Chapter 355 – A Stir of Commotion

Upon seeing the academic counselor arrive, Xie Guifang immediately shouted, “Teacher, there’s a lunatic here from outside the school who came in and started attacking people. Quickly, get her out of here! She’s not a student of Peking University. The school shouldn’t allow her in!”

The academic counselor furrowed his brows upon hearing this. If what his student said was true, they couldn’t allow their students to be bullied.

Meanwhile, the other girl had regained her composure since the academic counselor’s arrival. She realized this was her chance.

So, after Xie Guifang spoke, she strained to free herself from the person restraining her. However, she refrained from using force again. Instead, she bowed to the academic counselor.

Then, she said, “Teacher, it’s not as she described. I have a reason for being here. I am the real Xie Guifang. She stole my admission notice and used it to come to Peking University. It rightfully belongs to me; I am the true Peking University student.”

With her last sentence, the girl cried out, her voice choked with emotion and tears streaming down her face. It was as if all the pent-up frustration she had harbored for so long was finally being released.

The academic counselor was taken aback by her words. “Is what you’re saying true?”

His brow furrowed again as he continued, “That’s not possible. Students need to have their records transferred from their source of admission. If she isn’t the real Xie Guifang, she wouldn’t have been able to transfer your records.”

The girl, however, countered, “It’s true. I’ve already inquired at the admissions office. They sent the admission notice to my home address, not hers. Besides, this person is from the county town, not the village. Her real name isn’t Xie Guifang, but Xie Yunyun. Everyone in the county knows about it. I’m not lying to you!”

On the other side, Xie Guifang’s expression became even more panicked upon hearing this. She blurted out, “You’re talking nonsense! Don’t falsely accuse me. This is my admission notice. You’re just jealous because you didn’t get in. You want to ruin my identity as a university student!”

But by this point, the girl was no longer afraid. She gave Xie Guifang a cold look and retorted, “Huh, jealous of you? Are you kidding me? Isn’t it you who’s envious of me? How can someone be as despicable as you, stealing someone else’s admission notice and using it shamelessly? Do you know that this can change the course of my life?”

After saying these words, the girl ignored Xie Guifang’s continued angry shouts and turned back to the academic counselor, saying, “Teacher, please believe me. Everything I’ve said is true. I have a letter of introduction that proves I am the Xie Guifang mentioned in the acceptance letter. If necessary, we can involve the police. I’m telling the truth!”

Upon hearing her suggestion of involving the police, the academic counselor hesitated. If she was willing to report this to the police, did it mean her words were true?

The situation had grown complicated. They hadn’t expected such an incident to arise in their class. He was at a loss regarding what to do.

At this point, the department head spoke up.

“Let’s have them go to the office first. We need to thoroughly investigate this matter.”

Then, addressing the girl, he said, “Rest assured, whether this is true or not, we will get to the bottom of it. We won’t wrong anyone!”

Upon hearing these words, the girl finally burst into tears of relief. She bowed to them once again and said, “Thank you, thank you so much!”

Seeing her reaction, the department head let out a sigh, then returned to the office. The academic counselor also instructed Xie Guifang and the others to follow them.

Suddenly, Xie Guifang felt that the situation wasn’t looking good. She wanted to make a phone call to her family, but the academic counselor didn’t give her the chance. Instead, she had to follow them, feeling helpless.

After they left, the scene was filled with a stir of commotion once again. Nobody had anticipated such an incident at Peking University – someone stealing an admission notice and using it to enroll. While it remained to be seen if the story was true or not, it was shocking enough to leave everyone astonished.


Chapter 356 – The Courage to Seek Justice


In the dormitory, everyone was stunned in place, struggling to process the situation.

After a while, Tan Yunfang exclaimed in astonishment, “This is just…” seemingly at a loss for words. She let out a sigh.

“Ah, if this is true, the girl is really pitiable.”

“Yeah, it’s so heartbreaking to see her crying like that!” Tang Yuan chimed in.

Ye Nan’s expression was complex. “Indeed, while it’s a joy to regain the opportunity to take the college entrance exam, incidents like these can ruin a person’s life. If this turns out to be true, then Xie Guifang is truly wicked. But we need to wait and see. As the teacher said, even if the person changes, records and such aren’t that easy to alter.”

Listening but remaining silent, Lu Xia pondered. She recalled Xie Guifang’s claim that both her parents were officials. Getting records changed with such influence might be simple.

Others seemed to have similar thoughts. Since Xie Guifang wasn’t well-liked and considering the circumstances, many assumed that the story might be true, yet no one spoke up.

Only Yu Wan couldn’t resist asking, “Should we go see what’s happening?”

The others contemplated for a moment and shook their heads. “There’s probably nothing exciting to witness. Since the school is aware of this incident, they’ll need to investigate thoroughly. It won’t be resolved quickly, and the school likely won’t let students get too close, especially if it could tarnish their reputation.”

Lu Xia agreed. Speaking about this incident wouldn’t reflect well on the school, after all.

Following that, the topic was dropped.

However, by the time they returned to the dormitory after having lunch at the cafeteria, news of the incident had spread. Students from other dormitories came to inquire, and even some of Ye Nan’s classmates came to ask.

Although Lu Xia’s group claimed to have no knowledge, their curiosity satisfied, the visitors left.

Once they were gone, Lu Xia closed the door to the dormitory and lay down, intending to take a nap. However, the incident had left everyone restless.

Yu Wan sighed, “You know, I really admire that girl. If something like this happened to me, I’d definitely panic and wouldn’t know what to do.”

Tan Yunfang sighed in agreement, “True, that girl has an ordinary background. I heard she’s from the countryside. Many rural folks never get the chance to step into the city in their whole lives, and even if they find out about something like this, they might just accept it as fate. Yet she came all the way to Beijing alone just to seek justice. That takes a lot of courage!”

Lu Xia considered. Perhaps that girl had been influenced by the knowledgeable old professor she mentioned earlier. Otherwise, she might have just accepted her fate like most people.

Ye Nan added, “She’s right in doing so. This is something one shouldn’t tolerate. After all, it’s a lifetime matter. As you said, she’s from the countryside. This might be her only chance to change her fate through education. If she doesn’t fight for it, she might be stuck forever.”

“That’s true!”

The others agreed in contemplation.

At that moment, Yu Wan asked again, “Do you guys think Xie Guifang really stole the girl’s acceptance letter?”

A heavy silence fell in the dormitory. Everyone had their suspicions but refrained from voicing them.

Yu Wan continued, “Actually, I found it strange before. Xie Guifang’s foundation is so weak, so how did she manage to get into Peking University? Plus, it’s not that she’s just weak in one subject, she’s poor in every subject! Do you know that she still comes across characters she doesn’t recognize while reading? She even asked me about them. I thought it was odd; how could someone at our level still be encountering unfamiliar characters? And yet, someone like that managed to get into Peking University. I used to think she just excelled during the college entrance exam. But now, even if she did perform extraordinarily well, someone who can’t recognize all the characters can’t possibly get into Peking University! So, I don’t think she’s the real Xie Guifang!”

A heavy silence followed her words. After a while, Ye Nan spoke up, “We need evidence for everything. Even if we think it’s possible, until the school confirms it, we can’t express our subjective opinions. We must stay truthful and factual in everything we do.”

Everyone listened but didn’t say much. They understood Ye Nan’s point – while they could guess, they couldn’t make conclusions. At the very least, as Xie Guifang’s dormmates, they shouldn’t let their speculations spread. If the girl’s claims turned out to be false, they would be affected as well.

Sighing inwardly, Lu Xia realized that Ye Nan’s experience as a journalist had influenced her mindset. This attitude was suitable for investigative journalism!

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