Chapter 489 – Division of Labor and Cooperation

Lu Xia was in charge of finding a shop and overseeing the store’s interior decoration.

Ye Lin was responsible for hiring staff, obtaining the business license, registering the store’s product trademarks, and a series of related matters. She also worked with Master Zhong to train the newly arrived apprentices.

As mentioned before, even after opening the beauty salon, they had no intention of discontinuing their bridal makeup services. After all, it was an excellent channel to increase the store’s visibility.

However, Ye Lin knew she couldn’t handle it all alone, so they needed to hire apprentices.

Initially, Ye Lin was worried that once they trained apprentices, they might start their own businesses.

Lu Xia wasn’t concerned about this. They had a physical storefront, and people would be drawn to their skills and reputation, particularly the reputation Ye Lin had already built. Without them, it would be challenging for these individuals to find customers.

Furthermore, makeup was no longer the main source of their income. Beauty treatments were.

As for other apprentices in the beauty salon, she wasn’t worried either. Even if they learned the skills, they wouldn’t have access to the complementary products.

Lu Xia discussed this specifically with Master Zhong. She had involved her own family and trustworthy individuals to handle key aspects, ensuring these critical elements didn’t leak out.

The demand was currently low, but when it increased in the future, they could set up an assembly line for production.

Once the division of tasks was complete, everyone began to take action. Regarding the store, Lu Xia asked Jiang Junmo to inquire with Qi Xiao.

He was quite knowledgeable in this area and quickly provided her with three store addresses. Lu Xia inspected them and eventually settled on a store located on a street near the department store.

In terms of location, it wasn’t as good as the other two stores. However, Lu Xia chose it mainly because of its ample space.

It had two floors, larger than Qi Xiao’s store. This store was for sale, not for rent. After some consideration and discussion with Jiang Junmo, Lu Xia bought it herself.

After all, this was a store in the capital. The prices were low now, and she could wait for its value to appreciate.

Moreover, if it was her own store, she wouldn’t have to worry about being asked to vacate suddenly.

However, even though this store was hers, she didn’t plan to give it away for free. She discussed it with Ye Lin and signed a lease agreement, and they had to pay her rent.

Ye Lin and the others agreed and were quite pleased. They had been worried before because it was a rented store. They were concerned that if the landlord suddenly decided not to lease it after the renovation, it would be a waste of money.

After buying the store, Lu Xia spent almost all of her money, leaving only some for household expenses. She truly didn’t dare to spend anymore.

Fortunately, she invested it all wisely, and she would soon start to see returns. Especially with Qi Xiao’s side, the electronics store was already profitable. He had mentioned giving them a portion of the profits earlier, but Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo found it troublesome, they agreed to share the profits annually instead.

After finalizing the store, Lu Xia began the renovation.

Having seen a beauty salon in her previous life, she simply followed that layout for the renovation.

Qi Xiao helped again, and the renovation team was quickly assembled. Surprisingly, they were familiar faces—people who had previously renovated a courtyard for them, led by Yan Hai.

Since then, the team had expanded, and after the policies were introduced, they even registered their own renovation company.

They were doing really well now.

When Yan Hai saw Lu Xia, an acquaintance, he patted his chest and said he would do a good job. It’s easier with familiar faces, so Lu Xia entrusted the store to him with confidence.

She would occasionally check the progress, finally feeling a bit more at ease.


Chapter 490 – Tang Yuan Has a Boyfriend


After finishing her work and returning to the school, the roommates were surprised to see Lu Xia. “You’re not busy today? Why did you come back so early?” they asked.

It was the first class in the afternoon, they didn’t have a full day of classes anymore since they entered third year. They had no classes during this period.

So, everyone was resting in the dorm at this time.

At noon, Lu Xia went home to feed her children. After the child fell asleep, staying at home became boring, so she came back to school early.

Unexpectedly, the roommates were quite surprised to see her.

Lu Xia smiled and explained, “I’m not too busy recently, but I came back early because I haven’t finished the tasks assigned by Teacher Li yet.”

Yu Wan sighed after hearing this. “Ah, you were really busy recently. I hardly saw you except during classes. Being a mom is indeed not easy.”

Ye Nan knew that Lu Xia had been busy with her cousin opening a store recently, but Lu Xia hadn’t mentioned it, and she hadn’t brought it up either. However, she guessed that Lu Xia was probably busy with that.

Now, listening to Yu Wan’s words, she said, “You’re right, but our student days are already the most relaxed for us. We’ll be even busier once we start working, so if you want to have children, it’s better to do it now while we still can.”

“Wait, are you pregnant?” Everyone looked at her after hearing her words.

“No, not yet, but I’ve been planning to have a child recently,” Ye Nan said without any shyness.

After she got married, she also went back home. She would probably have a child soon.

Lu Xia had heard her express this idea more than once. She smiled and said, “Then you’ll have to work hard. This semester is already halfway through, and getting pregnant takes almost a year. We’re about to enter our senior year, so it might be too late if you don’t get pregnant soon.”

After hearing this, Ye Nan smiled. “It’s okay. It’s better if I can get pregnant, but if not, it’s okay too. Just let it happen naturally.”

Seeing her like this, Yu Wan felt a bit envious. “Ah, looking at you all, I’m starting to think about getting married!”

Tan Yunfang laughed, “Then you have to work hard. Tang Yuan already has a boyfriend, and I don’t plan to get married. It’s just you and Hu Cuihua left in our dorm.”

As soon as she finished speaking, before Yu Wan could respond, Lu Xia was surprised. “Tang Yuan has a boyfriend? When did this happen?”

“Just a while ago, during the time you were busy.”

Lu Xia listened in surprise, “Oh? Who is her boyfriend? Do I know him?”

After speaking, Lu Xia looked at Tang Yuan curiously.

Tang Yuan felt a bit embarrassed by her gaze and shyly said, “You don’t know him. He’s from the Beijing Normal University.”

“Ah, not from our university? How did you meet him then?”

“I met him on the train when I was returning to school. At that time, there was a ruffian trying to take over my berth, and he helped me drive him away. Later, we exchanged names, and I found out he was from my hometown. After the school started, he wrote me a letter, and after exchanging a few letters, he confessed to me.”

Lu Xia laughed after hearing this. “Wow, it’s a knight in shining armor kind of story!”

The other girls in the dorm probably knew it a long time ago, and they teased Tang Yuan together. They never expected that the girl who seemed the most obedient and quiet would quietly start a relationship.

Lu Xia originally thought that with Tang Yuan’s obedient personality, she would probably wait until after graduation and let her parents arrange her relationship and marriage. But it seemed she had misunderstood.

However, judging by what she said, her boyfriend seemed nice, and they were also from the same hometown. They should be a good match.

After congratulating her, Lu Xia felt a bit emotional. In the blink of an eye, they were already juniors, and everyone had grown up and become more mature…

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