Chapter 387 – Seeing Xie Yunyun Again

The next day, they continued going to school.

With only a month left until the final exams and the need to cover two semesters’ worth of material, their current semester’s courses were still ongoing.

On top of that, they had to prepare for the final exams, so everyone was quite busy during this time.

Teacher Li probably knew that they had a tight schedule, so he didn’t assign any translation tasks to Lu Xia during this period, allowing her to have some relaxation.

However, Jiang Junmo was busier than ever as he needed to prepare for two majors’ final exams.

He no longer took breaks at noon, and he would study late into the night after returning home.

Lu Xia felt sorry for him seeing him work so hard, and she thought of ways to take care of him.

She would wake up early in the morning to make congee for him using the spiritual spring water, and in the evenings, she would prepare soup for him with the same spiritual spring water.

The effects of the spiritual spring water were self-evident, and after a few days, Jiang Junmo looked visibly more energetic. Even his family members who were also drinking the spiritual spring water felt more energetic.

Of course, they didn’t know it was the spiritual spring water’s effect; they thought it was because they were resting better. After all, they all slept comfortably and felt warm after drinking the spiritual spring water every day.

After several consecutive days of seeing Lu Xia work so hard, Jiang Junmo didn’t want her to be so busy anymore. However, seeing her determination, he could only let her continue but would find time to help her, considering it as a form of rest.

Time passed quickly, and they had almost forgotten about the incident with Xie Guifang. But one day, after their noon class, Lu Xia and Yu Wan prepared to go downstairs for lunch as usual.

As soon as they descended the stairs, they saw a familiar figure standing below the teaching building.

“That… is it Xie Guifang… no, Xie Yunyun?” Yu Wan hesitated upon seeing her.

Lu Xia also looked surprised and said, “It should be her. Why is she here?”

“Ah, it really is her, right? She has changed so much!” Yu Wan also observed, confirming that it was indeed her. “But, is she pregnant? Her belly looks quite big!”

Lu Xia noticed it too. Xie Yunyun had undergone some significant changes. She appeared exhausted, and her belly had clearly grown, indicating that she was pregnant.

They didn’t know why she was here, but it was no longer their concern. So, Lu Xia decided to leave.

However, at that moment, Xie Yunyun suddenly looked in their direction. Upon seeing them, she didn’t acknowledge them as if she didn’t recognize them. Instead, she glanced behind them and then walked straight towards them.

Lu Xia and Yu Wan instinctively turned to look behind them and saw Li Hua.

As expected, Xie Yunyun approached Li Hua, but before she could say anything, Li Hua furrowed her brows, showing impatience, and asked, “Why did you come here? Didn’t I tell you not to come to school?”

His demeanor was completely different from when they used to be together.

Feeling wronged, Xie Yunyun couldn’t hold back her emotions. “You didn’t even come to see me. My belly is this big now. When do you plan to marry me?”

As soon as she said that, both Lu Xia and Yu Wan were shocked.

So, Xie Yunyun’s child was Li Hua’s?

While they had suspected it, what surprised them even more was that Xie Yunyun had implied that they weren’t married yet and had a child together! Unmarried cohabitation and having a child, that didn’t sound good in this era!

Seeing Xie Yunyun bring up this matter, Li Hua, feeling uncomfortable with the attention from the surrounding people, quickly reached out and held Xie Yunyun’s hand, intending to take her away. “Didn’t I tell you it’s too soon? Why are you in such a hurry?”


Chapter 388 – Pregnant Belly


Xie Yunyun probably knew that Li Hua was afraid of this matter spreading, so she wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to get his wholehearted agreement.

However, Li Hua, being the class monitor, had some tricks up his sleeve. He immediately used a gentle tone to reassure her, saying, “Why are you in such a hurry? I’ve already told you, we have final exams coming up soon, and time is running out. Wait until I finish my exams, and I’ll definitely make you happy! Be patient, alright?”

Seeing him being so gentle, Xie Yunyun was swayed. The tension in the air dissipated, and Li Hua quickly took her hand and left.

Leaving behind Lu Xia and her friend, who had watched the entire scene in astonishment, exchanging puzzled looks.

“This… the two of them…” Yu Wan pondered for a while, not knowing how to respond.

In the end, Lu Xia sighed and said, shaking her head, “Let’s go eat first. It’s not our business.”

Yu Wan nodded in agreement, saying, “Yeah, it’s not our concern anyway.”

Perhaps Li Hua thought that if he could persuade Xie Yunyun to leave, this matter wouldn’t spread.

But he forgot that it was just after class, and there were many people coming and going around the teaching building.

Many people saw and heard them talking.

And quite a few people recognized him.

So, during one lunch break, the news spread.

The other three roommates in the dormitory didn’t witness the incident, but they heard about it while having their meals.

When they returned to the dormitory for a nap, they were discussing the matter.

They asked Lu Xia and Yu Wan to explain what had happened.

However, when they heard the story, everyone was surprised.

“I didn’t expect the class monitor to be like this, not marrying Xie Yunyun even though she’s pregnant,” Tang Yuan said with a wrinkled brow, clearly disapproving.

Tan Yunfang was also surprised, saying, “I didn’t know they were still together. After that incident, I thought Xie Yunyun had gone back to her hometown. But come to think of it, she had a serious problem with her parents because of that. Is she really okay now?”

At this point, Ye Nan thought for a moment and said, “I guess her parents took the blame for her. As long as they don’t reveal her involvement, and she couldn’t do it herself, there’s a good chance she’ll be fine.”

Lu Xia sighed after hearing this. “So, she’s been in the capital all this time?”

“It sounds like it,” replied Ye Nan.

But at this moment, Tan Yunfang felt something was amiss. “You guys mentioned her belly is that big, and it’s only been less than three months since the incident, right?”

“Huh?” Lu Xia remembered, she had been pregnant before, and she knew about the stages of pregnancy.

So, Xie Guifang’s belly indeed seemed unusual.

They had only been in school for a few months. Could it be that they got together right at the beginning of the semester? Or was there something wrong with Xie Yunyun’s pregnancy?

However, none of these were within her control.

Now that Li Hua’s affair had spread, they wondered how the school would handle it.

Later, they heard that Li Hua had been summoned by the counselor in the afternoon.

But he was good with words, and he managed to appease Xie Yunyun as well. He didn’t cause any further disturbance. Although the situation was quite unpleasant, the school decided not to intervene too much. They just advised him to be careful not to affect his future.

Li Hua promised to handle it, and the matter was put to rest.

However, Li Hua was also troubled. He hadn’t expected Xie Yunyun, who acted so foolishly, to come up with such a scheme. She was clearly not even three months pregnant, yet she made her belly look like she was about to give birth.

It nearly ruined his reputation, but now that the school knew about it, he couldn’t do anything rash. He could only wait and see what would happen in the future.

But Lu Xia and her friends were unaware of all this.

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