Chapter 179 – Subjective Assumptions

Cookie’s voice was very soft. For a moment, Wei Hua even thought he was hallucinating. When he realized that it had indeed come from Cookie’s mouth, Wei Hua was completely stunned. In the next instant, he jumped up from his seat.

A loud “bang!” echoed, and his head made intimate contact with the car ceiling.

However, at that moment, Wei Hua felt no pain whatsoever. He stared dumbfounded at Cookie and then suddenly embraced Cookie as if he were trying to squeeze Cookie into his own body with all his strength.

“Xiao Qiqi… You… Did you really agree to be with me? You… You didn’t deceive me, did you? Is this real?” Cookie was speaking incoherently out of happiness, but he anxiously sought confirmation.

Cookie nodded in Wei Hua’s embrace. “Yes, let’s be together.” This time, his voice was much louder, and every word resonated in Wei Hua’s ears.

“Xiao Qiqi, Xiao Qiqi!” Wei Hua was so excited that he didn’t know what to say. He could only call Cookie’s name again and again.

“I… I’m really happy that you agreed to be with me. You… You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for this day.” Wei Hua continued to babble, unable to express his current emotions.

Cookie never expected that simply agreeing to be with Wei Hua would make him so happy. He gently patted Wei Hua’s back, as if comforting a child.

At this moment, Cookie’s heart was also filled with excitement and joy. From the moment he fell in love with Wei Hua, he never imagined that his one-sided love would actually have a happy ending. However, fate was on his side, and not only did his one-sided love have a happy ending, but he also received a precious gift for a lifetime.

After chasing after Cookie, Wei Hua couldn’t wait to share his joy with the world. Just two hours after being with Cookie, Wei Hua immediately called Wei Chen.

“Chen Chen, Xiao Qiqi agreed to be with me! I’m not single anymore!”

Wei Chen, who was still in W Ancient Town, heard Wei Hua’s ecstatic voice as soon as he answered the phone. Even without seeing him, Wei Chen could imagine Wei Hua’s joyous expression.

“Congratulations,” Wei Chen responded calmly compared to Wei Hua’s reaction.

“Chen Chen, when are you coming back? When you come back, bring Chen Li with you, and please come over for dinner!” Wei Hua’s voice was still trembling with excitement, clearly not about to calm down anytime soon.

“Sure,” Wei Chen accepted Wei Hua’s invitation.

After that, they talked about some trivial matters and hung up the phone.

At this moment, Chen Li was still reading a comic. The series, illustrated by Huang Zhenzhen, consisted of six volumes, and Chen Li had already reached the final volume. Undoubtedly, it was a sweet romance comic. While the plot had its ups and downs, the two main characters had an unwavering trust in each other, believing in each other wholeheartedly and offering each other unwavering support.

Of course, this comic not only had an exciting plot but also had some very steamy scenes. Chen Li had more than once used the comic as a reference when suggesting intimate poses to Wei Chen.

Wei Chen had been teased by Chen Li many times, but each time, he had underestimated Chen Li’s endurance.

Chen Li, at this moment, saw the grand finale – a very luxurious car with a driver who had excellent driving skills. Chen Li’s eyes sparkled with excitement. When Wei Chen finished his call, Chen Li took the comic, put on slippers, and walked over to Wei Chen.

Seeing Chen Li approaching with a comic book, Wei Chen knew what Chen Li had in mind. He felt a tightening in his chest. He couldn’t have imagined that once Chen Li discovered this new world and tasted its pleasures, he would become so bold and passionate. Of course, if Chen Li’s health was in good condition, Wei Chen wouldn’t mind engaging in a few rounds with him. However, the problem was that Chen Li was still weak. Last time, he had nearly passed out after just one encounter.

With Chen Li’s current frailty, Wei Chen truly couldn’t ignore Chen Li’s health. He was willing to quietly endure it.

So, before Chen Li could speak this time, Wei Chen said, “Li Li, I have a business meeting later. Would you like to come with me?”

Chen Li immediately nodded, “Sure.”

Wei Chen ruffled Chen Li’s hair and said, “I’ll go prepare the documents now.”

Chen Li nodded.

When Wei Chen had to work, he knew Chen Li wouldn’t disturb him. So, Chen Li silently packed up his comic books, turned on the TV, switched to the children’s channel, and watched cartoons, waiting to go out with Wei Chen.

After Wei Chen prepared the materials for his meeting with Mr. Moray, changed into a formal suit, and adjusted his tie, he said to Chen Li, “Li Li, let’s go.”

“Okay!” Chen Li turned off the TV, walked to Wei Chen’s side, and held his hand, smiling warmly.

The two of them left hand in hand.

At this moment, Mr. Moray was in his room reviewing the information his subordinates had provided. It was Wei Hua’s information. After the incident yesterday, Mr. Moray felt that his daughter’s story had some problems. He quickly instructed his subordinates to investigate Wei Hua’s background. During this investigation, Mr. Moray discovered Lena’s “exploits.” While Wei Hua was still in the United States, Lena had used countless vile methods to harass him. Whenever someone close to Wei Hua appeared, regardless of their relationship, Lena would arrange for them to be dealt with. In severe cases, it nearly resulted in fatalities!

Was this his daughter, Lena Moray?

Looking at the information in his hand, Mr. Moray felt as if he were reading a script. His obedient daughter, who appeared so innocent in front of him, was secretly such a demon! No wonder she dared to publicly drug a man yesterday!

“Lena Moray!” Mr. Moray was furious. He threw the information he held onto the coffee table and shouted towards Lena’s room.

After a long time, Lena finally emerged from her room, wearing a silk pajama with nothing underneath, revealing glimpses of what was beneath. Westerners were accustomed to such openness, but there was also a Chinese translator in the room, and seeing this scene made him awkwardly lower his head.

“Go in and change your clothes before coming out,” Mr. Moray also knew the importance of adapting to local customs, and he strongly disapproved of Lena’s current attire.

Lena seemed to sense Mr. Moray’s anger and obediently went back inside to change into slightly less revealing clothing.

“Take a seat,” Mr. Moray pointed to the chair opposite him.

Lena sat down obediently.

Mr. Moray pushed the documents he had found in front of Lena and said, “Take a look for yourself and think about what you want to say to me.”

Lena lazily reclined on the sofa, flipping through the documents Mr. Moray had handed her, and said without concern, “Daddy, I’m just pursuing my Prince Charming. Is there anything wrong with that?”

Mr. Moray was momentarily at a loss for words, feeling that Lena had a point. Just then, his subordinate approached and whispered in Mr. Moray’s ear, “Boss, Mr. Wei, the Marketing Director of Changfeng Group, wants to see you. Should I let him in?”

The Marketing Director of Changfeng Group? Was that Wei Chen, the one who had orchestrated what seemed like a chance encounter and had some involvement in Wei Hua’s affairs?

If Mr. Moray had been acting in his usual manner, he would have had a very unfavorable impression of Wei Chen, and he wouldn’t have agreed to see him. However, at this moment, he was infuriated by his daughter, and to distract himself, Mr. Moray decided that it might be wise to engage in something else. Otherwise, he feared he might do something he’d regret later. Mr. Moray was known for his temper, even in the United States.

However, Mr. Moray’s impression of Wei Chen at this moment wasn’t as bad as his initial impression. It was because Wei Chen hadn’t called him in the past few days. Given that he had Wei Chen’s contact information, the fact that Wei Chen was going through formal channels to meet him seemed to show a semblance of hope.

Mr. Moray adjusted his attire and said to his daughter sitting on the sofa, “From today until we return to the United States in two days, you are not allowed to go out. I will have someone guarding the door!”

Lena protested, as she had only just met a handsome man yesterday and was planning to go out tonight to have some fun. How could she stay in?

“Daddy, you can’t do this!” Lena shouted after Mr. Moray’s retreating figure.

But Mr. Moray had made up his mind to take control of his daughter. He wouldn’t easily soften his stance.

Lena angrily tossed the documents in her hand around the room, feeling frustrated but powerless.

Guided by his subordinate, Mr. Moray arrived at the suite’s meeting room, where Wei Chen and Chen Li were already seated. Mr. Moray frowned slightly when he saw that Wei Chen had brought this young man along, and his opinion of Wei Chen grew even less favorable.

In Mr. Moray’s eyes, the current Wei Chen was a cunning and sycophantic person who relied on small tricks and flattery. Such a person was not someone he wanted to cooperate with, and he was even considering avoiding collaboration with his company.

Despite his inner aversion, since he was already here, Mr. Moray wanted to see what other tricks Wei Chen had up his sleeve. He regarded it as a form of entertainment.

“Mr. Moray, hello, I am Wei Chen, the Marketing Director of Changfeng Group,” Wei Chen handed over his business card with every move exuding charm and confidence. “Nice to meet you.”

“Hello,” Mr. Moray replied with indifference, giving Wei Chen a perfunctory nod.

“Thank you, Mr. Moray, for taking the time to meet with me. This is a proposal our company has prepared for the development of Max in the Chinese market. Please have a look,” Wei Chen said as he handed the proposal to Mr. Moray.

Wei Chen’s direct approach was somewhat unexpected for Mr. Moray. He had thought that Wei Chen would explain why he was in W Ancient Town initially, hoping to dispel his suspicions. However, Wei Chen didn’t do that and instead naturally presented the proposal for Max’s development in the Chinese market.

Mr. Moray squinted at Wei Chen for a moment before shifting his gaze to the proposal. Upon reading it, Mr. Moray had to admit that Wei Chen was exceptional. The proposal was simply perfect, and if he didn’t have reservations about Wei Chen’s character, he might have immediately signed authorization and other contracts, without even discussing terms.

Mr. Moray had to acknowledge that Wei Chen’s understanding of the Chinese market and Max was indeed profound. It was this deep understanding that had allowed Wei Chen to create such a flawless proposal, one that Mr. Moray couldn’t find any faults in, and even envisaged a win-win scenario for Max and Changfeng Group in the future.

But it was a pity…

Truly a pity…

If it weren’t for Wei Chen’s scheming, his trip to China would have concluded successfully.

Mr. Moray sighed inwardly, recognizing that he was the type of person who couldn’t tolerate any uncertainty. He could only blame Wei Chen for leaving such a poor first impression, as otherwise, it could have been a wonderful collaboration.

“I need some time to consider,” Mr. Moray said. The proposal was just too perfect, and even though he didn’t want to work with Wei Chen, he couldn’t bring himself to reject it outright.

“Please, Mr. Moray, take your time to think it over,” Wei Chen replied. He then stood up, holding Chen Li’s hand, and nodded to Mr. Moray. “Thank you for your time today.”

Mr. Moray was still a bit stunned. Was Wei Chen leaving just like that? Wasn’t he going to introduce the young man next to him? After all, Mr. Moray had made it quite clear that he had a liking for this young man’s artwork.

While Mr. Moray was lost in thought, Wei Chen stopped near the door. Mr. Moray noticed this and thought that Wei Chen was finally going to introduce the young man to him, but instead, Wei Chen left him with a cryptic statement.

“Mr. Moray, sometimes what the eyes see is not the truth, and subjective assumptions are even farther from the truth.”

However, Wei Chen didn’t follow through with an introduction and left with Chen Li.

Mr. Moray furrowed his brow, pondering the meaning behind Wei Chen’s words.

“Boss,” his subordinate handed a document to Mr. Moray at this moment, saying, “When we were investigating Mr. Wei Hua, we found out that Mr. Wei Chen and Mr. Wei Hua are actually cousins. We also looked into Mr. Wei Chen’s background. He and his group booked over twenty rooms at the hotel on Monday, seemingly part of a group tour. The young man with Mr. Wei Chen is his legally recognized partner and has autism. Unless necessary, Mr. Wei Chen always keeps him by his side to take care of him.”

After hearing the information, Mr. Moray couldn’t help but recall Wei Chen’s parting words earlier.

“What the eyes see is not the truth, and subjective assumptions are even farther from the truth.”

Mr. Moray realized that he had unjustly accused this talented young man due to his own subjective assumptions and what he had seen with his own eyes.

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