Chapter 175 – Back to the Capital

Chen Li’s eyelashes were long and thick. At this moment, it was unknown what he was dreaming about. His eyelashes trembled slightly as he slept.

Last night, he was probably exhausted. By now, the sun was already high up in the sky, and Chen Li was still sound asleep.

Wei Chen gently moved Chen Li’s hands and feet that were resting on him. Chen Li didn’t wake up, he just shifted position, hugging the blanket, lost in deep slumber. Wei Chen lightly kissed the top of Chen Li’s head, then put on his clothes, left the room, and went to prepare breakfast for Chen Li.

Around ten o’clock, Chen Li finally woke up. He groggily sat up in bed, but a sudden ache in his waist made him fall back onto the bed.

Chen Li placed his hand gently on his waist, and memories of last night’s scenes involuntarily surfaced in his mind.

It was a sensation he had never experienced before. The subtle pain carried an indescribable sense of pleasure, and as he recalled it now, Chen Li felt a lingering satisfaction.

Chen Li lay in bed reminiscing for quite a while. When Wei Chen entered the room, he saw Chen Li gazing at the ceiling with his eyes open, lost in thought.

Wei Chen walked over and sat down by the bed. Chen Li noticed and reached out his hand. Understanding Chen Li’s intention, Wei Chen held his hand and helped him up. With Wei Chen’s assistance, Chen Li managed to sit up on the bed. However, he slumped onto Wei Chen’s thigh like he had no bones, and hummed, “Achen, I’m sore.”

Chen Li still appeared disheveled, with faint red marks left by Wei Chen on his fair skin, looking alluring.

“Here?” Wei Chen tried to ignore the temptation in front of him, placing his hand on Chen Li’s waist and asking in a husky voice.

“Yeah,” Chen Li rubbed against him, “Give me a massage.”

Having finally gotten what he wanted, Wei Chen naturally doted on Chen Li. He rubbed when told to rub, blew when told to blow, and massaged when told to massage.

The two of them indulged in each other’s company in the room for another half an hour before getting up. Even so, when Chen Li got out of bed, he let out a big yawn.

Breakfast was already prepared by Wei Chen, but at this hour, the prepared lunch had also cooled down. Knowing Chen Li was hungry, Wei Chen decided to call room service and have lunch brought up, combining two meals into one.

As Chen Li came out of the room, he went to the living room’s sofa to find yesterday’s comics. Since they had become intimate, this set of comics had been placed on the coffee table. Earlier, when Wei Chen had seen it, he initially thought of putting it away. He even reached out to tidy them up, but for some reason, he changed his mind and left the comics where it was.

Chen Li sat on the sofa, holding the comics and reading.

The comics actually had a storyline beyond the initial fiery passion in the first episode. It had progressed into a plot-driven phase, and Chen Li was thoroughly engrossed in it.

Seeing that Chen Li had no intention of going out, Wei Chen didn’t disturb him and his comic reading. Instead, he took out his laptop that he always carried with him and began refining the plan he was collaborating on with Max.

Since Max’s chairman was here, seizing the opportunity while he was also present, they aimed to secure the cooperation with Max and make Changfeng Group the exclusive agent for Max in China.

However, before that, they needed to present a dazzling proposal to Max’s chairman.

Both of them were engrossed in their respective tasks, not disturbing each other, until the doorbell rang. The hotel’s attendant had brought their lunch. “Li Li, it’s time for lunch.”

Chen Li had been quite absorbed in his comics, so Wei Chen called out to him.

“Okay.” Chen Li obeyed Wei Chen’s words and immediately set aside the comics. His stomach was indeed empty.

Chen Li placed the comics upside down on the coffee table. In this short time, he had already read more than half of it. The two main characters’ relationship was deepening, and they were about to engage in their second intimate encounter.

After a quick bite, Chen Li was thinking about his comics while eating, causing him to eat faster than before. Wei Chen noticed and understood the reason, saying helplessly, “Li Li, eat a bit slower.”

“Okay.” Chen Li obediently slowed down. After finishing the last bite, he returned to the sofa, picked up the comics, and started reading again.

After Wei Chen tidied up the dishes, he walked over to Chen Li, intending to get him to take a walk. However, Chen Li once again placed the comics in front of Wei Chen, inviting him to look.

Chen Li’s eyes were sparkling, still filled with eager curiosity. “Achen, let’s try this position tonight.”

Wei Chen glanced at the page in the comics and then looked at Chen Li’s expression. His look became a bit subtle. This position was quite demanding physically. Wei Chen didn’t know whether to praise Chen Li’s eagerness to learn or something else. He also wondered if leaving the comics out this morning had been the right choice.

Wei Chen reached out and ruffled Chen Li’s hair. “Your body might not be up for it.” Chen Li’s physique was weak right now, and Wei Chen hadn’t planned on pushing him too quickly. The events of last night had happened because Chen Li had teased him, causing Wei Chen’s rationality to crumble. Today, he wouldn’t let Chen Li dictate their actions.

Chen Li knew that Wei Chen was looking out for him. He nodded confidently and then asked, “So, Achen, when should we try this position?”

Wei Chen was a bit exasperated by Chen Li’s question, so he could only lower his head and seal Chen Li’s mouth with his own. He too wanted to revel in their nights together, but Chen Li’s body couldn’t handle it right now.

After an intense ending, Wei Chen leaned his forehead against Chen Li’s and provided an answer, “When you’re healthier.”

This wasn’t the first time Chen Li had heard this from Wei Chen. He didn’t understand the meaning before, but he did now.

“Yeah, I’ll definitely become healthier!” Chen Li nodded. He enjoyed being intimate with Wei Chen, but he also didn’t want Wei Chen to have reservations when being intimate with him.

“You’re such a good boy.” Wei Chen ruffled Chen Li’s hair, which was still standing on end, and praised him.

Chen Li rubbed his face against Wei Chen’s, but still asked, “So, Achen, when should we do it again?”

Wei Chen: “…”

Partner’s body is not well, but anxious to do X. What should I do? How can I control myself? Waiting online, very urgent!

In the end, Wei Chen also couldn’t come up with an answer. After last night, Wei Chen had no confidence in his self-control anymore. If Chen Li really tried hard to do it, Wei Chen knew he couldn’t refuse.

He was a rational person, but Wei Chen knew that rationality became nothing when facing Chen Li.

So, should he just let nature take its course, let nature take its course…?

In the evening, Wei Hua arranged for Wei Chen and Chen Li to have dinner together. When Wei Chen brought Chen Li to the restaurant Wei Hua mentioned, he only saw Wei Hua there, with no sign of Cookie and Little Biscuit.

Wei Hua seemed to sense Wei Chen’s confusion and let out a deep sigh. “Xiao Qiqi and Little Biscuit have returned to the capital.”

There was definitely something fishy going on here. If not, Wei Hua wouldn’t look so dejected now. He must have gotten into trouble with Cookie.

Wei Chen led Chen Li to sit across from Wei Hua, raised an eyebrow, but didn’t ask anything. After all, the matter between Wei Hua and Cookie was private and had nothing to do with him.

However, Wei Hua probably wanted to confide in someone this time, and Wei Chen happened to be there. He knew Wei Chen wouldn’t blabber around. So, he spoke up.

“Last night… I… I slept with Xiao Qiqi…” Wei Hua stuttered, as if he were talking about something incredibly difficult to mention.

In reality, he hadn’t intended for this to happen. Before establishing a relationship with Cookie, Wei Hua hadn’t wanted to get involved with him. But last night was truly unexpected.

Okay, he admitted, he could have resisted last night. He just let his impulses take over, not wanting to hold back anymore.

In the end, things got out of control.

When he woke up in the morning, Cookie had already left with Little Biscuit. He sent messages, made calls, but it was as if he was shouting into the void—no response at all.

Of course, Wei Hua had considered rushing to the capital to chase after Cookie. But right before setting off, he hesitated.

He wasn’t heartless. It’s just that confronting Cookie now might make things worse. After careful thought, Wei Hua decided to give Cookie some time to come to terms with the reality of what had happened between them.

“So, what’s your plan?” Wei Chen took the drink the server handed him and asked. He was a bit surprised that Wei Hua and Cookie had reached this point.

“What’s the plan?” Wei Hua raked his hand through his hair and then displayed a confident smile. “I’m giving him time today to face our relationship. Tomorrow, I’m going back to the capital. I need to define my relationship with Cookie, after all, I think he likes me!”

“Good luck,” Wei Chen raised his glass toward Wei Hua, conveying his best wishes.

Wei Hua smiled. “Wait for my good news.”

Meanwhile, Cookie had returned to the capital with Little Biscuit and was currently on his way home in a car.

Now that he had a moment of quiet, images from last night started replaying in Cookie’s mind, merging with memories from a night many years ago. It was a collision of emotions in his heart.

Why did he end up with Wei Hua? He could have pushed him away…

Cookie felt distressed internally, his heart racing as if it would burst out of his chest, leaving him restless.

“Daddy?” Little Biscuit pounced into Cookie’s arms.

Cookie snapped back to reality, gently pinching Little Biscuit’s chubby cheeks, and asked, “Daddy, why aren’t we coming back with Uncle Wei?”

“Daddy has something to take care of,” Cookie casually came up with an answer to evade the truth. He certainly couldn’t tell his son, ‘Daddy slept with Uncle Wei last night, and now Daddy is avoiding Uncle Wei.’

Little Biscuit pondered for a moment and then innocently said, “Is it because Daddy and Uncle Wei had a fight? I heard the sound of you two fighting in the bathroom last night.”

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