Chapter 183 – Can’t Control Myself

Lena returned to her seat on the airplane when the descent chime sounded. She had a radiant smile on her face, and as she settled into her seat, she exchanged a lengthy conversation with her fellow countryman, apparently quite pleased with their technical exchange.

Ten minutes later, the plane began its descent.

Chen Li woke up under the soft call of Wei Chen. Just waking up, he was a bit disoriented, and he looked around before realizing the plane had already landed.

Wei Chen ruffled Chen Li’s hair and said, “Li Li, we’re back in the capital.”

“Oh,” Chen Li was still somewhat dazed, but he obediently handed his hand to Wei Chen and let him lead him off the plane. It was drizzling in the capital, and the raindrops were falling gently from the sky. It was just after four in the afternoon, but the sky was already gloomy. Wei Chen hadn’t brought an umbrella, so when they got off the plane, he took off his suit jacket and draped it over both of their heads, rushing into the rain together.

Chen Li cooperated with Wei Chen’s movements until they reached the customs, and only then did they emerge. At the entrance, they hailed a taxi and headed home.

Lena came out a step later, and when she came out, she couldn’t see Wei Chen and Chen Li anymore. She stomped her foot in frustration, and apart from Wei Hua, Wei Chen was the second man to make her lose face.

Half an hour later, Wei Chen and Chen Li returned home. Even though they stayed in a hotel suite, Wei Chen felt that no matter how luxurious the suite was, it couldn’t compare to his own house. Both of them were soaked from the rain, so Wei Chen asked Chen Li to take a shower and considerately prepared hot water for him.

However, Chen Li didn’t want to. “Achen, let’s shower together!” After all, Wei Chen had also been in the rain, and Chen Li was naturally concerned about him.

“I have some things to do; you go ahead and shower,” Wei Chen said. It was an excuse, and Wei Chen knew he might not be able to control himself in the bathroom.

“If you have something, you can do it later. Let’s shower now,” Chen Li didn’t know what Wei Chen was thinking, he was just worried that Wei Chen might catch a cold.

Wei Chen wanted to refuse, but when he saw Chen Li’s attitude of “if you don’t shower, I won’t either,” he ultimately compromised.

As it turned out, Wei Chen did indeed know himself. He really couldn’t control himself, especially with Chen Li, who had a certain inexplicable enthusiasm for intimacy. They took a very long shower, lasting over an hour.

In the end, Wei Chen had to carry Chen Li out of the bathroom. He gently placed Chen Li on the bed and looked at Chen Li, who was still somewhat dazed, obviously not completely recovered from their passionate love session.

Chen Li turned over, his face flushed, and looked at Wei Chen, saying, “Achen, I’m hungry.” His voice had a hint of hoarseness and satisfaction, an indescribable sensuality.

When they returned, it was nearly five o’clock, and they had engaged in over an hour of passionate activities, so naturally, their stomachs were empty.

Wei Chen snapped back to reality, avoiding Chen Li’s bright and flushed gaze and quickly looking away, afraid he might lose control again.

Finally, Wei Chen said, “I’ll go make some porridge,” and hastily left the room.

Chen Li’s gaze followed Wei Chen as he left until the door closed. Chen Li then curled his lips, shifted on the bed, and stared at the ceiling, lost in thought.

In fact, he understood Wei Chen’s concerns. Wei Chen was afraid that his body was too weak and couldn’t handle it, so he had been restraining himself. If Chen Li didn’t take the initiative, Wei Chen probably wouldn’t make a move for a long time.

Chen Li lay on the bed, feeling a bit bored. He turned on the room’s television and tuned in to a children’s channel. At that moment, the TV was airing an animated series that Chen Li liked, and he watched it with great interest.

Until Wei Chen finished making the congee and came in to call Chen Li for dinner.

Chen Li was hungry and heard that it was time to eat, so he immediately got up from the bed. The passionate encounter in the bathroom had left him with a sore back, and when he suddenly stood up, he strained the muscles in his waist, causing Chen Li to fall back onto the bed.

He looked up at Wei Chen, a somewhat blank expression on his face, and said, “Achen, my back hurts.”

Wei Chen walked over to the bed, lifted Chen Li horizontally with a burst of husband strength, being gentle to avoid straining Chen Li’s back. He also asked with concern, “Li Li, besides your back, is there anywhere else that’s uncomfortable?”

Chen Li shook his head. “No, everywhere else feels good.”

“Is that so?” Wei Chen couldn’t help but let his ego swell a bit from Chen Li’s words, and his tone had a hint of pride as he spoke.

“Yeah, it really feels good!” As if worried that Wei Chen wouldn’t believe it, Chen Li nodded heavily a few times.

When they reached the dining room, Wei Chen placed Chen Li in a chair, ruffled his hair, and said, “I believe you, and I feel good too.”

Chen Li’s eyes sparkled as he looked at Wei Chen. “So, Achen, when shall we do it again?” He was making an appointment for their next intimate encounter.

Wei Chen cleared his throat and sat in a nearby chair. “Let’s eat first. We can talk about it next time.” In his heart, he had already decided to take Chen Li for a medical checkup tomorrow to see if their two recent moments of losing control had caused any harm to Chen Li.

“Li Li, let’s go to the hospital tomorrow,” Wei Chen shared his thoughts with Chen Li.

Chen Li nodded. “Okay.” If going to the hospital would ease Achen’s worries, then they definitely should. Besides, Chen Li felt that his current physical condition was probably much healthier than before.

Afterward, the only sounds at the dinner table were the slurping sounds of them enjoying their congee. Chen Li was indeed hungry, and he downed two large bowls of porridge before rubbing his belly and slumping in his chair.

When Wei Chen finished washing the dishes and came out, Chen Li was still slumped in the chair, rubbing his slightly protruding belly.

“Did you overeat?” Wei Chen walked over and took over Chen Li’s hand, asking gently.

Chen Li nodded. “A little.”

“Next time, don’t eat so much.”

Chen Li nodded again but then revealed a smile.

Wei Chen leaned closer and lightly pecked Chen Li’s slightly raised lips. “Why are you smiling?”

Chen Li replied, “Every time I overeat, you say the same thing.” But each time, he would let him eat so much.

“Yeah,” Wei Chen’s eyes also sparkled with a smile. “And every time, you agree to it.” But each time, he couldn’t resist eating too much.

They exchanged glances, both of them brimming with smiles.

Later in the evening, Wei Chen sent a text message to Wei Hua, informing him that Lena was currently in the capital.

Although Wei Hua’s actions had been unintentional, it was best to avoid such situations if possible.

When Wei Hua received the text message, his heart raced. If Lena had dared to dr*g him in public once, she might do it a second time, or even something more reckless. Since she hadn’t returned to the United States yet, there was a possibility it was because of him. Wei Hua furrowed his brow, and after some consideration, he decided to give Cookie a call as a precaution.

At that moment, it was family time in the Sheng household. Sheng Jiaqi and Cookie were playing with Little Biscuit. When Cookie’s phone rang and he saw that it was Wei Hua calling, he told Sheng Jiaqi, “I’ll take this call.”

Sheng Jiaqi nodded, and Little Biscuit displayed a knowing expression.

Cookie stepped out of the room before answering the phone. “Hello, Wei Hua.”

“Xiao Qiqi?” Wei Hua spoke with a very aggrieved tone.

“What’s wrong?” Cookie said helplessly, but he felt happy inside because Wei Hua had only shown this side of himself in front of him.

“Xiao Qiqi, you have to protect me!” Wei Hua said pitifully. “Lena is in the capital.”

On their first day together, Wei Hua had already told her about Lena. Cookie knew how troublesome Lena could be, and her arrival in the capital was definitely not a good sign!

“Xiao Qiqi, you have to protect me well, or I’ll be at the mercy of that old witch Lena,” Wei Hua continued to complain over the phone.

“Okay,” Cookie narrowed his eyes. Even though he knew Wei Hua had called just to inform him, he still gave a serious response.

Wei Hua on the other end of the phone was momentarily stunned, not expecting Cookie to agree so readily. Holding his phone, he didn’t know what to say for a moment.

After a few seconds, Wei Hua found his voice again and asked, “Xiao Qiqi, what do you mean?”

Cookie said earnestly, “I will make sure to send Lena back to her country as soon as possible.”

Wei Hua immediately exclaimed, “Xiao Qiqi, why are you so amazing! I’m crazy about you!” Wei Hua’s eyes were practically sparkling as he spoke. How could his Xiao Qiqi be so amazing!

Cookie was startled by Wei Hua’s exclamation and simply hung up the phone, but a smile crept up on his lips. After ending the call, he returned to Little Biscuit’s room.

It was nearly nine o’clock, and Cookie picked up Little Biscuit, preparing to bathe and put him to bed. Little Biscuit was also tired and yawned widely, nuzzling Cookie’s neck.

Sheng Jiaqi noticed the upward curve of Cookie’s lips when he returned and had already guessed that it was Wei Hua, the little rascal, who had called Cookie. Just as he was contemplating whether to meet this Wei Hua, Cookie seemed to read his mind. He poked his head out from the bathroom and said, “Dad, when the time is right, I’ll bring him home for you to meet.”

Sheng Jiaqi immediately put aside his idea of meeting Wei Hua personally. Since his son had said that, it probably meant they were serious about their relationship. He would watch and wait for now and see how things developed.

“Daddy, when is Uncle Wei coming to our house?” asked the now undressed Little Biscuit from the bathroom.


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