Chapter 389 – Li Hua’s Wife

The review time passed quickly, and the final exams were approaching.

Due to the long commute, Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo decided to stay in the dormitory during this period.

In her previous life, she had also lived in a dormitory, so she didn’t find it uncomfortable. Moreover, the dormitory residents had good personalities, so she felt comfortable. She was just a bit concerned about Jiang Junmo. Fortunately, after two days of trying it out, he found it acceptable.

So, they settled in.

With multiple subjects to study for, it took Lu Xia about a week to finish her exams. On the other hand, Jiang Junmo, who had to take two majors, some of which had overlapping exam times, needed even more time.

Additionally, during this period, as soon as the exams were completed, the teachers promptly started grading, so by the time they officially began their break, the exam results were already out.

Lu Xia ranked in the top three in her class, largely thanks to the boost in her English score. She considered it quite good.

As for Jiang Junmo, it goes without saying. He excelled in both of his majors and was confirmed to officially transfer to the Department of Architecture next semester.

Their hard work during this period had finally paid off, and Lu Xia breathed a sigh of relief.

Once everyone had finished their exams, they returned to their respective dormitories to pack their belongings and prepare to leave.

However, before they could finish packing, their neighboring dormitory, where Ye Nan and her classmates lived, suddenly came over to tell them something.

“Don’t pack up just yet. Come out and see the commotion!”

“What commotion?” the other roommates in the dormitory asked curiously.

“It’s a big commotion!” the girl said enthusiastically. “I heard that the class monitor’s wife came with a child to find him. But before finding him, she heard that he had an ‘expectant fiancée’ on the side. This made her so angry that she started causing a scene at the main entrance!”

“What? The class monitor… Li Hua has a wife?”

Everyone was surprised to hear this news, and they immediately forgot about packing their things. Instead, they all rushed out to see what was happening. Lu Xia and Yu Wan were curious about this too, so they followed along.

The dormitory was not very close to the main entrance, so they jogged over.

As they reached the main entrance, they saw a crowd of people gathered, with a woman in her early thirties in the center. She was dressed shabbily, with patches all over her clothes. She had a bag beside her, and sitting on the bag was a small, skinny girl.

Perhaps feeling scared by the crowd, the little girl clung tightly to the woman’s legs.

The woman had been crying continuously, and when someone asked her what was going on, she explained that she had come to find her husband, who had abandoned her when he got into college.

People asked her who her husband was, and she mentioned Li Hua’s name.

Lu Xia and her friends were surprised by this turn of events. Wasn’t there supposed to be a big scene? Is this it?

And where was Li Hua?

Just as they were thinking about it, they saw Li Hua running over, out of breath.

The male dormitories were even farther from the main entrance, and he had probably heard the news and rushed over.

As soon as he arrived, he heard the woman’s words and was so angry that he wanted to drag her away.

“What nonsense! Come with me!”

The woman, upon seeing him, had a complex expression and directly pushed him away.

It seemed that she had worked hard for many years, and her strength was quite impressive. Li Hua stumbled backward and looked at her in disbelief.

The woman wasn’t scared by him at all and continued to cry, shouting, “Li Hua, can you justify yourself? To let you take the college entrance exam, I had a falling out with my family!

To make sure you could focus on your exams, I worked tirelessly to earn money, just to provide enough food.

To ensure you could eat well when you went to study, I gave you all the money from home, and my child and I ate nothing but scraps.

And what about you?

You’ve been gone for so long without contacting your family. They all say I was deceived by you, and I didn’t believe it. Who knew that after all these years, you would send a letter saying you don’t plan to come back!

Do you know how I felt when I received that letter? How can I face my family or the people in the village?

Have you forgotten that when you first went to the countryside, you couldn’t even afford to eat or keep warm, and who scrimped and saved to help you survive?

Have you forgotten all these years when I worked hard, earning work points to support the family?

How can you be so heartless? You don’t even want your child!”


Chapter 390 – Summer Vacation


“Why are you saying all this?!”

Li Hua had calmed down by now and wanted to interrupt her incessant talking. There was already a crowd gathered around, and he didn’t want to escalate the situation further. He reached out to pull her away.

However, the woman misunderstood his intention and resisted his attempt to pull her. As a result, they started physically fighting, and the child, frightened by the commotion, began crying, creating a chaotic scene.

At this moment, the school’s security guard approached.

“Why are you making a scene? If you want to argue, do it elsewhere, not at the school gate.”

Upon hearing this, Li Hua immediately said, “Okay, we’ll leave right away!”

“No, I’m not leaving! I want to talk to the school’s leadership! Isn’t he here to study at the university? How can he have affairs outside? I heard he’s even keeping a pregnant woman. How is the school managing this? Is someone like him qualified to attend Peking University?”

As the woman continued to escalate the situation, it became evident that she was determined to ruin Li Hua.

Li Hua grew increasingly furious and was about to slap her across the face, regardless of his physical strength. Judging by his determination, if that slap landed, the woman would likely have been injured.

Onlookers watched in fear.

Just as some people were about to step in and intervene, a group of individuals hurried over.

“It’s the counselor,” Tang Yuan said.

The counselor for the Department of Literature had arrived and immediately scolded Li Hua for his actions. Li Hua, upon seeing the counselor’s intervention, reluctantly stopped.

The woman, upon seeing that someone with authority had arrived, immediately knelt down and cried.

“Sir, I can’t go on like this. You have to help me!”

Before the counselor arrived, he had likely heard about the situation. Seeing the woman’s distress, he sighed and said, “Please get up. It’s not the old society anymore; there’s no need to kneel. This is not the place to talk. Both of you, come with me. Don’t worry; if Li Hua is at fault, I will definitely make the decision for you.”

The woman gave him a glance and, seeing Li Hua’s troubled expression, finally agreed. She stood up, shouldered her bag, carried the child, and left with the counselor.

Li Hua reluctantly followed.

With no more spectacle to witness, the onlookers dispersed.

Lu Xia and her friends returned to their dormitory, but they could imagine that this incident was bound to spread.

They exchanged glances and sighed in helplessness.

As they turned around, they didn’t notice Xie Yunyun in the corner, clutching her stomach, her face pale…

After returning to their dormitory, Lu Xia and her friends continued to discuss the incident with a sense of nostalgia.

“I never expected Li Hua to be this kind of person.”

“Yeah, he actually got married. We’ve been classmates with him for so long, and he never mentioned anything about his family. We had no idea he was already married.”

“That’s right. How could he dare? He knew quite a bit about what happened with Xie Yunyun before. Wasn’t he afraid of exposing this situation?”

“Yeah, he’s so audacious!”

Lu Xia sighed, “I just wonder how the school will handle this.”

Ye Nan thought for a moment and said, “The school’s reputation was already negatively impacted because of Xie Guifang’s incident. I think they’ll handle this seriously too, especially since quite a few people witnessed it. If it gets out of hand, it won’t be good.”

“Yeah, but we’re leaving soon, and we’ll only know the school’s decision after the break,” Yu Wan sighed.

Lu Xia smiled, “Alright, let’s not speculate. What are your plans for the summer vacation?”

Yu Wan replied, “I don’t have any plans, just lounging at home and enjoying the holiday. How about you?”

“Me? I probably won’t have much free time. Teacher Li has given me quite a few translation tasks, so I’ll be quite busy during the summer.”

“Oh, that makes me sound so lazy. I should also make an effort. I’ll study and read in the library during the break to catch up. I’ve decided,” Yu Wan said.

Lu Xia chuckled, “That’s a good plan. Keep it up!”

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  1. A scum man met a scum woman. The tragic thing is she sought him out all by herself. But his audacity to chase after MC while he had a wife and she was married is outstanding

  2. Turns out he’s an even bigger scumbag than he already appeared to be. It’s funny, all the villains in this story are seemingly always kicked while they’re already down. I almost feel bad for Xie Yunyun. She and her parents had already been punished for the previous incident and she’s just trying to move on with her life, and then this happens.

    1. I don’t feel bad for Xie Yunyun at all because she wasn’t even punished for her actions. She was only expelled from a school that she didn’t even have the qualification for in the first place and escaped blame for any part in it on her parents’ behalf. If it wasn’t exposed, she would have continued to live off of Xie Guiyang’s efforts without the latter even knowing otherwise; her actions almost ruined another person’s happiness and future, and she didn’t feel any remorse or guilt for that at all.

      As for her getting pregnant out of wedlock, that was a risk she took knowing that such things aren’t looked upon highly back then and without getting to properly know his family and circumstances before engaging further with him. If she was smart, she would have met his family while they were dating to establish her position and then sought them out after she found out she was pregnant to make sure he’d marry her. It’s sad that she met such a scum man and is now in such a predicament, but she had better ways to address it and can only blame herself at this point.

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