Chapter 281 – Su Man is Getting Married

Those hooligans were eventually taken away by the police. After such a significant event, they all received sentences, finally ridding the town of their menace.

Both the village and the educated youth spot fell quiet after this ordeal. Especially in the educated youth spot, smiles were hard to come by for quite some time.

Lu Xia was no exception. Being a transmigrator herself, she didn’t necessarily condone Li Yalan’s actions, but she couldn’t help but feel a sense of shared adversity.

What was even more crucial was that, having learned from Li Yalan’s example, she believed that she needed to be more discreet in the future. She couldn’t simply take advantage of being a transmigrator and act recklessly, or else she might become the next Li Yalan.

However, in this situation, Su Man informed Lu Xia that she and Gu Xiangnan were planning to get married!

Upon hearing this news, Lu Xia was initially taken aback and then confirmed the information again. She was genuinely surprised by this development.

However, she managed to hold back her reaction and said with a smile, “Congratulations! You’ve been together for so long, it’s time to settle down. When’s the wedding?”

Su Man smiled, appearing quite happy on her face, mixed with a hint of nostalgia. “Yes, it’s been quite a while. It’s the day after tomorrow. Remember to come over for the feast.”

Lu Xia nodded. “Don’t worry, I’ll definitely be there!”

After Su Man left, Lu Xia still felt somewhat surprised. She hadn’t anticipated such a major change in the storyline. It turned out that Su Man and Gu Xiangnan had been planning to get married even while they were in the countryside.

But didn’t they break up just recently?

Could it be that Gu Xiangnan’s act of sacrificing himself to save Su Man had deeply moved her?

Or was it Li Yalan’s influence that made Su Man decide to secure Gu Xiangnan early?

Regardless, everything had deviated from the plot in the book.

No, it should be said that things had been different from the moment Cheng Yujiao was reborn.

Including the existence of the space she was unaware of.

As she had suspected, Su Man often went to town and the county, but it seemed that she never brought back any items. As it turned out, everything was stored in the space. She probably had made quite a bit of money these past two years.

However, at this moment, Lu Xia thought of Cheng Yujiao. She wondered how she would react upon learning this news.

How would Cheng Yujiao feel? She was undoubtedly furious!

Upon finding out that Su Man and Gu Xiangnan were planning to get married, she went mad. She stormed into Su Man’s house and was about to lay her hands on her. However, Su Man slapped her twice, causing her to collapse onto the ground.

Having been through so much, Su Man no longer cared about Gu Xiangnan’s face. Furthermore, she guessed that the incident from last time likely had something to do with Cheng Yujiao…

She admitted that at this moment, demanding a complete breakup unless they got married could be seen as an act of impulsiveness.

However, what was more important was that she didn’t believe Li Yalan’s words. She didn’t believe she would lose. Someone like Cheng Yujiao was bound to be trampled under her feet.

At this point, seeing Su Man’s cold gaze, Cheng Yujiao didn’t know why, but she felt a hint of fear. However, the pain on her face fueled her anger. She tried to gather her strength to resist, but Gu Xiangnan, who had arrived by then, pushed her down again.

Shielding Su Man behind him, Gu Xiangnan’s voice was impatient. “Cheng Yujiao, can you stop causing trouble? Do you think I’ll always tolerate you? Do you even realize what you’ve done? Let me tell you, I’ve had enough. If you continue like this, don’t blame me for not being polite!”

And at this moment, Cheng Yujiao seemed to not have heard Gu Xiangnan’s stern words. She was still lost in the state of being pushed down by the one she loved.

It wasn’t until she saw Gu Xiangnan’s disgusted expression that Cheng Yujiao finally began to feel resentment…


Chapter 282 – Cheng Yujiao Returns to the City


She had done so much for him, giving up her job and coming to this remote countryside because of him. She even used her foresight to let her family support the Gu family. But what did she get in return?

She got his disgust, his casual treatment?

At this moment, Cheng Yujiao felt somewhat lost. She didn’t understand how things had suddenly turned out this way.

After who knows how long, she looked at Gu Xiangnan, whose eyes were only for Su Man, and finally smiled. She softly said, “You will regret this,” then got up and left.

She truly left, directly leaving the village. It was said that she had requested leave from the village chief to return to the capital.

Of course, by the time Lu Xia learned of this, it was already the day of Gu Xiangnan and Su Man’s wedding.

Just like before, Lu Xia also brought a gift for Su Man before the wedding—a pair of vintage-style handkerchiefs. Even though she knew that Su Man, being a time-traveler, might not appreciate them, she still chose to give them based on the aesthetic of this era.

Su Man seemed genuinely happy upon seeing them, or at least it appeared so. Regardless, the wedding went smoothly.

They also found the village chief to officiate the wedding, and they prepared a banquet. Several villagers attended, those who usually got along well with Gu Xiangnan. Among them was also Aunt Cuiyun’s family. Su Man had helped arrange for Li Hongjun, who drove a tractor, to join them, so they were quite grateful. That’s why they came over as well.

In short, the wedding was a lively affair.

After getting married, Gu Xiangnan moved into Su Man’s house, leaving his own house for Li Yi to stay in. He didn’t move much of his belongings; after all, the houses were close to each other, and it was convenient to use things when needed.

Everything seemed perfect, except for Cheng Yujiao, who hadn’t returned after leaving.

Lu Xia heard that on the day Cheng Yujiao left in a daze, it was clear she was deeply affected.

In reality, she couldn’t comprehend why a reborn woman with money, looks, and a good family background like her would choose to hang herself on Gu Xiangnan, even when there were likely better options available.

But she also understood that this might be someone else’s obsession.

She didn’t know if Cheng Yujiao had given up this time.

Not long after that, she heard that Cheng Yujiao had returned to the city. Her family had found a job for her in the city, and they had transferred her records there.

As the news spread, no matter how much people had disliked her before, they were probably envious of her now!

She had actually returned to the city!

At a time when, apart from Lu Xia, Su Man, and Gu Xiangnan, no one else knew about the college entrance examination’s return, and when everyone thought they might have to stay in the countryside for the rest of their lives, someone had managed to return to the city and secure a job. How could others not be envious?

Of course, these people didn’t include Lu Xia, Jiang Junmo, Su Man, Gu Xiangnan, or anyone else of their kind.

Lu Xia knew that the college entrance examination would be restored, so she wasn’t in a hurry. Jiang Junmo was content as long as he had Lu Xia and their child with him; it didn’t matter where they were. As for Su Man, she felt a little regretful that Cheng Yujiao left so easily. Gu Xiangnan, on the other hand, was relieved that no one was bothering him anymore.

It could be said that the people at the educated youth spot had different thoughts about Cheng Yujiao’s departure.

However, after discussing it, things eventually passed.

As autumn harvest approached again, after the busy period, Lu Xia seized the time to read. With the college entrance examination drawing near, she had finally finished reading and thoroughly grasped all the high school textbooks. Now, she was focused on targeted revisions.

At the moment, she held the “Self-Study Reference for Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry.” Yes, it was the set of books rumored to become popular once the college entrance examination notice was released. She had bought them before going to the countryside.

She intended to go through this set of books from start to finish during this winter. After that, she planned to concentrate on studying politics.

Yes, politics. This subject was a major part of the college entrance examination, regardless of whether one was in the arts or sciences.

As a transmigrator, Lu Xia’s understanding of current events, politics, and the ideologies of this era was still quite lacking. This was indeed a weak point for her, so she planned to focus on overcoming it during the remaining time.

Of course, she didn’t forget about Jiang Junmo. She brought him along for every study session.

Although Jiang Junmo had some thoughts about her intense passion for studying, he didn’t say anything. He just did whatever she asked of him, which made Lu Xia quite satisfied.

And so, that winter, the two of them spent their time studying…

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