Chapter 176 – His Decision

Cookie hadn’t expected Little Biscuit to say this. He was surprised and quickly covered Little Biscuit’s mouth. He had no idea what Little Biscuit had heard last night.

“Dad, I really like Uncle Wei,” Little Biscuit said naturally. He hadn’t heard much. When Cookie went to pick up Wei Hua last night, Little Biscuit was already asleep, and he only heard voices in a daze.

Cookie observed Little Biscuit’s expression. Seeing that there was no unusual reaction on his face, he breathed a sigh of relief. Later, he found himself quite ridiculous. Little Biscuit was so young; how could he understand anything?

Indeed, Little Biscuit didn’t understand what Dad and Uncle Wei were doing in the bathroom last night. He had thought they were fighting when he heard the noise. Now, seeing that Dad wasn’t responding to him, Little Biscuit tugged at Cookie’s clothes and said in a soft, pleading tone, “Dad, I really like Uncle Wei.”

Now Cookie reacted. He gently ruffled Little Biscuit’s soft hair and said, “Well, Dad knows.”

“I know too. Dad also likes Uncle Wei,” Little Biscuit held onto Dad’s hand, looking at Cookie with watery eyes filled with hope. “So, Dad, please don’t be mad at Uncle Wei anymore. Uncle Wei really likes Dad too.”

Cookie was caught off guard this time. He rubbed Little Biscuit’s fine hair and asked, “Biscuit, do you really like Uncle Wei?”

Little Biscuit nodded seriously, “I like him!”

Cookie fell into silence again. Finally, he couldn’t figure out why he asked Little Biscuit, “What if Dad and Uncle Wei were together? Like Uncle Wei Chen and Uncle Chen Li? Would you be willing?”

Little Biscuit hardly hesitated and answered joyfully, “Willing, willing.” He nodded repeatedly, his face lighting up. “I want Uncle Wei to become my dad, if Dad is okay with it.”

Only then did Cookie realize what he had asked Little Biscuit. He opened his mouth and didn’t know what to say.

“Dad, are you willing?” Little Biscuit blinked his eyes and asked. His small face was full of hope. When he called Uncle Wei “dad” that day, it wasn’t a sudden decision. He really hoped Uncle Wei could become his dad.

“It’s not about whether I’m willing, it’s whether Uncle Wei is willing!” Cookie didn’t know how to respond to Little Biscuit and shifted the responsibility to Wei Hua, who was completely unaware.

However, Little Biscuit wore a mysterious smile and pressed, “Dad, you should say whether you agree or not first. As for Uncle Wei, we can ask him later.”

Cookie was surprised by how assertive Little Biscuit was today. He looked at him skeptically and quickly caught the hint of mystery in his expression. As Little Biscuit’s father, how could Cookie not understand him? He immediately guessed that Little Biscuit and Wei Hua must have secretly planned something together.

He tickled Little Biscuit and feigned annoyance, saying, “Little Biscuit, did Uncle Wei give you some treats? Is that why you’re helping him talk?”

Little Biscuit immediately shook his head, attempting to appear innocent, but Cookie didn’t let him off the hook. He kept tickling, causing Little Biscuit to struggle in Cookie’s arms. He explained, “Dad, no, I didn’t!”

“If that’s the case, why are you speaking up for Uncle Wei?” Cookie pressed.

Little Biscuit was still wriggling, giggling, “Because… because… I want… want Dad to be happy every day!”

Cookie’s hand paused, looking at Little Biscuit with a slight daze.

Little Biscuit hugged Cookie’s neck and sat up, instantly becoming serious. His little face was full of sincerity, “I can tell, Dad, you also really like Uncle Wei. You seem happy when you’re with him. I want you to be happy all the time.”

“Little Biscuit,” Cookie embraced him, couldn’t help but pepper his face with kisses and said, “If Uncle Wei comes to see Dad tonight… no, within tomorrow, then Dad, Dad will be with your Uncle Wei!”

“Uncle Wei will definitely come back!” Little Biscuit said, out of Cookie’s sight, revealing a triumphant and slightly smug smile.

He’s going to have a stepdad, how wonderful!

The car came to a stop as it reached the Sheng residence. Sheng Jiaqi had already finished work and, upon hearing the commotion at the door, looked puzzledly in that direction. “Wasn’t he supposed to be back tomorrow? Why is he home already?”

Cookie replied to Sheng Jiaqi with the same excuse he had used on Little Biscuit, “Something came up, so I came back first.”

Little Biscuit changed into slippers and pounced into Sheng Jiaqi’s arms like a missile. Sheng Jiaqi lifted him up. “Grandpa, I haven’t seen you for a day, I miss you!” Little Biscuit threw out the sweet words effortlessly, causing Sheng Jiaqi to laugh and set aside his lingering doubt about Cookie.

“Dad, keep an eye on Little Biscuit. I’m going back to the room first.” After indulging with Wei Hua all night last night, Cookie had booked a flight early this morning to come back. However, the flight was delayed, and he only got home now. He felt sore all over, as if every muscle in his body wasn’t his own anymore.

“Sure,” Sheng Jiaqi held Little Biscuit and nodded, “If you have something to do, go upstairs first. If you haven’t had dinner, I’ll have someone bring you something to eat later.”

Cookie ascended the stairs, shaking his head. “No need, Little Biscuit and I had a little something to eat when we came back.”

“Well, then go back upstairs first. If you’re too tired, I’ll take care of Biscuit tonight,” Sheng Jiaqi sensed Cookie’s exhaustion and said.

Cookie replied with a “good” and went upstairs. When he returned to the room, he threw himself onto the bed. Although he was clearly tired, lying in bed, he couldn’t fall asleep. His mind was filled with Wei Hua, and no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t shake it off.

“I’ll give you a day. If you don’t come, we won’t have a future!” Cookie stared somewhat absentmindedly out of the window, murmuring to himself. He didn’t know how he eventually fell asleep.

Meanwhile, downstairs, Sheng Jiaqi asked Little Biscuit in a mysterious tone, “Biscuit, who did you go on the trip with this time?”

“We were with Uncle Wei, and Uncle Chen Li, Uncle Wei Chen, and also Uncle Chen Li’s classmates and teachers,” Little Biscuit, counting with his chubby little fingers, replied.

Uncle Wei?

Sheng Jiaqi keenly noticed someone he didn’t recognize. He had initially thought this “Uncle Wei” was Wei Chen, but then Little Biscuit mentioned another “Uncle Wei Chen.” This meant that this “Uncle Wei” was definitely a different person!

“Little Biscuit, tell Grandpa, who is this Uncle Wei?” Sheng Jiaqi asked again.

“Uncle Wei is Uncle Wei,” Little Biscuit replied, innocently looking at Sheng Jiaqi.

“Oh, Grandpa, can you lend me your phone for a moment?” Little Biscuit asked Sheng Jiaqi in a sweet, soft voice, reaching out his small chubby hand.

Assuming Little Biscuit wanted to play a game, Sheng Jiaqi took out his phone and placed it in the little one’s pudgy hands.

Little Biscuit took the phone and ran off, saying to Sheng Jiaqi as he ran, “Grandpa, I want to tell my classmates about my trip. After I’m done, I’ll give the phone back to you.”

Sheng Jiaqi looked at Little Biscuit’s small figure and a hint of suspicion appeared on his face.

Something’s not right—something is off with the big one, and something is off with the small one too!

There’s definitely an issue, and it might be related to that unfamiliar Uncle Wei!

Sheng Jiaqi felt certain about this in his heart.

Holding the phone borrowed from Sheng Jiaqi, Little Biscuit rushed back to his room. He had already noted down Uncle Wei’s number. Now, without hesitation, he dialed the number.

When Wei Hua’s phone rang, he was still having a meal with Wei Chen in the restaurant. Seeing an unfamiliar number, he wasn’t particularly eager to answer. But seeing the area code was from the capital, he wondered if it might be Cookie calling to let him know he had arrived in the capital safely because his own phone was dead. So, with this in mind, Wei Hua answered the call promptly, and Little Biscuit’s sweet voice came through the line.

“Uncle Wei, can you come back tonight?” Little Biscuit asked.

Wei Hua almost blurted out “Why?” but what came out was, “Sure.”

“Then come back tonight!” Little Biscuit didn’t explain further. In fact, he hung up right after saying that.

Wei Hua was puzzled. He sat still for a moment in his seat, and then as if realizing something, he suddenly jumped up from his seat, startling Wei Chen and Chen Li who were sitting across from him.

But Wei Hua didn’t have the mind to explain right now. He urgently said, “Achen, I’m heading back to the capital now. This time, you’re treating me.” With that, Wei Hua hurriedly left the restaurant.

Chen Li watched Wei Hua’s departing figure, his face showing confusion.

Wei Chen had a pretty good idea of what was going on. He ruffled Chen Li’s hair and said, “Ignore him, let’s eat.”

Chen Li nodded, and with a smile, he took a bite of the dish that Wei Chen had picked for him.

The food at this restaurant was delicious. After a few bites, Chen Li forgot about Wei Hua’s matter and focused on savoring the delicious food. Wei Chen was responsible for feeding Chen Li, watching him eat with joy, which in turn, increased Wei Chen’s own appetite.

By the time the three of them finished their late dinner, both Wei Chen and Chen Li had eaten to their hearts’ content.

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