Chapter 180 – His Principles

Wei Chen did not take the proposal he brought with him. Mr. Moray reached out and took the proposal from the table. Unlike the last time when he skimmed through it quickly, this time Mr. Moray was very serious, analyzing it line by line.

This proposal was entirely written in American English, and Mr. Moray couldn’t find a single error in it, whether it was grammar or spelling. This indicated that Wei Chen had put a lot of effort into writing this proposal.

What surprised Mr. Morey even more was that this proposal painted a beautiful picture for him, but it wasn’t like a carrot dangled in front of a donkey, unattainable and distant; it was entirely feasible.

Mr. Moray couldn’t help but admire Wei Chen’s deep understanding of Max and the Chinese market. Only with such a deep understanding could Wei Chen create a flawless proposal, not only in terms of writing but also in content.

This was talent!

In the moment the misunderstanding was cleared up, Mr. Moray even considered poaching Wei Chen for his own company, letting such a talented individual work for him.

Furthermore, Mr. Moray narrowed his eyes.

Wei Chen was not only intelligent but also insightful, as evidenced by his lack of fixation on the misunderstanding. There are many intelligent people in this world, but insightful individuals are rare.

Mr. Moray placed the proposal on the table and turned to his subordinate, saying, “Did Mr. Wei leave his contact information? If he did, arrange for him to have dinner with me tonight.”

The subordinate nodded and replied, “Certainly.”

Although Wei Chen didn’t leave his contact information, it wouldn’t be acceptable for Mr. Moray’s assistant not to be able to find it.

Putting aside the matter of the Chinese market, Mr. Moray stood up and told his subordinate, “Don’t let her go out before we return to the country.”

The subordinate immediately nodded and said, “Understood, boss.”

Mr. Moray then left, and as he reached the door, he could hear Lena’s shouting. Mr. Moray shook his head in helplessness, realizing that he had been lax in disciplining his daughter.

Wei Chen received a call from Mr. Moray’s subordinate in the late afternoon. He wasn’t surprised by the call. “Mr. Wei, hello,” the tone of Mr. Moray’s subordinate was still respectful.

“Hello,” Wei Chen replied calmly, devoid of any emotion.

“Sorry to disturb you, Mr. Wei. I wonder if you have any plans for tonight? Our boss would like to invite you for dinner,” Mr. Moray’s subordinate said.

Wei Chen agreed, saying, “I can.”

After setting the time and place, they hung up. Wei Chen calmly put his phone back in his pocket, as if he had already anticipated this outcome.

As soon as he put his phone in his pocket, Wei Chen felt a calmness in his thigh area, and a few seconds later, the ringtone sounded again.

Wei Chen took out his phone again, and the caller was Zhuge Feng.

“Wei Chen, how is the progress on your end?” Zhuge Feng got straight to the point without any beating around the bush.

“It’s almost done,” Wei Chen gave a brief response.

Zhuge Feng understood Wei Chen and knew that when Wei Chen said “almost done,” it meant that the task was nearly ninety percent completed.

“That means you need to speed up. You don’t know, but Zhou Tongpeng came to the company today, and he was practically strutting. I suspect he had a good conversation with Max’s director,” Zhuge Feng said, with a hint of amusement in his tone.

Zhou Tongpeng thought he had secured the exclusive agency for Max in China by getting on good terms with Max’s marketing director. However, he was unaware that Max highly valued the Chinese market. This time in China, it wasn’t just the marketing director who had come, but also Max’s chairman. In the end, whether it succeeded or not, it would depend on a word from Max’s chairman.

As they say, the greater the hope, the greater the disappointment. Zhuge Feng actually looked forward to seeing the disappointment on Zhou Tongpeng’s face when he realized that the contract with Max was signed by Wei Chen.

Thinking about it, Zhuge Feng felt a bit excited.

Wei Chen didn’t know what Zhuge Feng was thinking. He assumed Zhuge Feng was anxious about the progress and didn’t try to reassure him. After a few words, he ended the call with Zhuge Feng.

When Wei Chen returned from the balcony after the call, Chen Li was watching TV on the sofa. Wei Chen glanced at the TV, which was showing a children’s channel playing cartoons.

Wei Chen walked over and sat down next to Chen Li. Chen Li glanced at him and handed him the remote control, indicating that Wei Chen could change the channel.

Wei Chen ruffled Chen Li’s hair and didn’t take the remote control. Instead, he joined Chen Li in watching the cartoons with great interest.

As long as the right person is sitting beside you, it doesn’t really matter what you’re watching.

With Wei Chen by his side, Chen Li’s body seemed to relax as if someone had instantly drained all the tension from his bones. At first, he could sit up properly, but after a few minutes, Chen Li slumped onto Wei Chen’s lap, legs sticking out comfortably from the sofa.

Wei Chen used his hand to comb through Chen Li’s hair, thinking it had grown a bit too long. He said, “Li Li, let’s go get a haircut tonight.”

Chen Li’s gaze remained fixed on the TV as he nodded, showing how obedient he was.

The entire afternoon passed without the two of them going out. They stayed in their hotel suite, watching one animated show after another. It didn’t feel boring at all.

As the time for the appointment with Mr. Moray approached, Wei Chen changed into a suit, held Chen Li’s hand, and left the room.

Wei Chen and Mr. Moray had arranged to meet at the hotel’s restaurant. When Wei Chen and Chen Li arrived, Mr. Moray was already there, though they weren’t sure when he had arrived.

Upon spotting Mr. Moray, Wei Chen led Chen Li over. As soon as they took their seats, a waiter came over with the menu.

Mr. Moray gestured for Wei Chen to go ahead and order.

Wei Chen didn’t hesitate and ordered several dishes according to Chen Li’s preferences. It was a Chinese restaurant, and Mr. Moray, fascinated by Chinese culture, had developed a fondness for Chinese cuisine as well.

“Director Wei, I’ve reviewed your proposal,” Mr. Moray said. He wasn’t one to beat around the bush. Since both parties had expressed an intention to cooperate, he got straight to the point.

“How does Mr. Moray feel about it?” Wei Chen didn’t waste time with small talk and got straight to the point.

However, Mr. Moray refrained from passing judgment and only said, “I have the intention to cooperate, but I have one condition.” He looked at Wei Chen, his gaze sharp.

“Mr. Moray, please go ahead,” Wei Chen gestured, and his expression remained calm when he met Mr. Moray’s sharp gaze. Mr. Moray didn’t gain any advantage.

“Do you happen to know someone named Wei Hua?” Mr. Moray asked, his expression carrying hidden meaning.

Wei Chen didn’t hide anything and replied, “Wei Hua is my cousin.”

“That’s perfect,” Mr. Moray’s face lit up with a smile. “My daughter, Lena, is classmates with Mr. Wei Hua. She really likes him, and as a father, I naturally hope my daughter can find someone she likes. So, if Director Wei agrees to help me match Lena with Mr. Wei Hua, regardless of the final outcome, Changfeng Group will become the exclusive agent for Max for the next twenty years. What do you say, Director Wei? A twenty-year exclusive agency is a very tempting offer. You should think it over.”

Mr. Moray stared straight at Wei Chen, trying not to miss any subtle emotional changes on his face. However, he quickly realized that Wei Chen’s expression remained unchanged, still showing no signs of emotion.

At that moment, the waiter brought the dishes to their table, filling the air with tempting aromas. Mr. Moray, however, didn’t pay attention to the food; he was waiting for Wei Chen’s response. He wanted to know if Wei Chen had the qualifications to secure a twenty-year exclusive agency for the Max brand.

“I’m sorry,” Wei Chen said, meeting Mr. Moray’s scrutinizing gaze. “I cannot agree to this condition.”

Mr. Moray was taken aback, but he didn’t show it on his face. He asked, “Director Wei, you seem to be hasty. Just by doing this small favor, you can secure a twenty-year vacation agency for Max. I believe there are very few deals in this world that can be as profitable as this one, am I right?”

After Wei Chen served Chen Li a portion of his favorite dish, he spoke seriously, “Mr. Moray, you don’t seem as fond of your daughter as you appear to be.”

This unexpected statement finally caused Mr. Moray to show surprise. He asked, puzzled, “Why do you say that? I am willing to use my influence to ensure her happiness. How does that make me not love my daughter?”

“This is a transaction. True love cannot be measured and negotiated on a trading table,” Wei Chen said, expressing his principle. He didn’t expect others to agree or understand his principles, but he had to stick to them.

Now, Mr. Moray was completely stunned. He looked at Wei Chen, then burst into laughter. Indeed, his previous words sounded grand, but even grandeur couldn’t cover up the fact that he was treating his daughter as a bargaining chip.

“Director Wei, you are quite something!” Mr. Moray couldn’t help but praise. If he had previously admired Wei Chen for his talent and insight, now he admired Wei Chen’s character. However, Mr. Moray still wanted to test Wei Chen once more. After all, asking someone else to do something was easy, but asking oneself to do it was a different story. He wanted to know if Wei Chen was that kind of person.

So, Mr. Moray changed his approach and said, “Director Wei, since it’s like this, I won’t force you. Here’s another proposal: I really like the painting your partner created. If you give me that painting as a gift, I will continue to sign the contract with you for the twenty-year exclusive agency.”

With these words, Mr. Moray’s gaze remained fixed on Wei Chen, waiting for his response. He also wanted to see if this young man, who had repeatedly surprised and amazed him, could maintain his admiration.

However, Wei Chen shook his head and replied, “Mr. Moray, perhaps you didn’t understand what I meant. I won’t put everything I have on the trading table.”

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