Chapter 487 – Personalities of the Children

In the evening, when Jiang Junmo came back Lu Xia hadn’t decided yet, so she told him about it and wanted to ask him what he thought.

After listening, Jiang Junmo could tell what she was thinking just by looking at her expression.

So he said directly, “If you want to do it, go ahead. Don’t worry about the family; the children still have me.”

Lu Xia, puzzled, said, “But aren’t you also very busy? Wasn’t your design chosen? Shouldn’t you be busier afterward?”

Jiang Junmo shook his head, “No, although we stood out among the other alternatives at school, we still have a long way to go. There will be many modifications to the design, and it requires teachers and professionals to handle them. We’ll follow along, but it’ll be more about learning, and we won’t be too occupied.”

Lu Xia nodded, “So, you must have quite a few courses in your third year, right?”

“It’s manageable. After all, there’s still time to take care of the children. Even if you help on weekends, during weekdays, you can just direct the partner to handle things. She might not know how, but following your instructions should work, right?”

Lu Xia thought about what he said. It made sense. She could simply delegate the tasks to Ye Lin and handle only what was necessary.

This way, they could define their roles clearly and wouldn’t waste too much time.

Thinking like this, Lu Xia felt more at ease.

“Alright, I’ll do it.”

After Lu Xia made her decision, she looked at Jiang Junmo, “But we’ll probably need to use a considerable amount of our savings this time.”

Jiang Junmo shrugged indifferently, “As long as you’ve made up your mind, and if it’s not enough, I have more. After our design was chosen, the school also rewarded us with a sum.”

Lu Xia smiled and shook her head, “It’s enough. I won’t use everything. There’s no need for that.”

Jiang Junmo didn’t say much after hearing her.

The children had probably gotten used to only being able to drink breast milk in the morning, noon, and evening. They drank formula milk at other times and didn’t cry anymore. The new nanny, Aunt Sun, took good care of them.

The only significant expense was the formula milk for the three children.

Fortunately, the family was worried they wouldn’t have enough, so they often bought it and sent it over. The sisters also frequently brought it over. They didn’t have to buy it themselves.

The children ate well and grew quickly. Even though they were still young, their personalities were starting to show.

Actually, among the children, Kang Kang’s personality was most like Jiang Junmo’s—steady, obedient, rarely cried from birth, and easy to care for.

But the younger ones were a bit troublesome.

The second child was a bit silly. Initially, Lu Xia found it amusing, but after a few times, she realized he intentionally b*llied the third child whenever he was hungry. He would make the third child cry, and then cry himself, so they would get food.

Initially, whenever the second child cried, Lu Xia would feed the third child first, letting him cry enough before feeding him, afraid that he would choke if he ate while crying.

But when she discovered his intentions, she stopped doing so, and the second child also stopped. If he was hungry, he cried by himself.

It was unbelievable how conniving he was at such a young age.

As for the fourth child, she was delicate. If someone else held her brother first, she cried. If she didn’t get enough to eat, she cried. Whatever made her unhappy, she cried.

The more she cried, the more Jiang Junmo and the family felt sorry for her. They would comfort her and care for her more, making her more pampered.

Lu Xia talked to them about it, but it didn’t help. Well, it wasn’t easy having such a little girl at home.

Lu Xia thought she was just a child for now, but when she got a bit older, this behavior couldn’t continue. They couldn’t let her become spoiled.

But overall, all the babies were loved by the family.

Especially Kang Kang. Every time he came home from school, the first thing he did was to go see them. He wished they would grow up quickly so he could play with them. He showed off his little siblings at school, making other kids envy him.

The other children were so envious that when they went home, they asked their parents to have another baby, which made many people laugh…


Chapter 488 – Division


Since they had decided to do it, Lu Xia wasted no time. She found a suitable time and discussed the future store plans with Ye Lin.

Ye Lin was elated when she knew Lu Xia agreed. She jumped with surprise and eagerly agreed, saying she would follow Lu Xia’s lead.

Lu Xia had no intention of doing it this way. Since it was a partnership, there was no reason for one person to have the final say. Moreover, the responsibility for the store would rely on Ye Lin afterwards, as Lu Xia knew she wouldn’t have the time.

So, she began to explain step by step how they should proceed.

After investing in Qi Xiao, Lu Xia had half of her money left. However, this time she didn’t plan to take it all out, as a beauty salon didn’t require as much initial investment as an electronics store.

Therefore, she only invested a portion of it, which still amounted to a lot more than Ye Lin’s initial capital.

Ye Lin came from an ordinary working-class family. While her family agreed to her starting her own business, their financial support was limited, especially considering she had a brother and a sister.

Ye Lin didn’t have much money on hand, and she put it all into the venture.

Lu Xia didn’t mind, and she didn’t allocate too little in terms of ownership. After discussion, they decided that Lu Xia would own 50%, Ye Lin 40%, and they would allocate 10% to Master Zhong as a technical share.

Master Zhong was the daughter of the elderly lady.

Ye Lin hadn’t expected to share with Master Zhong, so she hesitated and said, “Sister Lu Xia, I didn’t put in much money. You don’t need to give me this much of a share. As for Master Zhong, I already discussed with her before; we can pay her a monthly salary.”

Lu Xia shook her head after hearing this, “The share I’m giving you is what you deserve. I will be going to school and pursuing other jobs after graduation, so I won’t be focusing too much on this. Therefore, the store will rely on you in the future.”

“In fact, I should give you 50%, as you’ll be the boss in the future. However, I invested more for now. When the store is operational, you can buy more shares from me with your money. I’ll give you more shares at that time.”

“As for Master Zhong, what do you think is the most important thing for our store?”

After listening, Ye Lin fell into thought and then said, “Skills?”

Lu Xia nodded, “Yes, it’s skills and technique. Throughout history, skills have always been the most valuable. Our ability to open the store relies on Master Zhong’s skills. If we end up making money later and still pay Master Zhong a fixed salary, do you think she’ll still be dedicated?”

Ye Lin furrowed her brow after hearing this, “Sister Lu Xia, you’re right. We really need to keep her engaged.”

“Yes, and those skincare products, essential oils, and such—all of that is provided by her expertise. We’re only giving her a 10% share, but we’ll be learning her techniques, which is a huge gain!”

After listening, Ye Lin understood and said, “I see. Sister Lu Xia, I’ll follow your lead!”

Upon hearing that they were sharing the profits with Master Zhong, she was even more surprised. She hadn’t expected her skills to hold such value for the store. She immediately decided to do her best to ensure the store didn’t incur losses.

After finalizing everything, Lu Xia asked Qi Xiao to find a lawyer, and they signed the contract.

It was also at this time that she met Master Zhong for the first time.

She had heard that Master Zhong was not living a good life, so she had expected to meet a mature middle-aged woman. However, the reality was quite the opposite.

Master Zhong looked very young and took good care of herself. If one didn’t know she was in her fifties, they would think she was in her forties.

Having such a great example in the store, they need not worry about a lack of customers.

Lu Xia immediately spoke friendly words of praise to Master Zhong.

Master Zhong was initially nervous, but seeing Lu Xia was easygoing and highly appreciative of her skills, she felt much more at ease.

She promptly promised to utilize her expertise to make the store successful.

Lu Xia also expressed her anticipation.

Afterward, they divided the tasks and began working together.

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