Chapter 181 – I Want to Help You

Wei Chen’s response took Mr. Moray by surprise, but upon closer consideration, it made perfect sense.

After Wei Chen finished speaking, he turned to Chen Li and prepared the food. He peeled the shellfish for Chen Li, set aside the hotter dishes to cool down, and served the soup, tending to all of Chen Li’s needs. Chen Li only had to focus on eating, as Wei Chen had already prepared everything for him. Mr. Moray couldn’t help but be touched by this thoughtful and attentive gesture.

Wei Chen’s actions were incredibly skilled, indicating that he had been doing this for a long time, certainly not just for show in front of him. Mr. Moray could tell that Wei Chen had been dedicated to this for quite a while, possibly even doing it every day to be this proficient.

Furthermore, Mr. Moray noticed Wei Chen’s gaze. His gaze was cold and distant when facing him, showing only a hint of politeness, but mostly a sense of distance and detachment. However, when Wei Chen’s gaze landed on Chen Li, whether cold or distant, it immediately softened, making Wei Chen’s stern facial features appear gentler.

Because of this, Mr. Moray chose to believe that what Wei Chen said was genuine. He truly cherished his partner, and even if he seemed insignificant in his partner’s eyes, he could secure a multi-billion-dollar contract for him. Wei Chen wouldn’t put it on the bargaining table for an equal exchange.

In Mr. Moray’s mind, Wei Chen was a young man of exceptional character and ability.

“Director Wei, do you have any intention of developing in the United States? There are broader markets and opportunities there,” Mr. Moray finally had thoughts of poaching this young talent. If this young man were to join his company, he would undoubtedly bring vitality and energy to his enterprise. “I’m sorry, not at the moment,” Wei Chen replied, declining straightforwardly.

“Is that so? Max is just a brand under the Moray family, but I believe you’ve heard of the Moray family in the United States, haven’t you? As long as you’re willing to come with me to the United States, with your abilities, your future development will be limitless. In your country, don’t they say that people should aim high? I believe the Moray family is a higher place than Chanfeng Group. In the Moray family, Director Wei, you can surely shine,” Mr. Moray persisted. At this crucial time for the Moray family, having Wei Chen as a talent under his wing would strengthen his position in the family’s internal struggles.

He needed talent now, and Wei Chen was the talent he was looking for.

“I’m sorry,” Wei Chen refused again, this time with even greater determination.

“What a pity,” Mr. Moray expressed his regret openly, even shaking his head in resignation. He added, “I’ve already drafted the contract. Let’s take a look at it after dinner.”

Since Wei Chen couldn’t become his right-hand man, becoming a collaborator was also acceptable.

“Mr. Moray, it’s a pleasure to cooperate with you,” Wei Chen’s attitude remained calm, showing no surprise at the successful negotiation. This confident demeanor only made Mr. Moray appreciate him more.

Chen Li had been an invisible presence on the sidelines throughout, and in this situation, he didn’t need to say anything. Wei Chen took excellent care of him, and all he had to do was enjoy his meal.

After finishing their meal, Mr. Moray and Wei Chen got straight to the point.

The contract had been prepared by Mr. Moray during their dinner. He had drafted two versions: one was a standard five-year contract, while the other was the exclusive twenty-year agency contract mentioned earlier in the restaurant.

Typically, no brand would dare to sign an agency contract for twenty years, considering how rapidly markets can change. However, after spending the mealtime with Wei Chen, Mr. Moray was convinced, and he presented the twenty-year agency contract.

Firstly, he believed in Wei Chen’s abilities. Regardless of how rapidly the market might change in the future, Wei Chen would undoubtedly bring the best outcome for both Changfeng and Max.

Secondly, and most importantly, Changfeng Group was a state-owned enterprise in China, known for its stability and the convenience it could provide for the import of Max products.

The contract signing process went very smoothly. This contract was based on the proposal Wei Chen had put together, and both parties were satisfied with it. They only made some minor adjustments to the details, and everything else was agreed upon.

When Wei Chen signed his name on the contract, it marked the finalization of the partnership between Max and Changfeng Group.

“Director Wei, I still need to stay in China for two more days. During that time, I hope you can be my guide,” Mr. Moray said as they shook hands.

Wei Chen nodded and replied, “Of course, it would be my pleasure.”

Afterward, Wei Chen took Chen Li back to his room. Shortly after, a call came from Sheng Jiaqi. Instead of inquiring about Wei Chen and Max, he was more interested in Wei Hua.

During that day, Sheng Jiaqi had managed to find out who the person was that Cookie had been in contact with. After all, on the day of the call, Little Biscuit had used Sheng Jiaqi’s phone to make the call and hadn’t deleted the call history.

“Achen, you know Wei Hua, right?” Sheng Jiaqi asked as soon as Wei Chen answered the phone.

“He’s my cousin,” Wei Chen replied, not hiding their family connection.

“Can you tell me about Wei Hua’s character?” Sheng Jiaqi’s question was expected by Wei Chen. He had already learned about Wei Hua’s relationship with Cookie and assumed that Sheng Jiaqi was aware of something as well, prompting this inquiry.

“Uncle Sheng, I think you should get to know him yourself,” Wei Chen responded. He had already discovered that Wei Hua and Cookie were together, so he assumed that Sheng Jiaqi must be aware of something as well, leading to his questions.

Sheng Jiaqi frowned and said, “I don’t want to obstruct Cookie’s love life. I just want to know more about the person he’s involved with. As a father, I’m naturally concerned about Cookie’s well-being.” If Cookie were dating someone ordinary, Sheng Jiaqi wouldn’t be so worried. However, Cookie had experienced a setback in a past relationship, and Sheng Jiaqi didn’t want him to go through that again.

Over the years, Sheng Jiaqi had played the roles of both father and mother to Cookie. With Cookie being his only son, he didn’t want Cookie to face any hardships. So when he realized that Cookie was in a relationship, Sheng Jiaqi began to feel anxious, worrying about various things. Where was his dignity as the Chairman of Changfeng in all of this?

Wei Chen couldn’t fully grasp Sheng Jiaqi’s feelings, nor did he know what to say to him. After exchanging a few unrelated words, he redirected the conversation back to the signing of the contract with Max.

“I knew you could do it,” Sheng Jiaqi said. When Wei Chen was in charge, he had no worries at all; he was certain things would be completed successfully.

“Max has signed a twenty-year agency contract with us,” Wei Chen calmly delivered this bombshell of news to Sheng Jiaqi.

“Alright, twenty…” Sheng Jiaqi was slow to catch on, exclaiming, “Wei Chen, did you say twenty years?” Not three, not five, but a full twenty years. How could Max be so confident in signing such a lengthy contract with Changfeng Group?

“Yes, twenty years,” Wei Chen’s tone remained calm, as if he had just accomplished something very ordinary. However, to others, this was an incredible achievement.

“Good, very good!” Sheng Jiaqi couldn’t help but praise, “You always bring me unexpected surprises. Will you come back to work tomorrow? I hope you can personally announce this good news,” he added.

Wei Chen replied, “Mr. Moray will leave China in two days.”

“Alright, accompany Mr. Moray for the next two days and make sure to take good care of him.”

After ending the call with Sheng Jiaqi, Wei Chen noticed that Chen Li was no longer in the living room. The light was on in the second bedroom of the hotel suite, which had become Chen Li’s studio since they moved in. The fact that the light was on indicated that Chen Li was in there.

Wei Chen walked in without a word, stood at the door, and saw Chen Li framing a painting. As he got closer, Wei Chen realized that Chen Li was framing the ink wash painting he had created on the bridge in W Ancient Town that day.

Wei Chen remained silent, standing quietly beside Chen Li. He had already guessed why Chen Li suddenly decided to frame this painting.

For a moment, countless warm feelings surged within Wei Chen, warming his entire being.

After Chen Li finished securing the last piece, he felt a warmth behind him as Wei Chen hugged him from behind. The familiar warmth immediately relaxed Chen Li, and he leaned against Wei Chen.

Wei Chen held Chen Li tightly, resting his chin on Chen Li’s shoulder, and said, “Li Li, you don’t have to do this.”

During dinner with Mr. Moray, Chen Li had been eating, but he had certainly been paying attention to Mr. Moray’s words. So, when he returned, he framed this ink wash painting, probably with the intention of giving it to Mr. Moray.

“I want to help you,” Chen Li covered Wei Chen’s hand with his own and said firmly.

He wanted to help Wei Chen, very much. Wei Chen had done so much for him, so he wanted to do something for Wei Chen in return. Anything he could do to assist Wei Chen, no matter how small, he was willing to do it.

Chen Li understood that for him and Wei Chen to have a fulfilling future, it couldn’t be a one-sided effort from Wei Chen alone. Therefore, he needed to make an effort and contribute something for Wei Chen, no matter how small it might be.

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