Chapter 399 – Delivering Meals

At this moment, Lu Xia realized that it was already late. Tan Yunfang still had to take care of Xiaoya, and she estimated that she wouldn’t have time to cook, so she left with Jiang Junmo.

On the way back, they also bought some meat and bones, and then they stewed a large bone soup at home, packed it in a lunchbox, and after eating, they returned to the hospital.

Xiaoya was still asleep at this time, and Tan Yunfang was sitting by her bedside, staring at her without blinking. She was quite surprised when she realized that Lu Xia and the others had come back again.

Lu Xia smiled at her and said, “Haven’t eaten yet? I brought some food for you.”

Tan Yunfang only just realized that she hadn’t eaten since noon, and her expression turned nervous and worried, making her forget that she was hungry.

But when she saw the food Lu Xia had specially brought over, she was deeply touched. “Thank you, you went through the trouble of coming here again.”

Lu Xia shook her head. “You’re too polite. Besides, I didn’t cook this specifically for you. It’s bone soup for Xiaoya. We’ll give it to her when she wakes up.”

Upon hearing that there was bone soup, Tan Yunfang was immediately grateful and berated herself for not thinking of it earlier. She thanked them once again, saying, “Thank you for making the food and coming all the way here.”

Lu Xia shook her head. “It’s no trouble. Xiaoya is in the hospital, and you need to take care of her. It’s probably not very convenient for you. I’ll bring you some food these days when I cook, and I’ll just drop it off for you.”

Tan Yunfang wanted to refuse immediately. “No need, it’s too much trouble for you. Your place is quite far from the hospital, and there’s no need for you to make the round trip. I can manage on my own.”

She reassured Lu Xia, saying, “You’ve already helped with the surgery costs before, and I have some money on hand now. It should be enough. I can buy food at the hospital cafeteria or a nearby restaurant.”

Lu Xia hesitated upon hearing this. “But you still have to take care of Xiaoya. Can you leave her alone?”

“Don’t worry, leaving her alone for a little while is fine.”

Lu Xia understood that Tan Yunfang was hesitant to trouble her, so she nodded. “Alright, if you need anything, you know where my place is. Feel free to come find me anytime.”


Afterward, the two of them left.

However, despite saying that she didn’t need help with cooking, Lu Xia still went to the hospital every day to help take care of Xiaoya.

By this time, Xiaoya had already woken up, and not only did she not complain about the pain, but she also behaved very understanding, comforting her mother.

Seeing this, even Lu Xia felt touched and moved, and she began to think that having a daughter might not be a bad idea after all.

Xiaoya stayed in the hospital for a week. During that time, when Yu Wan, who was bored at home, came to visit Lu Xia, she learned about the situation and went to the hospital with her.

Later, Yu Wan informed Ye Nan, and she also came to visit when she had time during her internship.

When Xiaoya was finally about to be discharged, Ye Nan was busy, so Yu Wan and Lu Xia came to help.

However, when they arrived, they were discussing how to help Tan Yunfang.

“Considering Xiaoya’s current condition, although the doctor said she can go home, it’s still not very convenient to stay in the dormitory. There are stairs, and the bathroom is far away, which is not suitable for her recovery,” Yu Wan analyzed.

Tan Yunfang nodded, “I know, but we don’t have a place to go for a while. I planned to rent a house before. I also went to see the houses near the school, I saw a suitable one, but the price is a bit expensive. .”

Lu Xia hesitated upon hearing this and glanced at Xiaoya. Finally, she suggested, “Why don’t you stay at my place for now? I have a spare room.”


Chapter 400 – Discharge and Renting a House


Yu Wan, who was on the side, nodded as well. “Lu Xia’s house is really spacious, with many rooms. Plus, she and Classmate Jiang are the only ones living there, so it’s quite convenient. It’s much better than my place, which is not only on the fourth floor but also very cramped.”

Lu Xia, not wanting to make Tan Yunfang uncomfortable, continued, “You can move in for now and find a suitable place later. It’s better than staying in the dormitory.”

After hearing Lu Xia’s suggestion, Tan Yunfang pondered for a moment and ultimately shook her head. “I’d rather not.”

She wasn’t accustomed to bothering others, and Lu Xia and the others had already done enough for her during this incident.

So, she thought for a moment and said, “How about I rent a place myself? The previous one was a bit expensive, but I have enough money for it. However, this means I might repay you a bit later than I originally planned.”

Lu Xia was surprised by this. “Money isn’t urgent, but will the money you have left be enough to cover the rent and living expenses? Do you need me to lend you some more?”

“No need, the rent will be enough, and once I’m there, I can continue working at the clothing factory and earn money. I just thought I could repay you earlier, but I’ll have to delay it this time,” Tan Yunfang explained.

Lu Xia nodded in understanding. “As long as it’s enough, there’s no rush. Don’t worry about repaying me quickly.”

Feeling grateful, Tan Yunfang settled on the rental property that same afternoon.

On the day of her discharge, Lu Xia, Jiang Junmo, and Yu Wan all came to help.

The rented house was indeed very close to the school, located in a small courtyard right across from Peking University’s main gate. Tan Yunfang didn’t rent the entire property but just one room.

The elderly landlady of the courtyard was a kind woman. She had a son serving in the military, and her daughter-in-law lived with him on the base due to work, which meant they didn’t come home often. However, her son sent her money every month, so she wasn’t financially strained. She just felt lonely living alone and decided to rent out a room.

She wasn’t willing to rent to just anyone, though.

When Tan Yunfang brought Xiaoya to see the property, the landlady observed their situation and heard about their story, feeling sympathy for them. That’s why she decided to rent to them.

The rent was already quite affordable, and they were allowed to use the kitchen and other facilities in the house.

After a quick inspection of the place and seeing that they got along well with the landlady, Lu Xia and the others felt reassured.

Moreover, the landlady was quite fond of Xiaoya and was deeply concerned about her when she saw the girl’s injuries. She immediately offered to cook them some delicious food to help with Xiaoya’s recovery.

Once they had settled in and realized they no longer needed assistance, Lu Xia and the others left.

After parting ways with Yu Wan, Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo headed home.

On the way, Lu Xia shared her previous plan with Jiang Junmo. “I thought they didn’t have a place to stay, so I suggested they stay at our place. However, Sister Yunfang declined.”

Jiang Junmo nodded after hearing this, understanding her intentions. “I trust your judgment when it comes to our home. If they had moved in, it would have been fine.”

However, Lu Xia shook her head. “I should have discussed it with you first, but the situation didn’t allow for that. I just proposed it directly. Next time, I’ll consult with you before making a decision.”

Lu Xia knew that Jiang Junmo didn’t want other people living in their home. He cherished their rare moments of privacy, and not only did he outright reject the Liu family, but he was also delighted for several days after learning that Kang Kang and his grandfather had gone to summer vacation and wouldn’t be living with them. So, if Lu Xia had brought Tan Yunfang and the others to live with them, he wouldn’t have been angry, but he would have been disappointed. However, he would also understand her decision.

After their conversation, the two exchanged a glance, smiled, and didn’t bring up the topic again.

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