Chapter 283 – Gu Xiangnan’s Mother

During the New Year period, nobody from the educated youth spot went back home, but there was a visitor for a family visit.

Two days before the New Year, the village experienced heavy snowfall. On the day after the snow stopped, Lu Xia and the people from the educated youth spot were all outside shoveling snow.

Kang Kang was also bundled up tightly in Lu Xia’s arms and wasn’t kept inside.

In this northeastern region, the weather was quite cold. Lu Xia used to worry about Kang Kang getting cold and rarely let him go outside. However, Jiang Junmo said that children needed to adapt more and increase their resistance. So, since then, Lu Xia often took him outside.

Indeed, Kang Kang was in good health now and didn’t mind the cold as much. He even enjoyed playing in the snow.

Seeing the significant snowfall from the previous day, Lu Xia noticed that there was a lot of snow in the courtyard and on the path in front of the house. Jiang Junmo was alone, and she wasn’t sure when he would finish shoveling.

So, she put the small gloves sent by the Jiang family onto Kang Kang’s hands and let him play in the courtyard. She then took a broom and started helping with the snow removal.

When she got to the front door, she saw someone walking towards her while carrying a bag, dressed in a padded coat and wearing a hat. Their face was also wrapped in a scarf.

Because they were dressed so heavily, Lu Xia couldn’t immediately tell if it was a man or a woman.

It wasn’t until the person got closer and spoke to Lu Xia that she realized it was a woman.

“Comrade, hello. Is this the educated youth spot?” the woman asked.

Upon hearing her voice, Lu Xia shook her head and then pointed to the two houses she had just passed by. “That’s the educated youth spot.”

Since many people from the educated youth spot had already finished shoveling the snow, there were no longer anyone outside.

The woman nodded and said, “Alright, thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

Lu Xia watched as the woman entered the educated youth spot, feeling somewhat puzzled. She didn’t understand why this person, on a day with heavy snow, appeared to have come a long way to find someone.

Soon after, she saw the woman coming out again, followed by Shen Qingqing.

After they came out, Lu Xia saw Shen Qingqing pointing in a certain direction, seemingly towards Su Man’s house?

Lu Xia was puzzled. Could this person be looking for Su Man?

The woman walked in that direction, nodding at Lu Xia as she passed by.

Lu Xia also nodded back, curious about her identity. Then, Shen Qingqing walked over and surprisedly told her, “That person is Educated Youth Gu’s mother.”

Lu Xia was astonished. “She’s Educated Youth Gu’s mother?”

“Yes,” Shen Qingqing nodded. “Just now, in the educated youth spot, she took off her hat and scarf. She looked quite young. When I asked, I found out that she’s Educated Youth Gu’s mother. She gives off a sense of…”

She seemed to struggle to find the right word and eventually settled on, “In any case, she seems like a person from a good family background. I didn’t dare to talk to her.”

Lu Xia remained silent for a moment. “Very imposing.”

“Exactly, that’s the word—imposing. I don’t know if Educated Youth Su will be afraid of her, but she probably won’t be. After all, Educated Youth Su is pretty formidable.”

Shaking her head, Shen Qingqing continued, “Oh well, I envy Educated Youth Gu. It’s the first time someone’s family has come for a visit in the educated youth spot.”

After hearing this, Lu Xia fell silent again. Why did she feel that Gu Xiangnan’s mother’s visit this time wasn’t just a simple matter?

Lu Xia wasn’t quite sure what had happened in Su Man and Gu Xiangnan’s home. Since Mother Gu went inside, she hadn’t come out, and considering the frigid weather, no one had really gone visiting each other. No one knew what had transpired.

It wasn’t until after the New Year, on the first day of the Lunar New Year, that Lu Xia saw Gu Xiangnan escorting his mother out.

Because the sun was shining brightly that day and the weather wasn’t as cold, Gu Xiangnan’s mother wasn’t bundled up as tightly.

So, Lu Xia saw her face and indeed, she had the appearance of a person who had lived a comfortable and privileged life.

The two of them nodded at Lu Xia without saying anything and left.

As Lu Xia watched their figures, she had a feeling that Gu Xiangnan didn’t seem very happy. He appeared burdened with worries.


Chapter 284 – Divorce


After returning home from the New Year visits, it didn’t take long before Su Man came over to see her.

Lu Xia had thought she was there for the New Year’s greetings, so she greeted her with a smile. However, she soon noticed that Su Man’s expression wasn’t quite right.

Putting on a forced smile herself, Lu Xia refrained from speaking.

Lu Xia didn’t know what had happened, but she didn’t press for details.

Jiang Junmo had taken Kang Kang out when Su Man arrived, so it was just the two of them in the house.

Perhaps Su Man was seeking someone to talk to. After a moment of silence, she suddenly spoke up, “Gu Xiangnan and I are planning to get a divorce.”

Lu Xia was so startled by this revelation that she dropped the sunflower seeds she had been holding, quickly asking, “Why? What happened? Weren’t you two in a good relationship?”

Su Man smiled at these words, though her expression seemed more like a bitter smile.

“In the past, I always believed that people could overcome any difficulties, but now it seems that everything was me pushing too hard. I forced this relationship from the moment I insisted on getting married. And now, it’s time for a separation. No, not a divorce, just a separation. In fact, we never even got a marriage certificate.”

Su Man continued, “You see, from the very beginning, we both knew in our hearts that this relationship might not last. We didn’t even get a marriage certificate. Now, it’s saved us a lot of trouble.”

Lu Xia listened in silence, unsure of what to say.

“Is it related to Educated Youth Gu’s mother?”

Given the timing of this divorce during the New Year, that was the only reason Lu Xia could think of. Was Gu Xiangnan’s mother dissatisfied with Su Man?

Su Man shook her head, “Not entirely. It’s just that Gu Xiangnan became hesitant about our relationship…”

At this point, Su Man chuckled. “You don’t know yet, do you? Cheng Yujiao is doing very well now. Her family is quite influential. Because she was treated unfairly by Gu Xiangnan, she went back, and in less than half a year, the Cheng family has dealt several blows to the Gu family.”

“Moreover, the Cheng family exerted direct pressure on the Gu family. They demanded that Gu Xiangnan apologize to the Cheng family and marry Cheng Yujiao.”

“That’s how it is. Gu Xiangnan’s mother specially came all the way to the countryside during the New Year to find him. The Gu family didn’t force Gu Xiangnan, but they presented the current situation. Mrs. Gu didn’t give me a hard time, she just ignored me completely.”

Lu Xia was surprised to hear this. Did Cheng Yujiao have such influence? No, was the Cheng family really that powerful?

Or was it that Cheng Yujiao had finally leveraged the advantage of her rebirth, pushing the Cheng family to a higher level and enabling them to challenge the Gu family?

And all of this was to force Gu Xiangnan to marry her?

It was truly bizarre! Was this really necessary?

“But, wouldn’t Educated Youth Gu refuse?”

Su Man’s lips curled into a smile. “He won’t agree, that’s true. But he hesitated. I can see the pain and struggle in his eyes. I’ve decided to let go.”

“To be honest, I find this relationship exhausting. There have always been barriers between us. Holding on for this long has been the result of my efforts. Now, I don’t intend to continue. Even if we part ways, he might not necessarily marry Cheng Yujiao. But I don’t want him now! I, Su Man, have no shortage of people who would want me. I’ve been entangled with this man for years. It’s time to let go.”

Seeing Su Man speak so resolutely, although her expression was tinged with sadness, her gaze was firm. It seemed she had truly come to terms with it.

“You’re right. With your qualities, you’ll definitely find someone better! Educated Youth Gu isn’t worthy of you!”

Su Man chuckled at these words. Since coming to this era, she hadn’t made many friends. At first, she didn’t want to integrate, but after a trip to the capital city, she changed her mind.

She had adapted to life in the 1970s and tried to fit in with the people around her, but there was only one person she could really talk to—Lu Xia.

She wasn’t sure if they could be considered friends, but she was happy to find someone to talk to now. And after speaking her mind, she felt better.

As she was leaving, Su Man realized it was already 1977. She said to Lu Xia, “I’ve heard that policies might change soon. You should read more books when you have time. You might be in for a pleasant surprise.”

Lu Xia looked at her in surprise after hearing this, then nodded and said, “Alright, I’ll keep that in mind!”

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