Chapter 178 – Let’s Be Together

After a night of irrationality, the next day when Wei Hua woke up, there was no sign of Cookie and Little Biscuit. Wei Hua estimated that Cookie, after having a relationship with him, had probably returned to the capital with Little Biscuit to avoid him.

Wei Hua got up from the bed, rubbed his slightly throbbing forehead, feeling vaguely familiar with this situation, just like a few years ago when he was preparing to go to the United States. His roommate had forcefully drunk him as a farewell gesture, and that night, he got drunk.

Before that night, Wei Hua had scoffed at the idea that alcohol could interfere with things. However, after that night, Wei Hua came to a profound understanding of the fact that alcohol could indeed mess things up.

Not only did he miss his flight, but he also slept with someone.

Wei Hua didn’t know why he was reminded of that promiscuous night from a few years ago, because the day after that night, he was humiliated by the person he had slept with. They even left a stack of cash on the bedside table, as if he were a hired gigolo.

Alcohol really could mess things up!

At the time, Wei Hua repeatedly scolded himself like this. As for what the person he slept with that night looked like, Wei Hua couldn’t remember anymore. Every time he tried to recall, it was just a vague impression, and he only knew it was a man.

Wei Hua didn’t dwell on it any longer, after all, it was a man, and he wouldn’t be responsible for any potential consequences. It wasn’t that he was a scoundrel, but since the other person left a stack of cash, it was clear they didn’t want any further entanglement, and Wei Hua didn’t care to hold onto memories of that promiscuous night.

However, Wei Hua didn’t understand why, on the morning after he had a relationship with the person he liked, he would suddenly think of that forgotten promiscuous night from a few years ago.

Wei Hua shook his head, returning from his past memories, and looked out the window. The high-speed train was racing past, and before he could really see the scenery outside, the train entered a tunnel.

When Wei Hua’s high-speed train stopped at the train station in the capital, it was already midnight.

Wei Hua left the train station and took a taxi directly, providing Cookie’s home address. His anxiousness grew with each passing moment, but as he got closer to Cookie, Wei Hua began to feel not just anxious but also a little timid.

He felt timid, and it wasn’t without reason. At this point, Wei Hua’s heart felt like it was about to leap out of his throat. He sat in the backseat of the taxi, fidgeting restlessly.

It took over half an hour for the taxi to finally arrive at the villa area where Cookie lived. The security there was tight, and as Wei Hua was a stranger, he was stopped by the security guard at the entrance and not allowed in.

Wei Hua glanced at the dimly lit residential area with only the streetlights still on but didn’t press Cookie’s phone number. Instead, he stood outside the residential area, prepared to wait until morning.

Seeing that Wei Hua hadn’t been allowed in and was still lingering outside, the security guard found him suspicious and kept a watchful eye on him.

Wei Hua paid no attention to the guard’s caution and found a place to sit down, quietly waiting for the morning to arrive.

On a spring night, with the chilly evening breeze, Wei Hua wasn’t dressed too warmly. The wind still made him feel a bit cold, and he couldn’t help but yawn a few times.

The security guard couldn’t bear to watch any longer and came out of the security booth, holding defensive tools in his hand. He asked, “What are you up to? If you’re looking for someone, call them to come and get you. If not, please leave.”

Wei Hua yawned and, when facing the security guard, said with a sheepish smile, “Don’t worry, Mr. Security Guard, I don’t intend to do anything wrong. I’m just looking for my wife. He got upset and went back to his parents’ house. It’s so late, and I don’t want to disturb him and his family. I’ll call him when it’s morning.”

The security guard was somewhat skeptical of Wei Hua’s words but, seeing that Wei Hua was well-dressed in a high-quality suit and looked presentable, he probably wasn’t a bad person. So, he turned back to the security booth, grabbed a thin blanket, and handed it to Wei Hua, saying, “Wrap yourself in this. It’s cold at night; you don’t want to catch a cold.”

“Thank you, Mr. Security Guard,” Wei Hua replied, taking the blanket. “You’re really kind.”

“I can see you care about your wife,” the security guard, who also had a wife, was a bit sentimental. “Wives should be cherished. No matter whose fault it is, if you apologize first, there’s no harm done.”

“That’s right!” Wei Hua nodded in agreement.

The security guard, fulfilling his duty, had a brief chat with Wei Hua and then returned to the security booth, but he still kept an eye on Wei Hua, just in case he did something dangerous.

It was true that Wei Hua looked presentable, but as the saying goes, “You can’t judge a book by its cover,” right?

With no one to talk to, Wei Hua quietly sat in a corner, and with the blanket, the chill of the spring night gradually faded away.

This night felt incredibly long for Wei Hua, but he couldn’t sleep at all. His heart continued to race, and all he could think about was Cookie. It was a restless and anxious feeling, but it also brought a smile to his face.

As the night slowly faded, the first rays of dawn broke through, signaling the arrival of a new day.

Wei Hua patted his somewhat stiff legs after sitting through the night and returned the thin blanket to the security office. He then paced back and forth at the entrance of the residential area, feeling a mix of excitement and nervousness.

Meanwhile, at the Sheng family residence.

Cookie, who usually slept well into the late morning, had woken up early today. His sleep had been disturbed by Wei Hua, who had been buzzing around in his dreams. Wei Hua had appeared with the spirited vigor of his college days and his more mature self, but the constant was the radiant smile on his face, like a warm ray of sunshine that made Cookie feel warm from the inside out.

Cookie shook his head, trying to shake off that irritating image from his mind. He got up from bed and splashed his face with cold water, slowly regaining clarity of mind.

After getting dressed, Cookie went downstairs, where Little Biscuit and Sheng Jiaqi were already having breakfast at the dining table.

“Why are you up so early today?” Sheng Jiaqi, who had appeared in the kitchen at this hour, was a bit surprised to see Cookie.

“Morning, Dad,” Little Biscuit greeted Cookie with a sip of milk, his voice sweet and soft.

Cookie walked over and ruffled Little Biscuit’s hair, saying, “Good morning, Little Biscuit.” He then answered Sheng Jiaqi’s earlier question, “I went to bed early yesterday.” Indeed, he had gone to bed early, crashing on the bed as soon as he got back. However, he didn’t know the exact time he had fallen asleep.

Sheng Jiaqi didn’t doubt him and simply asked, “Can you take Little Biscuit to kindergarten today? I have an early meeting.”

Cookie nodded and said, “Sure.”

After the family finished breakfast, Cookie prepared to carry Little Biscuit’s small backpack. During breakfast and the backpack-carrying process, Cookie unconsciously checked his watch several times, as if waiting for something.

Sheng Jiaqi saw through the act but didn’t reveal it, guessing that his son’s spring had already arrived.

Little Biscuit noticed too. When Cookie lifted him up, he leaned close to Cookie’s ear and whispered, “Dad, are you waiting for Uncle Wei?”

After saying that, Little Biscuit even gave a mischievous smile.

Cookie gently tapped Little Biscuit’s head and replied, “Kids don’t understand these things!” However, his gaze seemed to avoid something, clearly having been caught by Little Biscuit’s comment.

Sheng Jiaqi glanced at the interaction between the father and son, smiled, and then took his briefcase from the butler before heading to work.

Not long after Sheng Jiaqi left, Cookie realized it was about time. He picked up Little Biscuit and headed to the garage to drive them to kindergarten.

As the car passed by the entrance gate of the residential area, the sharp-eyed Little Biscuit spotted Wei Hua standing there. He quickly called out, “Dad, it’s Uncle Wei!”

Hearing this, Cookie reflexively slammed on the brakes. Due to the inertia, his body leaned forward slightly. He couldn’t care about that at the moment; his gaze was fixed on Wei Hua.

He had really come!

That was the first thought that rushed through Cookie’s mind, followed by a mix of emotions he couldn’t quite define. It seemed like joy, but it was also tinged with nervousness.

It was almost as if Wei Hua had telepathy. Even though Cookie was driving a car with tinted windows that made it impossible to see inside from the outside, and it was a car he hadn’t driven before, Wei Hua immediately knew that Cookie and Little Biscuit were inside.

He said to the security guard who had given him the blanket last night, “My wife is coming out. I’ll go and bring him back home. I’ll thank you later.”

The security guard waved him off and said, “Go to your wife quickly, that’s more important!”

Wei Hua practically jogged to Cookie’s car and knocked on the window. When Cookie rolled the window down, Wei Hua immediately smiled and said, “Xiao Qiqi, I’m here.”

“Get in the car first.” It wasn’t a good idea to be stuck at the entrance of the residential area at this hour. Cookie gestured for Wei Hua to get in the car, intending to discuss whatever was happening later.

However, no one noticed that Cookie’s hands on the steering wheel were trembling slightly at that moment.

Wei Hua obediently got into the car and saw Little Biscuit. He smiled and greeted, “Good morning, Little Biscuit.”

“Good morning, Uncle Wei. Your beard has grown.” Little Biscuit giggled as if he had discovered something new.

“Do you want to touch it, Little Biscuit?” Wei Hua leaned closer, pretending to use the stubble on his face to tickle Little Biscuit’s face. Little Biscuit quickly shielded his face with his chubby hands and continued to giggle.

Cookie took a deep breath, then exhaled deeply several times to calm down the inexplicable emotions that had welled up inside him. Only then did he restart the car to take Little Biscuit to kindergarten.

Throughout the journey, Cookie avoided talking to Wei Hua, as if he had hidden himself away like an ostrich.

Wei Hua didn’t push him and instead engaged in conversation with Little Biscuit from the back seat.

For Cookie, those ten-plus minutes felt like an eternity, but they finally reached the kindergarten where Little Biscuit attended.

They got out of the car and escorted Little Biscuit into the kindergarten. However, Little Biscuit stood at the entrance, waved to Wei Hua, and signaled him to bend down.

Wei Hua understood Little Biscuit’s meaning and leaned down to him. Little Biscuit looked at Cookie, then whispered something to Wei Hua, making sure Cookie couldn’t hear.

Upon hearing what Little Biscuit said, Wei Hua’s eyes lit up instantly, and the muscles on his face became lively.

“Really?” Wei Hua couldn’t believe it and double-checked.

Little Biscuit nodded earnestly and said, “Uncle Wei, you have to work hard!”

“Absolutely!” Wei Hua smiled with his eyes and nodded. If it weren’t for Cookie still being present, Wei Hua would have jumped for joy to express his excitement.

Cookie stood on the side and, watching the interaction between Little Biscuit and Wei Hua, inexplicably felt his eyes welling up. He quickly turned around and retreated to the car.

After bidding farewell to his dad and Uncle Wei, Little Biscuit bounced into the kindergarten with a cheerful mood. Soon, he would have a big daddy.

Wei Hua took the front passenger seat, and Cookie, who was lost in thought, didn’t know what was on his mind as he stared into space. Wei Hua remained silent, merely looking at the side profile of Cookie, whose features seemed to perfectly match his aesthetic preferences. It was as though Cookie had been tailor-made for him.

“Xiao Qiqi,” Wei Hua suddenly leaned closer to Cookie, calling him gently. Cookie was startled by Wei Hua’s sudden proximity and gave him a surprised look.

“Xiao Qiqi, I don’t regret what happened the night before yesterday,” Wei Hua suddenly wore a serious expression.

The mention of “the night before yesterday” made Cookie’s face instantly turn red, and he stuttered, not knowing what to say.

“Xiao Qiqi, I’ve liked you for a long time, and I’ve made that clear to you a while ago.” Wei Hua held Cookie’s hand and once again made a solemn confession. “So, be with me. I’ll take responsibility for your entire life, regardless of what happened the other night.”

Wei Hua’s unexpected confession left Cookie at a loss for words. He stared at Wei Hua, feeling the warmth of Wei Hua’s hand in his palm, which seemed to have melted its way into his heart.

Seeing that Cookie was lost in thought and hadn’t responded to his confession, Wei Hua began to worry. He quickly pulled out his trump card.

“Xiao Qiqi, do you know what Little Biscuit just told me?” Wei Hua leaned in even closer to Cookie, speaking softly. There was only an inch or so between their lips, and a slight movement would make them touch.

“What?” Cookie hadn’t realized what was happening; his attention was entirely captivated by the face so close to his.

“Little Biscuit said…” Wei Hua paused wickedly and quickly pecked Cookie’s lips before continuing, “He said, as long as I came to see you today, you promised to be with me. Hmm?”

“Huh?” Cookie still hadn’t grasped the situation, his face showing confusion.

“Are you going back on your word?” Wei Hua teased, his tone slightly seductive and tempting.

At this moment, Cookie nodded slightly and uttered a faint, “Okay, let’s be together.”

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