Chapter 182 – The Courtesy of Friends

He had this idea, not because someone told him to do so, nor did he learn it from anywhere. This idea naturally arose in Chen Li’s heart.

He wanted to do something for Wei Chen, even if it was small and insignificant.

Suddenly, there was something stuck in Wei Chen’s heart, pounding forcefully against his heart, and a strange emotion surged through his nerves, making his nose feel a little sour.

“Li Li,” Wei Chen called out Chen Li’s name in a low voice. When Chen Li slightly turned his head, Wei Chen captured Chen Li’s lips and found Chen Li’s tongue, passionately intertwining it with his own.

Wei Chen was so fortunate, in this life or the previous one, to have Chen Li’s wholehearted love and dedication.

This intense and passionate moment was devoid of any emotions; it was purely driven by desire.

As it ended, Chen Li’s breath was slightly labored. He leaned against Wei Chen, without words.

In the quiet space, the heartbeats of the two were close to each other, thumping together, weaving the most melodious song.

Time flew by, and two days had passed.

During these two days, Wei Chen and Mr. Moray had explored W Ancient Town thoroughly. Although Mr. Moray had Wei Chen as his guide, they spent most of their time discussing business matters, and their views were surprisingly similar. Almost every conversation refreshed Mr. Moray’s understanding of Wei Chen.

When Mr. Moray was about to leave, they hadn’t become best friends, but their relationship was not as simple as mere acquaintances.

Early in the morning today, Wei Chen and Chen Li woke up, had a quick breakfast, and headed to the nearest international airport in W Ancient Town. The airport was in Shanghai, and they met Mr. Moray downstairs at the hotel.

Yes, Mr. Moray planned to return to the United States today. Wei Chen accompanied him to see him off and planned to take a flight back to the capital.

Downstairs at the hotel, Wei Chen and Chen Li formally met Mr. Moray’s daughter, Lena.

It had to be admitted that Lena was a stunning beauty, with the face of an angel and a devilish figure, exuding charm in every move. Lena knew how to make the most of her allure.

The moment she saw Wei Chen, she was attracted by his stern and handsome features. When Wei Chen approached, she threw a flirtatious glance at him, ignoring the fact that Wei Chen and Chen Li were holding hands.

However, Lena’s amorous advances were destined to fall on blind eyes.

Wei Chen didn’t even spare her a glance from start to finish, not even a sidelong look.

Mr. Moray noticed and furrowed his brow, feeling a bit embarrassed. Without saying a word, he immediately pushed Lena into the car and gave her a stern look. “Lena, you better behave yourself!”

“Daddy!” Lena pouted and complained. She had been locked in her room by Mr. Moray for two or three days, unable to go anywhere. Now that she had finally come out, her father pushed her into the car. She felt suffocated!

Mr. Moray paid no more attention to Lena, took the front passenger seat himself, and had his subordinate drive them to the Shanghai International Airport. If he could, he would have liked Wei Chen to be his son-in-law, but when he glanced at his daughter’s flirtatious nature, he thought better of not causing trouble for Wei Chen. Besides, Wei Chen already had a partner, so this idea is simply not possible.

Mr. Moray glanced at his daughter who was still doing her nails through the rearview mirror, feeling somewhat frustrated by her lack of discipline.

The car entered the highway and smoothly arrived at the Shanghai International Airport.

When bidding farewell to Mr. Moray, Wei Chen presented the framed painting Chen Li had prepared to Mr. Moray.

Mr. Moray received the painting as if it were a precious treasure. He looked at the ink marks on it and was filled with boundless joy. However, when he looked back at Wei Chen, his eyes were filled with surprise. “Wei Chen, what is this?”

Wasn’t it agreed not to put Chen Li’s painting on the trading table? Moreover, now that the contract was already signed, this gift didn’t seem to have any significance for Wei Chen.

“This is a farewell gift from me and Li Li to you, Mr. Moray. We hope to hear that you’ll come to China again soon,” Wei Chen said calmly. It was a token of friendship to give such a gift.

In the past two days, Wei Chen and Mr. Moray had become close friends, so it was only natural to give a friend a gift when they were parting ways.

Mr. Moray understood Wei Chen’s intentions and accepted the painting without further ado, saying with a hearty laugh, “They say that true friends are hard to come by, and I never thought I’d find one in China. If you ever need anything, Wei Chen, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. Fingal Moray will do everything in his power to help you!”

“Thank you in advance, Mr. Moray,” Wei Chen replied. Although he couldn’t muster a smiling expression on his face, his eyes were no longer as cold.

Little did Wei Chen know, and neither could he predict, that Mr. Moray’s simple promise on this day would greatly benefit him in the future.

By that time, Mr. Moray had become the head of the Moray family in the United States, even holding the power and wealth to influence the destiny of the entire country.

Clearly, in his past life, Mr. Moray hadn’t reached that position, or else Wei Chen, who had been reborn, wouldn’t have been unaware of Mr. Moray’s future identity.

However, these conversations over the past two days had earned Mr. Moray’s approval and subtly changed some of his beliefs. Such changes might seem insignificant now, but with time, the flapping of the butterfly’s wings could bring about various unforeseeable changes, all heading in directions unknown.

Of course, these were all stories for another time.

At this moment, Wei Chen and Chen Li waved goodbye to Mr. Moray and watched him board the plane at the customs.

Then, they waited in the airport terminal for their flight from Shanghai to Beijing.

Originally planned as a two-day trip, it had turned into six days due to Mr. Moray’s presence. It was only when Wei Chen boarded the plane that he began to feel the urge to return to the capital.

However, on the plane Mr. Moray was on, his subordinate lowered his head, looking apologetic, and said, “Boss, it’s our fault. We didn’t watch over Miss Lena.”

Mr. Moray rubbed his temple, waved his hand at his subordinate, and said, “You can go. It’s my fault for spoiling her.” Lena didn’t want to go back to the United States. Even if they stopped her for now, she’d probably take another flight to China in a few days. There was no way to prevent it. Well, let Lena live on her own in China for a while, and someone would eventually make her return home.

Life was made up of countless coincidences. Lena had escaped from her father’s grasp and immediately bought a first-class ticket on the same flight from Shanghai to Beijing as Wei Chen’s.

So at this moment, when Wei Chen saw Lena flaunting herself in front of him, he couldn’t help but feel a bit exasperated.

“You’re Wei Chen, right?” Lena extended a delicate hand towards Wei Chen, her eyes like silk fixed on him. “I’m Lena.” When they were at the hotel earlier, Lena had been quite close, and the scent of her perfume, faint but noticeable, had wafted towards them. But now, as Lena walked in, the heavy scent of her perfume assaulted their senses, somewhat overwhelming.

Chen Li, unable to bear it, sneezed loudly and buried his head in Wei Chen’s neck. He used Wei Chen’s familiar and reassuring scent to mask the overpowering fragrance and, in his own way, assert his territory.

“Sorry, could you step back a bit?” Wei Chen put his arm around Chen Li’s shoulder and said coldly, “The scent you’re wearing makes me nauseous.”

Lena’s smile froze for a moment, and she looked somewhat stiff. This was the first time she had encountered someone as impolite as Wei Chen. Even when Wei Hua had rejected her multiple times, he had always been courteous. Only the person before her now had refused her without any reservation.

Nauseating? How could that be? The perfume she had sprayed today was the latest from an internationally renowned brand, not only pleasant in fragrance but also infused with some aphrodisiac effects. How could it be nauseating?

Lena’s expression suddenly became somewhat aggrieved, and she looked pitifully at Wei Chen, as if she hadn’t heard his words at all.

Wei Chen, seeing that Lena didn’t leave, simply ignored her. He embraced Chen Li’s shoulder, adjusted his body to make Chen Li more comfortable, and then closed his eyes, pretending to nap.

Although there were fewer seats in the first-class cabin, it was still occupied by other passengers. Now that they saw Lena standing there, they couldn’t help but start gossiping.

Lena couldn’t understand what they were saying, but she still had her pride. She stomped her foot and returned to her seat with a somewhat dejected look.

Sitting nearby, there was a tall, burly foreigner who tried to strike up a conversation with Lena. As they talked, they discovered they were fellow countrymen.

While talking to this compatriot, Lena appraised him from head to toe. Both his physique and demeanor seemed to align with her aesthetics. She immediately forgot about the awkward encounter with Wei Chen earlier and began flirting with her fellow countryman sitting next to her.

Seeing that her fellow countryman was captivated by her charm, Lena couldn’t wait any longer. She seductively licked her glossy red lips, not even bothering to wait until they landed, and took her fellow countryman into the first-class cabin restroom.

She had been confined by Mr. Moray for a few days, and now it was time to release some pent-up tension.

Lena’s compatriot was pleasantly surprised by her boldness. He hadn’t expected this beautiful woman from their home country to be so easy to seduce. He had thought their conversation would last a bit longer!

As for Wei Chen, he paid no attention to anything that was happening with Lena. Chen Li had already fallen asleep, and Wei Chen asked a flight attendant for a blanket, gently covering Chen Li. Unable to resist, he lightly planted a kiss on Chen Li’s lips. In his slumber, Chen Li smacked his lips, as if he had dreamt of something delicious. Wei Chen’s gaze immediately softened, as if he could drown in it.

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