Chapter 569 – Su Man’s Wedding

Before the day of the wedding, Su Man came to the school to find Lu Xia and invited her and Jiang Junmo to attend her and Gu Xiangnan’s wedding.

Lu Xia wasn’t surprised when she heard this, as Su Man had previously told her that the wedding was around this time.

So after offering her blessings to Su Man, Lu Xia assured her that she would attend.

On the day of the wedding, she got up early, dressed up, and went to the wedding with Jiang Junmo.

Of course, when they went, they also brought the monetary gift that Qi Xiao had asked them to bring.

Qi Xiao, of course, knew about Su Man’s wedding. He didn’t come not because he couldn’t let go but because he had gone to Hong Kong recently and couldn’t make it back in time, so he had to ask them for help.

The two of them headed straight to the address Su Man had given. This time, Lu Xia didn’t go to Su Man’s house as a family member or to Gu Xiangnan’s house as a relative by marriage; instead, they went directly to the hotel where they were hosting the wedding.

Upon knowing the address, Lu Xia knew that this wedding was quite extravagant.

The wedding was held at a famous restaurant in Beijing called “Beijing Hotel.”

The hotel was very close to Tiananmen Square and was currently the most luxurious hotel in Beijing, often used to accommodate foreign guests.

The fact that they chose this place for their wedding showed their extensive connections and financial means.

After Lu Xia and the others arrived, they realized that it wasn’t easy to enter; they needed to show the invitation.

Fortunately, Su Man had sent it to her in advance.

After presenting the invitation, Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo walked in together.

The wedding venue was spacious, and quite a few people had already arrived by this time.

However, Lu Xia didn’t know most of the people, occasionally recognizing a few familiar faces, probably from the time she visited the Jiang family during the New Year.

Jiang Junmo greeted the people he knew.

Then, they registered the monetary gift and found a place to sit.

Lu Xia took a glance and estimated that most of the guests attending today were affluent.

Curious, she quietly asked Jiang Junmo, “Isn’t it said that Gu Xiangnan doesn’t have a good reputation now? Why are there still so many people here?”

Jiang Junmo replied with a smile, “A skinny camel is still bigger than a horse. The Gu family is still standing strong no matter what. Only they know what others really think. They have to maintain a decent appearance.”

Lu Xia understood after hearing that.

In no time, the wedding ceremony officially began.

Su Man and Gu Xiangnan made a grand entrance in their formal attire.

This time, they held a Western-style wedding. Su Man wore a wedding gown, looking beautiful and different from most of the current styles. It was clear it was a style from a future era, probably designed by Su Man herself.

As for Gu Xiangnan, he wore a Western suit different from the current designs, making him look even more handsome.

The wedding officiant probably had received instructions, as the entire procedure was not much different from future weddings.

Lu Xia didn’t find it particularly special, but the reactions of the others at the venue were quite interesting to observe.

Lu Xia estimated that after this wedding, this type of ceremony would become popular in Beijing.

After the ceremony, the banquet finally started.

They saw Su Man change into another dress and join Gu Xiangnan in toasting.

Soon, they came to Lu Xia’s table.

They didn’t know the people at this table, they were probably relatives from Gu Xiangnan’s side. After Gu Xiangnan greeted them, he said to Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo: “Jiang Junmo, Lu Xia, welcome. “

Lu Xia and Jiang Junmo smiled and said, “Wishing you happiness!”

Afterward, Su Man exchanged a few words with her and then moved on to the next table.

After finishing the meal, Lu Xia noticed Su Man wasn’t around anymore, probably resting, so she and Jiang Junmo left directly.


Chapter 570 – Retaking Wedding Photos


On the way back, Lu Xia was still talking about the process of today’s wedding.

She talked about the beautiful wedding dresses, going from the wedding venue to the stunning gowns.

However, after a while, she suddenly noticed that Jiang Junmo seemed a bit quiet today.

She quickly turned and asked, “What’s wrong? Are you unhappy?”

Jiang Junmo shook his head and looked at her, “Do you feel unfairly treated?”

“Hmm? Unfair about what?”

“Su Man and Gu Xiangnan had such a grand wedding, and our wedding… now that I think about it, it was too rushed! I feel like I’ve treated you unfairly. Shouldn’t we have another wedding to make it up?”

Lu Xia shook her head directly after hearing that. “No need, I’m not feeling unfairly treated! What are you thinking? I find it troublesome! When we got married, I didn’t even want a ceremony if Sun Shengnan and the others hadn’t suggested it. Plus, we already have four children. Having another wedding would just make people laugh at us!”

But Jiang Junmo still said, “But I still feel like I’ve treated you unfairly. Other women have had weddings, but you haven’t. I think you might regret it when you’re older.”

Lu Xia thought he had taken it too far, so she suggested, “Since you’re so concerned, let’s go and take some wedding photos to make up for it. When we’re older, looking at them, we won’t regret it. But let’s skip the wedding ceremony. We’ve been married for so many years. Organizing another ceremony might make people wonder what’s wrong with us. Besides, we have a lot of family and friends, it would be too much fuss.”

Jiang Junmo reluctantly agreed to her suggestion.

“Alright then, let’s go and retake some wedding photos. I’ll check it out in the next few days, and we’ll take a few more shots.”

Seeing him compromise, Lu Xia agreed straightforwardly, “Okay, I’ll listen to you. Let’s take some more shots.”

She soon regretted this decision.

Lu Xia thought he meant taking a few extra shots with a set of clothes.

As a result, after conducting the survey, Jiang Junmo directly booked several photography studios for different styles of wedding photos.

This led to Lu Xia being dragged by him to take photos every weekend when they had time off.

She went from initially being enthusiastic to eventually feeling completely drained.

Lu Xia didn’t know why Jiang Junmo was so enthusiastic about taking photos. It wasn’t just the two of them; later, when the kids also showed curiosity, she reluctantly agreed to let them take photos too.

The staff at the photography studios thought they were a newlywed couple because of their good looks. However, when their four kids suddenly called them “mom” and “dad,” the staff realized they had been married for many years and were there to retake wedding photos.

They were surprised and somewhat incredulous at first, finding it hard to believe that such a young-looking couple had so many children!

Of course, they eventually accepted the truth.

After about a month of running around, they finally completed the wedding photos. Jiang Junmo was finally satisfied.

After the photos were developed, he spent a lot of money to print them in color and enlarged several of them, hanging them in the living room at home where everyone could see.

Lu Xia was unaware of his intentions and felt relieved when she saw that he had finally stopped fussing about it.

As the weather gradually turned colder, Lu Xia became concerned about letting Kang Kang ride his bike to school, so she started taking public transportation with him.

Although Kang Kang was reluctant, he agreed due to Lu Xia’s authority.

The younger kids were doing well at the daycare. Recently, Lu Xia accidentally learned that they had become the leaders among the children. The other children listened to them.

Lu Xia wasn’t surprised to hear this; after all, the other families had only one child, while they had three kids together. Who could challenge them?

Fortunately, the kids had a sense of propriety and didn’t cause trouble. The teachers mentioned that if any child misbehaved, the three of them would help manage the situation, saving them a lot of trouble.

Lu Xia finally felt a bit reassured after hearing this.

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