Chapter 357 – The Course of Events

After Ye Nan’s words, no one mentioned the matter again.

Due to the time consumed in dealing with others earlier, they rested for a while and then got up to go to class.

Xie Guifang didn’t come for the afternoon class.

Obviously, the students in the class had also heard about the incident at noon. During the break between classes, they approached Lu Xia and Yu Wan to inquire.

However, both of them claimed not to know, and the students in the class stopped asking further.

In the evening after school, while Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo were on their way home, he asked about the incident as well.

Lu Xia was surprised, “You know about it too?”

Jiang Junmo nodded, “The news has spread throughout the school. It’s quite significant, and I guess the school will address it later.”

Upon hearing this, Lu Xia sighed. The school was likely an innocent party in this situation, but regardless, the impact of the incident wasn’t good.

“Do you think I should go and ask her? How is that girl doing now?”

Seeing her concern, Jiang Junmo replied, “If you want to, you should.”

Lu Xia made up her mind, “Alright, let’s go to the inn and check. If she’s there, we can ask her; if not, we’ll let it go.”

So the two of them went to the inn from yesterday and asked the staff to call the girl from yesterday.

Unexpectedly, the girl was still there, and she came down quickly.

Seeing Lu Xia, she appeared happy and smiled at her, “It’s you, Classmate Lu. Thank you for helping me yesterday.”

Lu Xia shook her head, “It’s nothing. I didn’t do much. I just came to see how you’re doing. Did the school say anything? Did they promise to help investigate?”

Upon hearing her questions, the girl smiled again. Her complexion was better than yesterday, and she seemed less distressed. She then explained the course of events.

Early in the morning, she had gone to the admissions office. When someone came to work, she approached the responsible teacher, hoping to check whether the school had sent her an admission notice.

Initially, the teacher was reluctant to check, but seeing her crying so pitifully, she persisted and begged. The teacher eventually relented and checked, confirming that there was an admission notice for her. She was too overwhelmed to be excited and immediately explained that she hadn’t received it.

However, the admissions office claimed that their records showed she had already registered. They had documentation of her registration.

Now she suspected that someone had taken her place at Peking University using her name. She explained her true identity as Xie Guifang to the teacher and presented an introduction letter as proof.

The teacher was surprised upon learning this but didn’t blindly believe her. The teacher said they would report the situation to the higher-ups and conduct an investigation. They told her to go back and wait for further information.

Since she knew her university student status had been impersonated, she couldn’t just sit idly by. She remembered what Lu Xia had said yesterday and decided to wait near the teaching building.

Eventually, she saw Xie Yunyun’s figure and heard someone call her “Xie Guifang.” That’s when she realized who had taken her admission notice.

Perhaps she had already suspected, but confirming it at that moment was crucial.

Lu Xia learned about the events that transpired afterward.

“Yeah, after being called to the office by the director during lunchtime, he asked about my situation in detail. Then in the afternoon, I went to the school leaders and helped investigate the records.”

Lu Xia breathed a sigh of relief upon hearing this, “That’s great. Does it mean you can prove that the admission notice is yours?”

However, the girl’s expression turned complicated, and she shook her head, “No, because those records belong to Xie Yunyun.”

“What?” Lu Xia was surprised. “How is that possible?”

Could it be that she had misunderstood something?


Chapter 358 – Porcelain Workshop


Upon hearing her question, the girl responded with a mocking smile, “You could say that. Everything except the address on the admission notice has been changed to Xie Yunyun’s, including the records. Oh, and the only difference is that Xie Yunyun’s name has been replaced with Xie Guifang.”

After listening, Lu Xia fell silent. She had already guessed that Xie Yunyun’s parents were likely involved in this situation.

“What are you going to do now?”

Seeing her concern, the girl smiled, “It’s okay. After I explained the situation to the school, they realized something was off. For instance, the address on the admission notice didn’t match the records, and there were many inconsistencies. So, the school has already contacted the local police to investigate.”

Lu Xia felt relieved after hearing this, but she still had some worries, “Since you mentioned that Xie Yunyun’s family has connections, could the police…”

“Don’t worry, they won’t. The school contacted the city police, and they will surely conduct a thorough investigation.”

Lu Xia was finally reassured. She then asked, “So what are you planning to do? Will you stay here?”

The girl nodded, “Yes, I have to wait for the outcome before I can leave. The school waived my accommodation fee and provided me with meal coupons, so I can eat in the cafeteria without any trouble.”

“That’s good.”

After a few more exchanges, Lu Xia left.

This matter wasn’t something that could be resolved in just a day or two. Although it had caused intense discussions at Peking University, the final outcome would take some time to become clear.

However, the next day when she went to school, Lu Xia didn’t see Xie Guifang in the classroom. She found it strange. Could she have taken a leave of absence?

Curious, she asked Yu Wan, who shook her head directly, “I don’t know. Xie Guifang didn’t return to the dormitory last night.”

“Huh?” Lu Xia was surprised. If she didn’t stay in the dormitory, where did she go? Her family wasn’t in the capital.

“I guess she might be avoiding the curious looks from everyone, so she went somewhere else!”

Hearing Yu Wan’s speculation, Lu Xia didn’t know how to respond.

Not staying in the dormitory, not attending classes—wasn’t that even more indicative of her guilt?

Nevertheless, no matter how it played out, this matter had nothing to do with her.

For the next two days, Xie Guifang didn’t come to class.

Until the weekend, when Jiang Junmo had a part-time job, Lu Xia had nothing to do. She was curious about painting on porcelain, so she decided to accompany him.

As for Kang Kang, he had gone out to visit houses with his grandfather again, and his dependence on his parents seemed to be diminishing. While Lu Xia felt more relaxed, there was still a hint of sadness. Thankfully, they were still living together at night.

Early in the morning, Lu Xia took the bus with Jiang Junmo and arrived at the Glass Factory.

This place would become a famous antique gathering spot in the future.

Of course, there was nothing there now.

It looked especially desolate.

Jiang Junmo led Lu Xia through various twists and turns until they finally reached a large gate. He knocked and then walked in directly.

It appeared to be a workshop, with people coming and going.

After a few steps, Jiang Junmo saw someone who seemed to be in charge. “Hello, I’m the one recommended to paint on porcelain.”

The person in charge smiled, “Oh, you’re here. I heard you’re from the Academy of Fine Arts at Peking University. That’s great, we’ve been waiting for you.”

With that, he led Jiang Junmo and Lu Xia into a room. Inside, there were numerous blank white porcelain pieces, ready to be painted.

“These are the pieces for this batch. The pigments are ready. Your paintings should stand out and have vivid colors.”

Jiang Junmo nodded, “Rest assured, I’ll paint them well.”

The person in charge nodded in satisfaction and then left the room.

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