leave now.”

Chen Qing looked at Chen Li, who had been surrounded and protected, and realized he couldn’t talk to Chen Li today. However, he didn’t expect that this fool had so many people protecting him at school. I wonder how much money Wei Chen had spent.

The commotion had drawn the school security guards over. Just as the guards were about to ask what was happening, Huang Zhenzhen rushed out and said, “Security guard, this outsider came in and attacked our classmate. I’ve held onto him. Hurry and restrain him, don’t let him escape.”

The security guard was a bit confused, but seeing that indeed some students were protecting another, and the pale face of the individual in question who was trembling, clearly having been bullied, and also observing the united front of the students, the credibility of what this girl said was quite high.

Chen Qing hadn’t expected things to take this turn. Seeing that even the security guard seemed to believe what the girl had said, he immediately thought things had gone wrong. He turned around to run, but the security guards here weren’t like regular school guards. They weren’t just for show; they actually had some real skills. He was quickly brought back by one of the guards.

Although Chen Qing had learned boxing, coincidentally, this security guard was an army veteran. With a few grappling techniques, he subdued Chen Qing effortlessly.

And Huang Zhenzhen had indeed called the police. Just as the security guards had subdued Chen Qing, the police from the school’s law enforcement division arrived. They saw the security guard restraining a person and immediately came over to inquire about the situation.

“What’s going on?” The security guard repeated what Huang Zhenzhen had said to the police. The police officer glanced at Chen Qing and then at the scene.

Several classmates chimed in, “Officer, we saw him attacking someone. We can testify.”

“Yeah, I saw this guy come in from a distance and attack my classmate. He was really ruthless!”

One by one, they passionately recounted, as if they had truly witnessed such a scene.

Chen Qing heard them, and he wanted to speak up for himself, but his voice was drowned out by the voices of these classmates.

What did it mean to be isolated and unable to defend oneself? Chen Qing was finally experiencing it firsthand. He couldn’t have anticipated that his intention to mock Chen Li a little during his visit to Q University would lead to these consequences.

More and more onlookers gathered, and snippets of gossip reached Chen Qing’s ears, all talking negatively about him. Chen Qing’s face turned red. How could the young master of the Chen family in Shanghai endure such treatment? He was itching to give each of these gossipers a slap to shut them up!

The police officer noticed the sinister expression on Chen Qing’s face and was taken aback. This young man didn’t look like he was of much age, but how could he have such a malicious expression? The officer decided to believe the words of the bystanders and took Chen Qing away.

“Officer, I’ll go with you to give a statement. I’m an important witness,” Huang Zhenzhen said. After all, this area was a blind spot for the cameras. Regardless of the actual truth, it was the words of the bystanders that would count. Whoever dared to bully Chen Li, she didn’t care whether they were Chen Li’s brother or not. The person who scared Chen Li must face consequences.

“I witnessed the whole thing too. I can go and provide verification,” another student added.

Then, one after another, Chen Li’s classmates offered to be witnesses. Clearly, they all had the same thought as Huang Zhenzhen – they wanted to see Chen Qing punished, as he had b*llied their classmate Chen Li.

When Zhuge Yu arrived after hearing the news, he was met with this scene. He didn’t know whether to be angry or amused, but he ignored it and went to Chen Li’s side, softly saying, “Xiao Li, it’s okay now, it’s okay.”

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